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  1. The last episode of Pointless I saw had no questions about football but one about Super League. 100 people had 100 seconds to name as many teams in Super League in 2011: one team said Catalan, one said Harlequins. Can't remember which was lower but the lowest score was Crusaders.
  2. Man City didn't put out a reserve team; Bradford beat the best available of both Arsenal and Aston Villa. Some teams might rotate to avoid injuries in the cup but it's not that normal, particularly in the latter stages.
  3. Wigan do what Brighton could have done. I'm assuming that Shrek of this parish is smiling *very* broadly.
  4. And the celebrations were probably longer, louder and more emotional than when they won the European Cup.
  5. This is certainly true. It has gone downhill a lot - at least at Premier League level - since the 80s/90s. No idea about the lower level as I haven't seen a game in a very long time in those divisions. Always enjoyed the atmosphere in the grounds though.
  6. The days of the New Firm in Scotland ... tell that to the youngsters these days and they'll look at you like, "Wait, they play football in Scotland?"
  7. The fact that you can't just create another Fergie is shown by the (ahem) varied careers those who've learnt under him have had. Bryan Robson's career being a particularly fine example of a determined, grafting and gifted player tutored by a focused, knowledgeable and strong-minded manager leading to an utterly woeful sequence of flops. I can't see Ferguson retiring without a succession plan being in place though.
  8. Hmmm... I'm hoping all of the proper City fans are bankrupt now so I stand an outside chance of a ticket.
  9. Football doesn't have working class roots.
  10. You may have to win her over with your charm and wit. Been nice knowing you.
  11. Hang on, you're a Bluebird? I thought you were from Newport? FFS, no wonder you don't want to go back home.
  12. I may be confusing it with twitter links though as people seemed to very quickly identify who the boy was, who his parents were and that he'd planned to do something to annoy Chelsea.
  13. Did someone at The Times only just get around to reading the press coverage from the day after?
  14. Rugby fans would wait for the discounts.
  15. Brentford v Doncaster had an interesting finale ...
  16. I think he got a reduction because it was a Chelsea player he bit.
  17. The Speed of the Sound of Loneliness done by a northern 'folk' singer
  18. They are still called the Bluebirds. The ones I know don't care. Swansea v Cardiff was tasty back in the day. Opposing fans even had a battle at a Glamorgan cricket match once.
  19. Grad filters, eh? That, Mr Padge, may be a very good idea.
  20. "Convert to black and white" is my default setting though. Hence, typing a bit quicker. And, look, a black and white photo of one bit of Pendennis Castle taken from another bit of Pendennis Castle: Pendennis Castle by Jon Smalldon, on Flickr
  21. I have a lot of time for Practical Photography - I might give this the once over. Could do with a refresher on most things.
  22. The Millwall fans are clearly a bunch of pussies. Not one of them, unlike our Geordie friends, attempted to punch a police horse.
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