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  1. There are far worse versions of Hallelujah out there as a quick skim of YouTube will confirm. I will never forgive you for that link though. Next year's Christmas number one?
  2. Gits. I've been turned down from a stock photo library - which is fair as I don't take that kind of photo. And the local media are (being very kind) somewhat inept when handling submitted images - even the local union team can't get their shots in! If you have any other suggestions let me know!
  3. To be fair, she did 'win' by 567,000 to 80,000 (1st v 2nd) so even allowing for people downloading the 'Radio Edit' Buckley or the couple of Cohens I don't think it would have mattered. It wasn't even close. Anyone know what royalty the writer gets on a track download these days?
  4. A few that I processed over the weekend Charity collector, London Marylebone Batman and Robin watching the football, Aberystwyth We are watching you. The Salvation Army, Aberystwyth
  5. People are idiots. Whilst it's very nice to see Laughing Len chart at no. 36 with his version of Hallelujah, the dullards appear to be downloading the Various Positions version. It's the one off Cohen Live you want you bunch of fools. As corny karoake versions go this isn't bad at all
  6. Depends what you mean. In the right conditions you should be able to get a sharp image that prints up to A3 size without any problems. Most paid professionals probably won't use a D80 but it shares a lot of technology with its contemporary D200 which they did use. Its low-light shooting isn't what you can get now with a D90/D300 but it should produce good-excellent results up to ISO 800.
  7. In its own words If you can't take good photos with it then it's not the camera's fault.
  8. We've three boxes of mince pies on the table by the pigeon holes.
  9. Sev's a lecturer. Take the teacher's tough lot and halve it.
  10. Everyone else just gets their cameras out for a good polish and forgets to take photies hmmmm? Anyway some from walkabouts in the last couple of days: Frozen food installation after dark, South Bank, London 'allo, 'allo, 'allo - Parliament Square from the 211 bus Back to some proper black n white - same ice wall as above but from a distance earlier in the day
  11. Fair enough. They do have a habit of giving theories as facts - America being named after someone called Ap Meryck being one - but given that it doubles the IQ of the BBC just by appearing I'm happy to let it slide.
  12. Very useful in pub quizzes that QI book. I think they've admitted on the show to getting 2 answers properly wrong.
  13. I ain't got one other than the pop-up one my camera has - which means I only ever use it when I really, really have to. I keep thinking I should get one but then I end up spending money on doughnuts or books or somesuch. Anyway, here's another flash-less picture. Taken handheld at 1/15, ISO 400 on my walk home last night. It's not come out as well as I'd hoped but it was bloody cold for standing around and I didn't want to be done for snapping firemen either as a deviant or a potential terrorist.
  14. Our heating broke down yesterday. We are now planning a letter to the paper (cos we're that kind of people) advising them that at least three of the plumbers who advertise 24/7 call-outs in their pages are lying cnuts.
  15. Just sorted out my tickets to see Every Good Boy Deserves Favour at the National Theatre.
  16. What sort of friend are you? You should be mocking remorselessly.
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