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  1. Indeed - quite often, when they did actually try, it was London trying to recruit fans to our games on the back of Challenge Cup finals and internationals (including 'A' internationals and Federation Shield etc). There were (and are) people who came to RL because of the Broncos but that's a much smaller number than those whose connection is those big events.
  2. Shouldn’t have signed the agreement to stay at Wembley then
  3. Yes, I think it's notable that we had loads of neutrals having an amazing time when we went to Cardiff. Because the stadium is decent and it's *right there* in the city centre so you can have a really good atmosphere. Wembley is ... none of those things.
  4. I think we also need to front up to the fact that the new Wembley is absolute bobbins.
  5. Going on 'tradition' then you'd expect around half the crowd to be neutrals. That may not be realistic now but we're never going to come close to filling a Premier League soccer ground exclusively with fans on the teams involved, whoever they are.
  6. Leeds really shouldn't be caught up in any relegation battle when the teams down the bottom are who they are (minnows like Everton etc). You'd hope that, at the very least, someone might realise that having an actual proper sized squad might be an idea now. I note that the now debt-loaded Burnley (a takeover style that is illegal pretty much everywhere else) is now seeking more debt as the debts it has are now problematic following relegation. So it took about six months to utterly destroy the club. Well done all concerned.
  7. I don't see how changing the coach makes any difference. There be a 1-2 game bounce but nothing fundamental is going to change.
  8. The gantry wording is delightfully, "Yeah, whatever ..." "To be provided for any televised games in form satisfactory from time to time to the host broadcaster" So as long as Premier are okay with whatever they're given then that's that.
  9. We need to find smaller and smaller grounds until we have one person squeezing into a subbuteo stand. 100% capacity achieved.
  10. Nah. You're a mug if you pay full price for a rugby league event. Budget sport.
  11. If they can't afford the ticket then how on earth are they going to afford the travel costs to get there?
  12. But what is sport when compared to an incomplete, partial and inaccurate assessment of finance and infrastructure? Pity the poor fools who lived and died in the second half of the Premier League decider yesterday when they could, instead, have been making up figures and inferences about whether Fulham have enough fans who face the camera on League Cup evenings.
  13. https://fb.watch/db4NQeVx6x/ Facebook ad that just popped up
  14. I made that mistake once. It's not a mistake you tend to make twice.
  15. Could be - but you also need to give both Challenge Cup finalists plenty of time to set up and warm up, plus stages for presentations seem to take an age (and all that other 'entertainment' that the RFL has laid on). You have to allow for a few video ref calls per half, injuries, extra time and a lap of honour (because if you don't then you can guarantee they will happen). The non league finals day (which was yesterday) is worse. It's sold as a double header but the Vase final kicks off at 12.15 and the Trophy rolls round at 4.15. It's basically a minimum 90 minute wait between games.
  16. Exactly this. It won't work this year but linked to all the comments above - some targeted work at stations that are within 60 minutes of Wembley Stadium station would be money well spent. Lots of families on that line and a day out at Wembley for a proper event is a thing people like to do.
  17. I don't think I can rival that TBH. Did listen to the radio. They were getting *very* excited.
  18. I thought GDPR had rolled over? I'm not directly involved in its use right now so will admit to being a bit behind.
  19. Yes, I think this is incompetence rather than anything else but when you slash staff numbers and do things on the cheap then you make mistakes like this more likely.
  20. You don’t have single step codes like that unless you’re happy for them to be shared outside of the initial group.
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