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  1. There are a few missing as well. A number of players like Tom Johnstone (Wakefield), Andrew Hoggins (Oxford), Connor Hampson (Halifax Reserves) were born in Germany, due to parents being stationed there or like Brad Billsborough (Former St.Helens Academy, Swinton and now Grafton Ghosts) a parent was born there due to the father being stationed there. Adam Quinlin is another with German Heritage as is Paul Gallen and David Klemmer. Brisbane Broncos Coach Anthony Seibold played one game for Germany in 2006. Its a bit complicated in some instances. Some Parents or Grandparents were born in a land that was formerly Germany, Yugoslavia, Russia/Soviet Union etc, but are now in other Nations like Poland or a new Nation has been formed since then like Serbia, Croatia, Latvia, Kosovo, Ukraine etc
  2. Not a fan of Sam Burgess but do think he is right to blast the NRL Judiciary System. Its a lottery and has got worse this year. Sam sails close to the edge like JWH and both deserve to miss games for acting like grub. But there is no consistancy or understanding in how decisions are made. And its frustrating! I think Todd Greenburg has no idea on running the game and threatening Sam, for speaking his opinion, is another sign of this. And then to threaten a lawsuit is a joke. Greenburg ignored things and get upset when people question things. He need to come and Speak to fans,players etc and Unterstand why many are not happy. Sadly Greenburg has his head in the Sand and refuse to see the Problems in the game.
  3. Sam Burgess is an enforcer, but he is also a loose cannon who hurts his team often more than helps them. His discipline is shocking, despite being Captain. He is also 30 and has missed a few weeks due to injury etc. Yes he is tough and can play quality Football at times. But he is also a liability! And why he feels the need to pull hair and grab the balls of oppponents I dont know. He just does some really dumb things. I think there are better, more consistant forwards on less money that offer more than Sam- David Fifita, Big Nelson for example.
  4. This is wrong. The NRL make a big thing about head contacts which Sam Burgess did and concussed a player. Moylan has to miss a couple of games, game due to failing the tests. Sam Burgess (15 foul play charges) will not miss a game while the victim is so heavily concussed he can’t play for a fortnight. Brilliant! Why was Moylan allowed to go back on and play last week,but is out for the next fortnight due to the concussion tests? Something is wrong somewhere.
  5. Couple of good signings for the Storm and young Hooker Grant is killing it and will likely share the Hooker role with Brandon Smith when the legend Cam Smith retired. Shame about Drinkwater bu glad he is going to the Cowboys and should get game time. Nobody really expected Hughes and Papen' to be as good and effective as they are in such a short space of time.
  6. What planet is Darius Boyd on? He doesnt think he is out of form? I can think of 3 or 4 times where he has literally avoided making tackles. He is supposed to be Captain and setting an example. From whatI have seen this year he should retire ASAP! He doesnt inspire confidence and clearly cant lead by his actions nevermind words. I wonder if Seibold will have the balls to drop him?
  7. I am not sure that the Sutton try should have been given as the ball was headed (accidently) and I thought that was classed as a knock on. But with so many rules I sometimes get mixed up! Maybe its just in the UK where any heading of the ball is classed as a knock on. Englands problem is,as can be seen in the NRL, they have quality forwards like Sam Burgess, Elliot Whitehead and John Bateman. Probably only matched for power by Tonga. But much like Tonga the Halfbacks and Backs are not very good in comparison to what Australia have. You look at Tedesco, Addo-Carr, Mitchell, Munster and Keary and England have not that type of quality for me.
  8. Bateman solid as ever. Cant expect him or anybody to shine in every game. Did his job as usual to high standards Whitehead similar to Bateman. Solid and does his job well. Seems to improve each season. Hodgson as usual made a couple of awful passes from Dummy Half to nobody and kicked out on the full once. I think he tries way too hard and over plays things. Dont rate him as highly as some do. With the Halves Canberra have though, can understand why he does try and do their job as they dont create much and dont get the ball out wide at all. Sutton is a plodder, who goes OK, but thats it. Offers little in attack or defence really. Just Mr Average. He just seems to be used as a battering ram. Hope he gets a bit of a passing game developed in future. Canberra seem to be trying to copy Melbourne with strong defence and an attack that will sort itself out. This has worked so far, but they lack a 1,6 and 9 that can control a game and can create something from nothing. The halves are awful. Sadly then Hodgson at 9 tries to do everything and against a top hooker like Smith or Cook is left wanting. Canberra should be well in the 8s this year, but lack quality to do much in the Playoffs.
  9. Agree but what happened to innocent til PROVEN Guilty? Ban players once they have been Charge by Police. Thats the point I have.
  10. I think its good the NRL are cleaning the Image of the game up. BUT think the way is wrong. If Charge by Police then deserve a ban but until then free to play. I think also Beatie and Greenberg are very much out of touch with fans. I think they are causing as much damage as good..Greenberg seems to only want things on his terms and seems to think has control on internationals in Australia/NZ with no thought of others.
  11. As David said a bit late to discuss costs now. I would imagine that such things would have been agreed before demolition started! Seems millions wasted for no reason. The old stadium was OK still for a few years though a Roof would have been good!
  12. Unimpressed and where the yellow gone? It looks very bland. I would have yellow lightening and a.yellow Chevron on the shirt.
  13. Never really rated Ricky. His record is very poor in close games his teams has won/lost. His constant blaming Refs and failure to see his own team faults, for me, are a joke. Bitching last week over a clear Obstruction and failing to acknowledge his Team blew the chance to beat the Warriors, after leading with 7 minutes left, a prime example. I think Raiders have issues and Ricky is part of that issue. I think the Raiders have given plenty of time for Ricky to get a quality team out. He has failed for me in that area. I wouldnt be too surprised if Ricky is replace in the next 12 months.
  14. He is a young man behaving like many do. The difference is he is in the spotlight. He just needs some help and guidance like many do. There is no better place than Melbourne for various reasons. I doubt the Storm will Release him unless he continually makes big problems for the club-which it is not by all Accounts, except for ###### stirring Journos.
  15. Allegedly Cam Munster got sent home for punching Ben Hunt While in the Australian WC Squad. Munster is a bit wild and not the best to annoy. Adds a bit of Spice when Storm play Dragons next.
  16. I am also surprised they left it so late with Crichton. He should have had his contract extended way before the end of last season and given a big upgrade. Instead they wasted money on Farah etc who they dont need for me and the Twins who I think are overpaid.
  17. Leeds clearly not bothered about the FA Cup. Seems the view is they Wont make much money from it and extra games that they dont want to play. Looks like they have decided to Focus on the League.
  18. Glad we havent got the money for him as would much rather see us give the young kids a chance after they have stepped in so well last year.
  19. Seems Strange nothing was said for over 35 years and now somebody says something. Langlands has Dementia. Difficult for him to say much. I hate the press, who are happy to dirty peoples names, just for a story. I will wait before I judge Langlands. IF it is True, then he should be Stripped of being an immortal. But lets want before ripping in to him.
  20. As you say this will be interesting to see how things go at Penrith. This has the potential to disrupt the whole club if not professionally handled by all sides. If Moylan decides to sit it out then its a waste of not just a player, but also a good chunk of salary cap money.
  21. Storm Dont Produce Juniors? The Bromwich Brothers, Munster, Croft, Harris, Vunivalu, Chambers, Mclean, Big Nelson, Rochow plus the big 3 all came through the U20/Youth System at Melbourne! Young guys like Croft, Munster, Brandon Smith, Scott, Hughes, Vunivalu, Mclean, Big Nelson, Kenny Bromwich, Glasby are all on a low salary. They have lost Mclean and Harris for next season and Britt has just joined Souths. I believe Souths are paying some of Rochow salary. Addo-Carr, Blair, Finucane etc were picked up on low salaries as wasnt wanted by others.
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