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  1. Weren't Kevin Sinfield and Rob Burrow on it last year in the run up to the cup final? Don't know in what depth as I didn't see it, but Clare has never been shy about her admiration for RL. Struck me as quite impressive considering BT have no obligation to cover the game.
  2. I really struggled with it, which is a shame as I really like Paul Whitehouse and also enjoyed Help which he was in about 10 years ago with a similar premise. Will give it another go next week, but probably wouldn't do that if it was anyone else starring in it.
  3. Agreed. Really enjoyed the final - think Tim Vine folded a bit under the pressure but was a fun watch. Best moment of the tournament overall was Bob Mortimer's walk on performance!
  4. Yes! Love this show - went to see a couple of this most recent series being filmed - an absolute joy to see Vic & Bob up close. The Jeremy "Clakson" lookalike had me howling last night! (Although The Bradford Butcher sounded suspiciously like he was from St Helens...!)
  5. I don't think it'll have too big an impact to be honest - we've clashed with City before in recent seasons without to big an impact either way. I think the two things in our favour although City did well in the last round it isn't the most amazing draw they could have had, and we are away. I think if we'd have been playing at Odsal that day and they had drawn Man U it would be different. Away games are pretty much the die hards - not saying there isn't crossover but not as much.
  6. Just finished ‘Murder on the Orient Express’. Never read it before, and never read any Agatha Christie before actually but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it - funny and well paced. I was a bit annoyed as I realised halfway through I’d heard the solution before as it’s quite a famous one but it was still impressive how it all came together.
  7. I rather enjoyed it as well, but more because I'm a Harry Hill fan. I think the people getting uppity about it are - not entirely unfairly - expecting it to be more of a talent show like the original, when in actual fact it's as much of a talent show as Shooting Stars was an actual quiz show. That said, I actually can't believe it's on mainstream TV on Saturday night, just because of how daft it is.
  8. I think the producers really dropped the ball allowing the majority of the strongest characters in the camp being eligible for the first vote off while all the deadwood were immune. It was a shock Bullard went first, I think everyone assumed him being safe so didn’t vote, but people who liked Tinchy knew he was more likely to leave so probably were more likely to vote. It is pretty unusual for the red hot favourite for someone to win a reality show to be eliminated after the first public vote. Also now Bullard is out, it’s actually exposed it as a pretty weak lineup. Baffled by how the Allo Allo woman is still in there – she’s done nowt. Wish Michael had stayed in a tad longer though.
  9. Agree - it's been a really good series so far, a gripping insight. Think Police TV (Road Cops et al) can be very hit and miss, but this is far and away the best of the lot. Last night was very uncomfortable viewing and I've got nothing but respect for the officers carrying out this work.
  10. 24 Hours in Police Custody well worth catching up on. As dramatic and engaging a documentary as you are ever likely to see on TV, especially of the "people basically just doing their jobs" genre. Good insight into the whole legal process
  11. I'll add to the praise for Marvelous. Real feel good tv, one of the best things on the box all year.
  12. Excellent. Although I do have a Kindle, I imagine jolly old Saint Nick may be bringing it to me, so I'll have to wait a tad longer. Plenty to read in the meantime, currently on Tales from The Secret Footballer. Just an absolute other world in both good ways but plenty of bad ways. I would reccomend it, although he does come across as aroggant at times despite pointing out he isn't about three times a chapter. If you can get over that, it's a real insight.
  13. Excellent. Genuinely can't wait - the first volume was one of the best celeb autobiogs I've ever read. Was a bit sad to see this book get delayed just before release last year. Hope there are more volumes to come - you get the impression he could easily release ten books and not run out of stories. I heard he opens this new book with the fact he forgot to put an incident when he was shot when he was younger in the first book! Also heard rumours the first volume is being adapted for tv - not too sure about that. Could go either way, although there are enough ripping yarns in there to be fair.
  14. I do enjoy it though when the writing/acting is so bad, they get the northern stuff mixed up, and end up saying something like "I'm going down to the t'shop". Something mentioned earlier in the thread but Cuckoo finished last week, and the last half of the series was a lot stronger than the opening I thought. Even an RL mention when one of the annoying neighbours mentioned he'd invented a martial art that was "a cross between Judo and Rugby League".
  15. The first series was quite a bit different as you may be aware - the lead was Andy Samberg (the father of this new Cuckoo) - and also the daughter has been recast and as such it feels like a different show now. Personally I don't think it's as good, and it isn't as focused as before but there are enough laughs in there to keep watching. Greg Davies turns in very funny performances in most things he does.
  16. Good game (well, last 10 minutes). Pity about the result on Tuesday night meaning Bradford have to play MK Dons rather than the easier passage to the next round of Man United.
  17. Ah yes. I don't think they have ever adequately explained why they just walk around willy nilly (if they have I've forgotten). Presumably Madame Vestra bought her veil at the same disguises shop where they sold Clark Kent his glasses.
  18. One of the minor plot threads was something left dangling (presumed forgotten) from a Matt Smith episode about a year ago. There were a few references from yesteryear – the main one being the villains had a link to a story from David Tennant’s first series. I don’t think either were absolutely necessary to understanding the plot though I didn’t watch it go out on Saturday and so was a bit apprehensive when I’d seen a few comments saying it was a complicated episode to follow – when I caught up with it the next day I thought it was actually one of the more straightforward episodes in recent times – I loved the 50th Anniversary episode and the following Christmas Special but at times they were a bit gobbledygook-tastic.
  19. I believe Sonic plays RL these days and recently signed for Bristol.
  20. Surely by today's standards that very much is a celebrity - a bloke off the tv! Because you mentioned Parks & Rec I *literally* read the final sentance in the style of Rob Lowe on that show. Don't know if you meant it though.
  21. I know it has been renewed for a second season - I think the first one was one of the most popular shows on the network it's on in America. Agree that in recognition terms it's probably one of the poorest Celebrity Big Brother lineups so far. A fair few I had to look up and I consider myself at one with trash celeb culture. That said already there seem to be some fireworks so in terms of the actual "characters" it will probably be quite good. Not sure how Gary Busey passed the psych test though...
  22. I liked the original 15 to 1 and I like Sandi, but this revival is utterly dreadful. It's slow and needlesly drawn out over an hour Wasn't the original only half an hour? 45 mins max surely.
  23. How could I? You can't move for someone wittering on about it. Wonderfully made no doubt, but really not up my street at all. Sometimes I think I'm the only person on Earth who doesn't like it! Although - top tip - Sky Atlantic are showing the first episode at 2am on Sunday Night/Monday Morning at the same time as the US. Worth setting the Sky+ if you are one of those impatient types.
  24. I know that's an element of it, but it doesn't have to be quite so bloody smug about it
  25. I have been enjoying W1A, but it's very close to disappearing up it's own backside at times.
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