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  1. Showing my geeky side here, but I’m reading ‘Marvel Comics: The Untold Story’ by Sean Howe. A really comprehensive look at the history of Marvel from way back before World War 2, up to the present day. A lot of focus on the likes of Stan ‘The Man’ Lee, Jack Kirby et al on the early days so far, but since they created it all you’d expect that. Basically the lesson I’m learning so far is that a lot of people who created this stuff just didn’t get their due. If you like comics (or the history of publishing actually), you’ll get a real kick out of it. Not come across one boring section of the book yet, it’s a real readable style the author has. I’ll go back to my batcave now (I know that’s DC by the way!)
  2. TV's a strange landscape at the moment and TV drama is always going to suffer because the way that is consumed is evolving. Box set culture of people saving up a few episodes to watch, the ease of iplayer and sky + mean there isn’t a need to watch drama as it goes out “live”. If you compare that to something like “I’m a Celeb” – nobody saves a week’s worth of those to watch in one go, it’s instant but disposable. You may turn your nose up at reality shows, but it’s not either or. I’d wager plenty watched I’m a Celeb and watched Ripper Street on iplayer later.
  3. Oh nice! I've watched the entire series in about 3 months. Really enjoying it - I think it has a similar vibe to Lost but without all the mystery rubbish. The last episode before the mid-season break was pretty relentless. My favourite drama at the moment.
  4. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but if it is (for a saddo like me), I'd say this is without a doubt one of the best series they have ever done - including the Channel 4 days. Some of the tasks have been great. The only Big Brother series to ever be extended due to popularity - or is it to keep Jim Davidson away from the public for a little longer...?! Another "love it or hate it" reccomendation at the moment is House of Fools - the new sitcom from Vic & Bob. Again if you liked Shooting Stars, give this a go. If you can't stand them, well it really is more of the same. I loved it though
  5. Talking of Mr. Schofield, as someone who can usually take or leave his column, I have to say that this week’s instalment was actually really fascinating. It’s not often you get a genuine insight of someone’s thoughts as the exact moment he was taking on the defensive line of the best teams in the world and the decisions that have to be made in a split second.
  6. Same as Shane Richie has been playing Shane Richie in it for years then...?
  7. Never seen an episode (not really my thing) but there is talk it will come back as a co-production with one of the streaming sites - Netflix or Lovefilm, can't remember which. This will probably be the future of a lot of TV shows I think. I don't think the BBC should chase the ratings for shows like this, especially as for a bit of the series it was up against things like I'm A Celeb.
  8. Yes! Probably the funniest show on tv at the moment. Not a fan of them shoe-horning films in the last couple of episodes which suggests they may have gone on a week or two too long this series. What is good is it's such a simple idea that shouldn't work (in fact it sounds like it was pitched by Alan Partridge), but it really does. Interesting window on the mood of verious sections of British society at any one time, even if you don't always agree.
  9. http://www.theguardian.com/football/2013/oct/17/roy-hodgson-space-monkey-kick-it-out-investigation Genuinely can't believe that i) this is a news story and ii) Kick It Out are getting involved. It's things like this why people don't take them as seriously as they should.
  10. I can understand your frustration, but you do know that none of these people mentioned in this thread so far had a single thing to do with that? And it did help save the club at that time, it was never intended to save us forever at that point, just to help them go to the end of the month so in that sense it was successful. To be honest, that's a different issue holding the old (old) board to account which to be honest they have completely gotten away with.
  11. I might be getting the wrong end of the stick here but I think Ryan Whitcut is Omar’s sort of right hand man anyway in a couple of his other businesses, so there is certainly something going on. It’s frustrating as despite a supposed “open door” policy of the new regime, we are slowly being left more and more in the dark. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s panic stations just yet, although considering they are trying to get people to renew their season tickets at the moment, the timing barely inspires confidence. Anyway Robbie Hunter-Paul is the new CEO. Best of luck to him, it’ll certainly be a thankless task. Although my gut feeling is it seems like an appointment that will appease a section of the fans rather than one that seems best for the club. Big season for us next year, make or break in a way.
  12. "Creepy dick" - bit harsh mate. I know what you mean though, he's older than his years
  13. "I'm avin a lat-tay". What a lovely kid. Was chuffed when he got voted onto that student council thing.
  14. Having got my copy in the post today, I think this is a bit of a storm in a teacup. Nobody is really "letting rip", it's a bunch of Yes/No questions that are pretty simplistic (a couple of the questions are a bit loaded as well I feel). Whilst something like this should be welcomed, it seems there isn't as much depth as one might hope. 97% of players think the game isn't marketed well enough - well duh! Everyone knows that, what I want to know is what they think might help. Why do more players than not think Refs have improved? It's frustratingly undetailed, and in all honesty doesn't tell us much more than if you asked most of the same questions of a genuine cross section of 200 RL fans. Finally 77% of players thinks the game doesn't take the views of the players seriously - fair enough 1eague3 - give us a reason to, and show your working. That would be genuinely worth reading (This isn't a go at RLW by the way, Gareth Walker's editorial and John Wilkin's article takes an interesting look at the results, but at the end of the day it's just speculation. Informed speculation, but still speculation.)
  15. Omar only put the lump sum into the club three weeks ago. I don't think he has put anywhere near this amount in before hand, with the club sourcing money from sponsorship deals etc.
  16. There is no reason not to believe them is there if both the HMRC and the RFL agree with the story, is there? What I would say is there are too many of these little "mistakes" slipping through the net in the past few months by the Bulls, which is more worrying.
  17. Been to see a couple of these specials being recorded - Sean Lock is fantastic value during them - as is Jimmy Carr who comes across as quite a nice bloke in real life.
  18. Wolford does your tv only work at 6:30? You seem obsessed by Look North!
  19. France surely? Unless he is going to round things off with a win at Old Trafford! Can't say much more - great servant for the Bulls, even greater servant to the game. Hope he has a good retirement as he has sure as heck earned it.
  20. Whilst I wouldn't consider the licence fee a waste of money, I would consider showing the Confederations Cup a waste of BBC One's airtime.
  21. I suspect what has happened is, the Bulls wanted Heath to stay, he's said he's off (I think it's probably more to do with his wife/kid than purely money) and they've been forced into resigning Diskin so at least O'Brien is playing under a senior hooker. Personally Diskin was my number one priority to get off the wage bill at the end of the year, and purely based on on-field performance this year he very much has not done enough to earn a new contract in my eyes. A poor year by his standards - even when we were playing well, he was often dragged off earlier than usual or Heath was kept on as well as he has had far more impact (Leeds away the prime example in my mind). Says more about the state of the club than the actual player sadly. (Not that I have any beef with Diskin particularly, despite what I just wrote).
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