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  1. Very good goalkicking that, Well done to him. Actually thought he was one of Leeds better players.
  2. Nonsense from beginning to end! Therefore likely to be SL's new structure from 2024.
  3. Last week will have taken a lot of the Leeds squad. Wigan will have too much pace and will have learned from the Headingly mess up. Can't see coming close in this one.
  4. A good player for Wigan as the above list proves. Thanks Matty and all the best for the future.
  5. Child hadn't ref'd in SL, he'd been TJ and ref'd in the C'ship. He simply isn't good enough for play off games or C Cup Semis or Finals. He ref'd Wigan's semi and was abysmal, he was then given the Final and was again terrible. Wigan won the Cup in spite of Child. Yes my team won and I'm complaining about the ref! (John Monie's old quip.) The RFL have a massive responsibility and their sending match officials on the same plane as Catalans opposition is staggering. Given they appoint a referee who is clearly not up to it and the Catalans crowd's sense of grievance came out in full. The Catalan club will have difficult questions to answer about various incidents but massive questions need to be answered by the RFL and their numerous misjudgements over this fixture.
  6. Child was the wrong appointment for a fixture such as this. He's nowhere near the calibre of referee we need for Play Off rugby. He has just finished his period of being stood down after the shambolic officiating in the Leeds/Wiogan game at Headingly. Moore, the ref, was stood down for one week. Child the VR was stood down for six weeks. He ref'd the Wigan/Catalan game last week, his first game back. After six weeks out he shouldn't be anywhere near the play offs. The dis comm will have their work cut out this weeks and their finding will make interesting reading. Pity they can't discipline referees for utterly dreadful performances as in the Catalans/Leeds game.
  7. James Child shouldn't be anywhere near Super League. He messed up in the Leeds/Wigan game with the Newman try and was dropped from SL for weeks. Tonight proved he should never have been brought back.
  8. Hull FC to win. Wigan v Saints and they don't pretend anything.
  9. Hudds are one league point in front of Catalans. Watson will anticipate the Dragons losing at Wigan so will rest his some of his main players for the following week's play offs. A Wakefield win.
  10. Wigan by over 20. Catalans looked tired out in the 2nd half v Leeds. Tomkins will be back but they will still be missing quite a few. Can't see past a Wigan win and going unbeaten at home for the season.
  11. Farrell is one of the very best players I've seen play for Wigan. Great all round game as well as goal kicker and captain. As for being in Wigan's all time great 13, well he's certainly in mine. My Wigan best 13 - Kris Radlinski, Billy Boston, Eric Ashton, Alan Davies, Martin Offiah, Shaun Edwards, Andy Gregory, Brian McTigue, Martin Dermott, Kelvin Skerrett, Bill Ashurst, Andy Farrell, Ellery Hanley. Needless to say that I saw all of them play for Wigan. Anyone who downplays Andy Farrell's Rugby League career is well wide of the mark.
  12. Difficult to see past a pasting for Warrington. Leeds 48 Warrington 6.
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