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  1. Wire will be looking for a big improvement after losing to Wakefield. Can't see Toronto staying with Wire either in the forwards, half backs or backs. Wire by 36
  2. HKR will have a job on to win this. Hudds looked solid against Salford and HKR will have to be spectacular to win.
  3. Saints were nilled v Wire so will be up for this big time. A real test for both clubs.
  4. Wigan will probably win and convincingly. This will be a test of Lam's squad selection following the shambles of his selected 17 at Cas as Hull FC are next weeks visitors. He needs a team that can play and out play Hull FC or else he will really be under pressure.
  5. Just a thought for Wane's 17 - Shaul, Makinson, Gildart, Percival, Johnstone, Lomax, Williams, T Burgess Hodgson, Thompson, Bateman, Whitehead, Ward. Bench - Walmsley, Taylor, Currie, Connor. Might be a few surprises though as everyone "knows" what Waney wants from his teams.
  6. Wigan without G Burgess and Powell, Cas no Griffin or Mata'utia (sp). With Wigan probably starting Leuluai at 9 it will be interesting to see if they bring in Harry Smith to half back or move O'Loughlin to 6 and Smithies to 13. Bullock could come in for G Burgess. Cas probably start favourites but Wigan with French, together with Hastings controlling things could well nick it.
  7. It was very good last night after the game. It can improve and I'm certain it will.
  8. Probably will be in the Wire team at Wigan om Thursday.
  9. A season ticket holder along with my daughter and two grandsons. Live 30 miles from Wigan. Go to away games but not too many across the Pennines. Only Hudds away last season. Don't buy shirts etc for myself have done and do for family.
  10. The SC allows two marquee players where the first £170(5)k counts for the cap purposes. If Pearson has employed more than two players on over £175k then their full salary will count on the cap. In the past the RFL told us it was a "live" sc so how come players have been registered if the club is over the cap? Has this changed and it's not now a "live" cap?
  11. It could be that some NRL clubs have contacted Hastings but maybe their offers have been a lot less than the contract he has with Wigan. After his mediocre games for GB perhaps NRL clubs don't value him as much as he does value himself or Wigan do.
  12. If they keep Bennett in post the then Sinfield and Rimmer can look forward to an us getting an absolute hammering in empty stadiums. So no doubt whatsoever they'll keep him in post!
  13. Andy Gregory, Sean Long, Shaun Edwards, Gary Schofield, Jonathon Davis from GB. Take your pick from down under with Wally Lewis, Brett Kenny, Andrew Johns etc
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