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  1. Should be Toulouse. City of around 480,000 people and pretty wealthy too. The HQ and main manufacturing plant of the aircraft is in the city. The club are in a new (ish) stadium and share with the Union club. Very good facilities. They will attract a larger attendance than all the other applicants plus they'll probably be able draw on greater sponsorship be it local, regional and maybe national companies. Toulouse are a far better prospect for SL than any other of the applicants.
  2. Perhaps "World Class" should mean that the named player would get into the best thirteen players playing Rugby League anywhere in the world. As for Wigan arresting the decline, that's for another day from me.
  3. I'd like to see the Captain's Challenge. For me it would be two challenges a game, lose and the challenge has gone, win it and it is retained. Ten seconds is about right. Players would have to be up front and honest with their captain. Any player trying it on and being proved not to have done as he said would lose all credibility. Referees would have to be more certain as if any particular referee was shown to have more decisions successfully challenged then he would find himself in trouble. I do think the Captain's Challenge could raise standards of decisions making which can benefit the game.
  4. Leuluai hasn't been able to do 80 mins at hooker for some years now. I can't see that selection lasting the 80 mins nor do I think it'll be Lam's intention that it should.
  5. On the subject of the Thread. French RL has given us a lot and should Toulouse be selected for inclusion into SL then they'd give us considerably more. Toulouse is a city of around 480,000 population and is generally accepted a reasonably wealthy place. The Airbus HQ and main production facility is based in the city. With that population I'd imagine more young people are involved in sports and Rugby in particular. The TO club is in a stadium with top class facilities. Being a fairly large city there will be far more direct flights there from the UK, whether that's Liverpool, Manchester or Leeds when things get back to reasonably normal. Toulouse has far more to offer SL and Rugby League than Leigh, Fev or other current aspiring UK clubs.
  6. Next season will be Tommy Leuluai's last. SOL will retire end of this season. Flower is leaving, as is Burgess as maybe Gildart. I can see Hastings and Smith being the regular halves with TL being the bench half back. Although Field is listed as a 1 or 7 with his pace he perhaps will start on the wing. Wigan will start next season with plenty halves but short on wingers. Manfredi may be fit, may have left, Marshall is injured and Burgess will be at Salford. As a Wigan fan I'd love to see a back line in 2021 of - French, Marshall, Hardaker, Gildart/Bibby, Field, Hastings, Smith. That has quality and pace all over and should be great to watch.
  7. Glad French has re-signed as I reckon he's the most exciting player in SL.
  8. His match analysis was excellent and should join the match commentary to explain the attack/defence as the game develops rather than a studio guest. He could add a lot to the SKY tv presentation. His dress sense needs looking if he is to be a tv regular which I hope he does.
  9. A lot of criticism towards Kendal for Greenwood's yellow instead of red but up until then I thought he'd had a great game. SKY reckoned first pen of the match was on 56 mins and very few stoppages. The quality and intensity was down to the game being relentless and non stop, due in part down to Kendal. The yellow won't make any difference to Greenwood's sanction. However many matches he gets, he will get, yellow or red. Two mins from the end and it was of no consequence to the game. Two minutes into either half and it would have made a difference but that wasn't the case. I still reckon that overall Kendal had a good influence on the game.
  10. The only thing it does prove is that Leeds don't have the best academy.
  11. Bullock, Singleton and Partington put the pack on the front foot which allowed Hastings to pull the strings and French to do the spectacular.
  12. There are plenty rumours that French may go home. If so then Field seems his replacement at full back. A lot of Wigan fans were unhappy at the safety style of play then the club brought in French. He's a great watch and you expect excitement every time he gets the ball. If French is going home then he's being replaced by a player perhaps even faster.
  13. Seen an intro for the show on BBC News at One, heartbreaking!
  14. After last week's debacle against Leeds I'd expect Lam to make some changes, especially to his pack. Wire's opening props are far better than Leeds' so unless he wants a repeat then he'll have to improve the 17 massively.
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