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  1. As a rumour this is utterly ridiculous. If it was in the Sun then Gary Carter can usually be relied upon to produce a quote or audio as I reckon he's a quality RL journo.
  2. I'm confused about this with players not being happy with wage reductions, which on its own is understandable. Most players being signed do seem to be for 2021 and not this year when wage reductions will apply. Whether clubs are trying to take those reductions into 2021 I don't know. One of the biggest signings is John Bateman by Wigan (my club) on a four year deal from 2021. He will be on a fortune. Cost wise in the forwards it will be offset by Flower going to Toronto, O'Loughlin retiring and probably Greenwood going to Leeds. Rather than Wigan's wage spending going up I think there'll be quite a salary saving there. In the backs Joe Burgess is going to Salford although we don't yet know if Gildart or Hastings will leave. Leuluai may retire. How matters pan out in 2021 we don't know. If the vaccine is generally available by early 2021 it will change everything. If it isn't then we will still struggle to deal with the virus and its effects on the sport.
  3. So of the starting 13 seven could be overseas! Great! They should be going the other way, of the squad 17 for the game a given number should be "club trained". Exceptions would have to be made for Toronto but as for the rest they'd have to live with it.
  4. It'll be good to see him back in SL. Always a quality player and I don't think that will change.
  5. Good luck to Danny boy and the Bulls. They need to sort out the ground issue before thinking about promotion to SL.
  6. Goodness, that's a lot of money. Well done Perpignan council.
  7. Sorry to see him leave Wigan as he's an exciting player but Lam won't select him. He will do well at Salford and Watson will probably improve him and his game.
  8. It appears this maybe due to financial survival rather than player development.
  9. Looks good what little I've seen of it but that is when the attacking team is in the opposition's half. The one draw back is that if you got a "six again" on your own 20 mtr line you'd be better off with a pen, kick to touch and start the set around the half way/40 mtr line. Worth considering for 2021 but I don't like changing the rules once a season has started.
  10. The game was played at a furious pace and the extra six was the key to it. I did like it although I didn't watch the game for very long. One thing that worried me was that Parra were getting their extra six inside the Broncos 20 mtr area, where is the advantage for an extra six if you are in your own 20 area? Surely a penalty would be a greater advantage as you would kick for touch and maybe start the new set around the half way line.
  11. I thought he should have been brought into the commentary box after Hemmings retired. Best Wishes to Rod and his family. Hope he makes a full recovery and soon.
  12. Probably my age but for me Brian McTigue was one of the hardest men ever to play the game. Wigan fan of course.
  13. Sounds like a manager (agent) looking to increase his commissions rather then Bateman looking to move.
  14. How can a club lower the SC when it has players under contract for 2021? Any club could be up to the SC for 2021 with players already under contract. If the highest paid players are under contract then that could really present clubs with difficulties. Leave it is as at present.
  15. Maybe they should go for Lewis Tierney. He can play full back or wing and has pace. Not as good as Evalds but he's now an experienced SL player.
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