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  1. Hastings never made it secret he wanted back in the NRL. Now he's achieved it. His commitment to Wigan is as fulsome as anyone's at the club as he proved v Cas. Both his effort and skill were top class and it looks as if he intends giving his all to the club. With seeing his contracts out at both Salford and Wigan it will give him the reputation of being a reliable player as far as contracts go which is a great deal in the current rugby league world. Hastings is top class and he will be missed next year. Harry Smith proved again last night v Cas that he's an exciting player with the
  2. Harry Smith has re-signed for Wigan on a four year deal. A talent for now and the future.
  3. Eastmond hasn't played for a year and League for ten years. What did people expect? He stood up well in defence and threw a very good pass to Briscoe which led to the one Leeds try. Perhaps if he'd not thrown that quality pass to Briscoe Leeds would have been nilled?
  4. Agree with Catalan, they seem to be his kind of outfit. Waney also likes that neck of the woods too!
  5. Connor may yet be included. Waney's picked Gildart and he hasn't played this year. Has Newman played? Rest of the 35 seems ok. It will be interesting when he eventually selects his 24.
  6. It's hard to see Ian Lenagan walking away from Wigan RL. Perhaps Mike Danson is buying a majority shareholding making IL a minority investor. With Wigan Athletic still for sale together with the stadium perhaps Danson will be buying more than the Rugby club before long.
  7. Remember Jack Fairbank getting sent off in a C Cup replay at Central Park after a punch up with Eric Ashton. A long time ago, mid week replay with 3pm kick off as there were no floodlights then. We were allowed out of school early so we could go. Or more likely so the teachers could go.
  8. As a Wigan fan in the 1960s our local coach company was Unsworths. Many a long trip over the hills to Yorkshire the years prior to the M62.
  9. Was Wigan's stand off when I first started watching the game. Great player and great playing record. R.I.P. Dave. God Bless.
  10. If both London and Toulouse are streets ahead of the rest in 2021 then promote them both with no relegation. SL needs a 14 team league. Both have a massive amount to offer and they would be an asset to SL
  11. BBC North West News tonight said Kevin had raised £2.4m up to then. Incredible achievement!
  12. Should be Toulouse. City of around 480,000 people and pretty wealthy too. The HQ and main manufacturing plant of the aircraft is in the city. The club are in a new (ish) stadium and share with the Union club. Very good facilities. They will attract a larger attendance than all the other applicants plus they'll probably be able draw on greater sponsorship be it local, regional and maybe national companies. Toulouse are a far better prospect for SL than any other of the applicants.
  13. Perhaps "World Class" should mean that the named player would get into the best thirteen players playing Rugby League anywhere in the world. As for Wigan arresting the decline, that's for another day from me.
  14. I'd like to see the Captain's Challenge. For me it would be two challenges a game, lose and the challenge has gone, win it and it is retained. Ten seconds is about right. Players would have to be up front and honest with their captain. Any player trying it on and being proved not to have done as he said would lose all credibility. Referees would have to be more certain as if any particular referee was shown to have more decisions successfully challenged then he would find himself in trouble. I do think the Captain's Challenge could raise standards of decisions making which can benefi
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