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  1. If Cas want him then it's their choice. They either pay Wigan a fee or a player swap. To me as a Wigan fan it would be either Truman or Watts. Wigan need a half back alongside Harry Smith or a senior prop (30 or over) which they don't have.
  2. Was at that Cup Tie, traveled over by train as there was no M62 back then.
  3. Maguire won't be at Wigan next year. A lot of talk about Miller and I feel he may have signed but doesn't want it announced until his club's season is finished. Hardaker won't be at Wigan next year either. He's presently commuting between Pontefract and Wigan, will see the season out but there's no long term future in that. As far as coaching goes Matty Peet seems the favourite for the head coach job. He's enough assistants with O'Loughlin, Leuluai, Winder, Goulding and more. Whether Winder stays or goes no one seems to know. Wigan's major asset next season will be not having Lam as head coach. He's absolutely crippled the club with his crackpot squad selections and not having a game plan or tactics other than kick long chase hard!
  4. Wigan outplayed but only four behind at half time. How easy must it be to coach a team to play Wigan? Lam hasn't a clue over team selection or tactics/game plan.
  5. The article mentions long term decline but goes on to say the club is not too far off. What is doesn't mention is that Wigan won the Grand Final in 2018 which was Shaun Wane's last game as head coach. Then came the Edwards debacle leaving the club with Lam in charge. From the outset his team selection and tactics (if any) seemed questionable. This has been constant discussion with fans for as long as Lam has been in charge. The real problem is that Lam can't anticipate and cope with changing circumstances. We went to Hull KR having played five more game than the Rovers. Lam though, thought his team could match HKR with a fast paced and high intensity game. How wrong could he be! Too many mistakes from a young team who were fatigued both physically and mentally. At one point Wigan played 8 games in 37 days and still have played more games than any other club. Last Friday, he against selected his young forwards yet left Clubb and Clark out of the squad and only played Bullock for around 15 mins in the one spell. Not one Wigan fan can understand why Lam is still in his job. Who in their right rugby mind would play three front rowers against Saints aged 20,21 and 22. Anyone could see it was going to be men against boys and it was. Playing Clubb for his short minutes and both Clark and Bullock for long minutes might not have won the game but it wouldn't have been as ridiculously one sided. As for crowds, they've been in decline since 2011 yet I didn't think 16300 was bad at all after the Covid problem and the fact the Wigan had zero chance of winning the game. Next year Wane returns and he will have a pack of forwards who will be tough as they come and a complete change and hopefully and improvement on Lam's disaster. French will be back and hopefully we'll see something of Field's talent and real pace.
  6. HKR are at home and will have the advantage of their crowd. Wigan might have a better squad but that has to show itself this season. Rovers have a coach who's clued up, Wigan have a coach who's clueless! I thought Rovers won at Wigan because their coach out coached his opposite number!
  7. Wigan have a few players back but with Singleton and Partington suspended with Leulai injured then Farrell rested. Should get the better of Salford but only because Hastings is playing for Wigan. Certainly not the given home win it used to be.
  8. Apart from the French expedition Leeds seem to have found some form. Leeds by 12.
  9. With neither side playing particularly well this could be a tight match. Looking forward to it anyway!
  10. Much needed win for Wigan. Surely got have some bodies back for next week?
  11. Don't know if Wigan have anyone back but Jackson Hastings has just been given a one match ban. Greenwood will be missing for Hudds as he's got a three match ban. I do think that will affect Wigan more than Hudds. Difficult to see anything but a Hudds win as Watson is a good coach who can get the best out of the players he has. Wigan have Lam as coach who is a poor coach and can't get any of his players to play to their potential.
  12. A very good win by HKR. I do have to say that Rovers dropped so much ball in the first half any good team would have had the game won by half time. Wigan, though, are not a good team. Anything but! It would have been a risk having Hanley at fb. With Hastings there he had him, Smith & Leuluai all on the field for 80 mins. As has been said Lam decision not to have a quality goal kicker kept the game out of reach once Rovers scored. With 60 mins gone we thought Wigan were going to get nilled for the second game in succession. Rovers are not a top side but were far better than Wigan on the night and the score doesn't flatter them. Hall worked incredibly hard taking the ball up almost every set. A hardworking squad with all players giving everything won the game for Rovers and well done to them. As for Wigan, I don't see this improving until Lam departs. We only have two experienced props available so they should be doing as many minutes as possible. Instead the both started and were subbed on 20 mins or so. Bullock never returned and Singleton came back on with 6 mins to go and the game gone! Not too much going for Wigan until Lam is history.
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