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  1. The SC allows two marquee players where the first £170(5)k counts for the cap purposes. If Pearson has employed more than two players on over £175k then their full salary will count on the cap. In the past the RFL told us it was a "live" sc so how come players have been registered if the club is over the cap? Has this changed and it's not now a "live" cap?
  2. It could be that some NRL clubs have contacted Hastings but maybe their offers have been a lot less than the contract he has with Wigan. After his mediocre games for GB perhaps NRL clubs don't value him as much as he does value himself or Wigan do.
  3. If they keep Bennett in post the then Sinfield and Rimmer can look forward to an us getting an absolute hammering in empty stadiums. So no doubt whatsoever they'll keep him in post!
  4. Andy Gregory, Sean Long, Shaun Edwards, Gary Schofield, Jonathon Davis from GB. Take your pick from down under with Wally Lewis, Brett Kenny, Andrew Johns etc
  5. Guash signs Joel T one day then McNamara the next on a 3 year deal. Wow, who saw the McNamara deal coming?
  6. 1 Graeme Langlands. 2 Billy Boston, 3 Mal Meninga, 4 Reg Gasnier, 5 Brian Bevan, 6 Wally Lewis, 7 Andrew Johns. 8 Arthur Beetson, Cameron Smith, Brian McTigue, Gordon Tallis, Bill Ashurst, Mal Reilly. Tempting to put Jim Sullivan at 1 and Offiah at 5. Haven't as that would be taking my Wigan bias too far. So only gone for players I've seen. That first series Langlands came over (1963 I think) he was superb, the best full back display I've still ever seen. I think those are the best players I've ever seen in their respective positions play our game.
  7. Davies broke his leg v Saints.
  8. Well done to them, there was a great turnout from Salford fans at Wigan on Friday. Usually now only Saints bring that number for a game at the DW.
  9. Shenton and Wilkin for me. Both far better than any others. Peacock and JJB might be ok for local radio but shouldn't be anywhere near tv. Both Shenton and Wilkin are very good summerisers whereas Baz, Tez, JP and JJB are just not good enough. All very good players and understand the game as players with the experience they have but being able to summerise a game on tv is a different matter. Shenton and Wilkin can do it, the others can't.
  10. A lot of us Wigan fans were not too impressed with the teams attacking qualities. Great defence, Hastings try apart, and it had to be. Not too much optimism about going to Saints next week and with the view being that Salford will be far too good for Cas then we could well see a re-match in two weeks.The view was that it wouldn't be beyond the Reds to come back to the DW and win. They looked good tonight. Lam has his work cut out to improve the attack.
  11. A few changes for Wigan, Farrell back and Partington banned. Marshall is fit again and might well replace Burgess. Sarginson is doubtful and Hankinson could replace him. Wigan need to start better if they are to progress in the play offs. Salford are a lot better than Catalans or Castleford and Wigan need to bring their A Game. An intense second half won't cut it in the play offs at all. Will be a good match with Wigan to win by 12.
  12. Ash Handley, haven't we got a better winger than him? Good grief! Must be the worst wingman ever to be named in the Dream Team. Surely Grace, Charnley, Marshall, are far better? Compare Handley to Leeds previous left wingman, Ryan Hall, different League altogether.
  13. I don't like relegation for the Super League competition. It is just so difficult for promoted clubs to beat relegation in the first season up. Clubs should be able to stay up and build on their promotion. Will the newly promoted club in SL 2020 win 10 games as London did? I very much doubt it. If in subsequent seasons the promoted club is immediately relegated then the system will be changed. So why go though the whole mistaken process in the first place?
  14. Flower and O'Loughlin return but Farrell's absence is a blow. Greenwood could start 2nd row with Isa. Cas miss Gale and I think it prevents them being a top side. Wigan to win this with few, say 10, Something like 22-12.
  15. He needs a quality head coach to build a quality squad. He's not had one since Trent Robinson left. When he sorts his that problem out then he could see his club progress. Perhaps he doesn't see the Head Coach as a problem.
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