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  1. My brother's late father law did a fair bit of brewing and supping and knew his stuff - he was with you, reckoned Tiger was the epitome of an English brown bitter. For my money, these are cracking bests: https://www.harveys.org.uk/beer/sussex-best - normally I find southern bitters a bit too sweet, or perhaps just a bit too lacking in body. This however is lovely. https://www.castlerockbrewery.co.uk/?beer=harvest-pale - a pale bitter and has American hops, but still has a smashing balance with just enough sharpness.
  2. Councils are not infrequent breakers of the law. It may be though that in this instance, Rotherham didn't follow the law closely enough. The MoJ are of this opinion: "Local authorities can apply to courts to request permission not to notify parents without parental responsibility about care proceedings, and courts should consider the potential harm to the child and mother when making this decision."
  3. Good call. Our local paper has gone in the last 20 years or so from being one that broke stories, held the council to account, reported local sport, did some actual journalism etc. etc. to being little more than a shock-website with most stories being taken verbatim from facebook or twitter or the MPs' newsletter, with a heavy focus on traffic accidents and restaurant hygiene ratings. Even the whole website experience is badly broken with way too many pop ups, surveys, ads and irrelevant videos flying at you that it's impossible to use. I don't know how many people it now employs but it's difficult to see what value is being added any more.
  4. It's regulated as a food supplement and strength/ quality will vary from brand to brand. It can also interact with medicines so if you're on anything pharmaceutical chat over with your pharmacist. Although it's not a licensed herbal medicine, getting an appointment with a qualified herbalist might be a good bet. The science on it is a bit sketchy/ early days, but some people report it's helped them with anxiety and stress, and even as an alternative to anti-psychotics. Some ok studies support those claims. if it works for you, it works for you!
  5. It's fairly clear that RL is no longer a sport that has any significant place in the national sporting picture. We're going the way of speedway - a good number of passionate fans following teams run out of small towns, and with any broadcast coverage tucked away safely out of sight intended only for the converted. This sounds pessimistic given that it's only been 5 years since we had 65000+ at Wembley that *did* cut through into general sports coverage, but the decline since then has been alarming.
  6. Ey up Futtocks - you may have already heard it as I think you're a fan of his work, but there was a great Danny Baker show a few years back with Chas Hodges talking about his session musician years and with some live performance in the studio. It was a smashing listen.
  7. Wotcher. 1. Have a starting look here - see if you can refine to the specific location/ clinic. If you know the name of the surgeon who would do the operation then in theory you can look up stats related to their individual performance for their clinic (better than expected; as expected; worse than expected). NB - the stats calculation on those are highly waited in favour of not embarrassing particular consultants. There is a very high level of statistical confidence needed before a consultant will show up as having a higher-than-expected level of deaths 2. For most people in England there is a right to choose where you receive treatment - any urgency of need versus availability of first choice will need to be considered. Your GP should be able to help/ advise on this. It may be that as you've already been referred to one consultant, you cannot now reconsider that choice (even if you didn't at the time realise you were making a choice - though see next bit below) 3. Good luck! Despite the cliché, you don't have a right to a second opinion - though if you're really unhappy with what your consultant is suggesting and/ or their reputation in the field, you can request one and most consultants who give a damn will be happy for you to get an alternative view. They are likely to need to refer you on though, so again if time / urgency is an issue this may not be an avenue. As ever, prepare for your GP appointment and be clear what you want to get out of it. Ask awkward questions, especially if you see that there are different possible treatments for your diagnosis. Hope things work out and you are up and about soon.
  8. Aye. When they introduce extra points, basketball-style, for goals from outside the box I'll reconsider my views. But knock-out sport tends to be tight. A striker might get one good run on goal during a game, but a team is likely to have 4 or 5 corners plus at least a couple of free kicks near the box over the 90. Play the percentages!
  9. Coming up for 20 years in the pro game as well? That's some achievement, especially the way he plays the game (that isn't a back-handed compliment by the way). He's a bit of a pantomime villain, but the sport thrives on having a few of those dotted around the place.
  10. Much depends on Hudds' ability to play in front of a crowd.
  11. Well, yes - but the women perceive an intent. And locally, the reports are so numerous and so tightly clustered around a few specific places that it would be hard not to agree that there is an intent to harass and intimate.
  12. There are a few well-known "cat-calling" hotspots round my neck of the woods - some of the reports from women who have been harassed in those areas are pretty disturbing, and deserve better than the dismissive responses from some of the posters above. It's worth considering, though I'm not sure how it would be written into law in a way that's fair. (The hate crime element should not be dismissed out of hand either - again, locally, some of the cat-calling when challenged has reportedly morphed into sexual and/ or racial harassment).
  13. Other than dedicated soccer fans I'd guess you won't be alone, but that's a symptom of a different kind of problem - I'm not sure the market for top-flight soccer is under pressure in the same way that RL's is.
  14. One of the more depressing sporting experiences of my RL life was the CC final last year - two of the biggest names in RL, and two of the best supported sides in the country to boot - and yet it was full on expecation management in the run up, with the entire (?) top bowl not for sale. Although the stated attendence was kind of OK, the lack of ambition was heart-breaking. All those empty seats, with very little effort made to fill them.
  15. I think he traded them for Jason Robinson's mountain bikes.
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