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  1. Whilst the idea is probably unworkable, the principle behind a move away from the current dominance of size is one I wholeheartedly support. I think the vast majority of, perhaps even all, followers of the sport would like a shift away from five drives, safety first, unexpansive rugby. Anything that benefits creative smaller players or those with sheer pace gets my agreement. Whether any of the following would assist I don't know, but here's a few suggestions off the top of my head. Further reductions in interchanges Adjustment of the 10m marker retreat Reduction to 12 men a side I'd much, much rather watch an Andy Gregory or Martin Offiah (no, I'm not a Wigan fan!) than 34 back-row clones boring each other into submission.
  2. How apt you're attempting to do this on the day England play Bulgaria. I wonder what the odds are on that game being postponed! * This post contains Likely Lads spoilers.
  3. I'm a Warrington fan and I think my team will win. Is such a prediction against the forum's rules?
  4. Bill Arthur: "So Stuart, any comments about that incident?" Stuart Cummings: "That's fine. Nothing wrong with that. Kenny Edwards' first contact as the defender was with the opponent's little toe." Phil Clarke: "But he's running round with the attacker's head under his arm whilst his lifeless body lies crumpled in a heap." Stuart Cummings: "Well, if anything, that should be a penalty to Catalans for obstructing the ruck." No, not good at all.
  5. Because this whole episode has taken so many weird twists and turns, is the "Stuart Cummings" who represented Catalans the ex-referee and now Sky pundit?
  6. There's been some ###### spouted on this thread but I think you've scored the winner.
  7. Yep, absolutely drives me mad. No need to give the result away in a subject header and it's done every week.
  8. Whilst never mentioning Warrington's excellent record at Langtree Park.
  9. I've entered all my three teams as I'm a blatant cheat and outrageously competitive. I expect to be able to loan players from one outfit to another whenever I wish. If any two teams start to struggle, I reserve the right to merge for a princely cash sum which I can fritter away with no discernible benefit obvious to anyone. Team A has taken a 51% stake in Team B, Team B has taken a 51% stake in Team C and Team C has taken a 51% in Team A. I'm happy to take a two point penalty in two years' time if any of the above is deemed to be against the rules.
  10. I'm sure this must have been covered somewhere, but what is the £500,000 actually for? Is it an entry fee? Or is it only kept by the RFL if Catalans were to get to Wembley again?
  11. Not if you're an away fan and it's raining. In that scenario, it's quite possibly the worst.
  12. As a Warrington fan, let me reassure you that the pain of not winning anything when you've been the best team of the season does eventually wear off and the sense of injustice will, in due course, fade from your posts.
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