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  1. I will never ever watch a game involving Wire, unless it's against Widnes. But I watched this, and I'm glad I did. It was funny, sad, and inspirational at the same time. Well done to all involved.
  2. Are they different to the ESTA's you need to enter America?
  3. Is PNG's Albert related to Wellington and Stanton?
  4. Didn't he take them up, and keep them up? I'm not saying he'll do the same with Widnes though.
  5. I watched a video of Ian Watson the other day. He said Tim Sheens put in a lot of foundations for their recent success.
  6. He's gone there to win things apparently! ?
  7. Tomorrow night on Try Time on Radio Merseyside, from 6pm. I assume other local BBC Stations may also air the draw.
  8. Did the commentator just call Oliver Gildart by his Dad's name, Ian Gildart?
  9. In honour of all ex Widnes players who have worn a Tash #tashforthebash
  10. Our Challenge Cup Semi-Final in 2014 against Cas. It was bad enough being embarrassed with the performance of the players, but then some alleged "fans" took embarrassing to another level!
  11. Has anyone seen Wire's tweet to us, and our reply? Class reply Widnes! https://twitter.com/wolvesrl
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