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  1. Try contacting Try Tag Rugby over here. They're a very proactive and professional organisation. I'm sure they could be of help.
  2. Some great names in that Fax cup winning team. Eadie, Anderson, Rix, Stephen's, Neller, Beevers, McCallion, Dixon, Pendlebury...and Mick. That cup final was a great game and the semi win over Widnes was even better. It started to come apart for Fax after that when Anderson retired from playing and the Aussies weren't the same quality but what a great few years for them.
  3. Swinton deserved at least a point. Bulls way too slow out of the blocks. Some really soft defending at times. Totally share Kear's frustration.
  4. With it currently being 35 degrees in France at the time I write this and highs of 37 degrees forecast on Friday it got me wondering what is the hottest recorded temperature at a RL match. I'd expect something pretty high in PNG or North Queensland but the temperatures in France can't be far off at the moment. Even with regular water breaks I'm amazed players can perform in those sort of temperatures.
  5. Good attempt at faux concern. But anyway, moving on... Jordan Lilley is a 22 year old halfback with a lot to learn but he's got a lot of potential. He's a long way from the finished article.
  6. You were the better side for 50mins.
  7. 1998 "The People's Team". Harris-gate. Administration 1-3.
  8. Great on his day. Infuriating when he's not.
  9. Don't be too down hearted. You were the better side for that game. Bizarre last 15mins.
  10. Young players need the opportunity to play regular competitive games. It's only by playing do you learn. Halfback is a difficult position and it takes time. Players are not likely to be the finished article at 19 apart from the odd prodigy. Reserve grade would provide opportunities for players to develop. At the moment many are sat doing nothing, being passed from pillar to post on dual reg or being lost to the game completely.
  11. We had a minute silence for Peter at our game last week. Perhaps Batley thought it was too long since his passing?
  12. Peter Fox was the coach as my time as a Northern fan. He won us an unprecedented two league titles in a row. I looked up to him enormously and used to pour over his programme notes and listen attentively to any word he uttered on the radio. He had an amazing talent for getting the best out of average players. When I met him in person I could see why. He had an ability to make you feel good about yourself and his confidence in what he said made you feel confident too. You can see why players played above themselves for him. If you could bottle and sell that ability you’d be a millionaire. I was disappointed when he left us in 1985 and overjoyed when he came back in 1992. Without doubt we would’ve gone down that year if it wasn’t for him. I remember he was newly arrived as coach and sat in the stand at Burnden Park when we got thrashed 71-10 by Wigan in the cup semi final and we looked doomed. Within weeks he’d sorted our defence out and bit by bit we got ourselves out of the mire, culminating in a heart stopping, nail biting 14-12 win at Hull KR that kept us up. Fox saved us without doubt. Nobody else could’ve got that kind of response from the players in such a short period of time. Within a couple of years we just missed out on the title on points difference. We had been transformed. I remember it was back in 2008 when Peter was up at Odsal doing a book signing for his newly published biography in the club shop before the SL game versus HKR. I went in and there he was sat at a little table in the corner, all alone. A few people were hovering around but they looked a bit awe-struck. I went over and asked if he’d sign me a book. He couldn’t have been more charming. I said “It’s fitting you’re here today when we’re playing Hull KR because 16 years ago you coached us against them and kept us in the top flight.” He puffed his chest out, looked around and said “Aye! And there’s a few around here that have forgotten about that!” I was pleased to then see a few people come forward and re-assure him that hadn’t been forgotten at all. Looking at all the comments on social media you can see how admired, respected and loved Peter Fox was. He was a guru amongst coaches, a leader of men and Rugby League through and through. I must confess to having a lump in my throat writing this. RIP Foxy, thanks a million, you were the best.
  13. The Aussie system doesn't have promotion and relegation. As a result clubs are happy with their relative positions in wherever league they're in. Over here the opposite is the case. Take away the opportunity to get promoted and you take away the raison d'etre for those clubs aspiring to get into SL. Do that and you lose a lot of supporters too. That's the way it is. That needs to be accepted. A closed shop won't work in the UK. As for Smith he's only playing for Swinton because there is a lack of reserve grade. Wigan have been great supporters of reserve grade in the past. There recordof bringing on young players is excellent. I hope Smith's loan works out.
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