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  1. Over 200 copies sold so far. Thanks to everyone who has bought. See above for details on how to order.
  2. Whoever orders by tomorrow can get their names in the publication. Just go to www.walesrugbyleague.co.uk/magazine. Launch dates confirmed in Cardiff, Torfaen and Halifax.
  3. However the birthday is now being moved on police advise so it doesn't clash with the birthday of the Ashes.
  4. I'll cancel my hotel then. I was going to go on the way back from Scotland v Wales and my in-laws can't look after my daughters on Sunday.
  5. Wales Rugby League’s communications and profile manager Ian Golden is to publish “100 months of Rugby League in Wales” to raise money for two worthy causes – “The Danny Jones Defibrillator Fund” and “Scott’s Angels”. Go to http://www.walesrugbyleague.co.uk/article/16407 to buy. The “The Danny Jones Defibrillator Fund” raises money to purchase defibrillators for community rugby league clubs and junior teams across the country. These defibrillators cost around £1,000 each and provide potentially life-saving treatment to anyone suffering a cardiac arrest. During a League One match on May 3rd 2015, Keighley Cougars' Welsh international Danny Jones was substituted in the fourth minute of the game after reporting feeling unwell. Soon after he went into cardiac arrest. A post-mortem revealed that the cardiac arrest was caused by a previous undetected, hereditary, heart disease. “Scott’s Angels” was created to raise money for the family of former rugby league player Scott Bessant, who turned out and coached for Newport Titans and Torfaen Tigers as well as winning caps for Wales Dragonhearts. In the early hours of August 13th 2017, Scott was found unconscious. It was later diagnosed that he had multiple fractures to his skull, a fractured neck, broken ribs, a fractured pelvis, and since then he has had multiple strokes. No witnesses have come forward to any attack and the police have found nothing. Scott, 35, a father of two, is alive but is in a vegetative state. His family and friends continue to fundraise to give him some quality of life. WHAT WILL BE IN THE MAGAZINE? “100 months of Rugby League in Wales” will be a bumper 140+ page magazine reprinting Ian Golden’s monthly columns from Rugby League World and Forty20 magazines printed over 100 months between January 2011 and April 2019. During that time, there have been major achievements for the Wales men’s side in the European Cup, the Wales Wheelchair side in both the World Cup and Celtic Cup, and Wales Students in the Home Nations and World Cup. Wales have won bronze in the Commonwealth Championships and the Wales under 16s have beaten England. In addition, domestic teams like North Wales Crusaders, South Wales Scorpions, Valley Cougars, Torfaen Tigers, West Wales Raiders and Bridgend Blue Bulls and others have flown the flag for Wales with some taking home national trophies. There have also been achievements from schools like Glantaf, Ystalyfera and St Joseph’s. In addition to the 100 columns that tell the stories of the ups and downs of rugby league in Wales, articles and Rugby League World Cup reports from other top writers are also included. Matt Anniss opens the magazine telling the story of the state of the Welsh game in early 2010 and also chronicles the history of rugby league in Wales, and there are other contributions from Luke Ambler, Phil Caplan, Sian Golden, Ryan Gould, Dave Hadfield, Mark Andrew Jones and Steve Mascord. Golden wrote for Rugby League World until April 2015 before his column was transferred to Forty20 following a restructure of the former. Both magazines now feature monthly columns on rugby league in Wales with "Tan-y-Ddraig” (translates as “The Dragon’s Fire”) appearing in Forty20 and "Breathing Fire", which was relaunched in Rugby League World in April 2017 by Ryan Gould. COMMENTS Danny Jones’ widow, Lizzie Jones, who, along with the Rugby Football League Benevolent Fund, created “The Danny Jones Defibrillator Fund”, said: "The legacy that Danny has left is priceless. The lives that the fund has saved and changed so far is more than I could have ever imagined. Initially I set out to save just one family from going through what we went through. This has happened as well as lots more. The support I have received for the charity has been overwhelming and it continues to grow every day. Thank you." Scott Bessant’s sister, Sian Chere, who along with her husband Neil, are promoting “Scott’s Angels”, that was set up by Amy jones and Gemma Allen, said: “Thank you to Ian for doing this. There’s a long long uncertain road for our Scotty B but we will do everything we can to give him some quality of life. He deserves it with all this fight he’s been giving so far. Thank you for all the support, we are truly overwhelmed.” WHAT CAN BE DONE TO SUPPORT THE MAGAZINE? The magazine's printing will be funded by pre-orders and advertisements so it's essential to order in advance. All pre-orders before going to print will be recognised by being named in the magazine. The aim is for it to be published on the fourth anniversary of Danny Jones’ death. Costing just only £10 plus postage and packing, it can be ordered at www.walesrugbyleague.co.uk/magazine. Anyone wishing to advertise in the magazine, costing at just £200 for a full page and £100 for a half page, can email ian.golden@walesrugbyleague.co.uk. Payments are taken via the Sporting Records Online Ltd Paypal account. Purchasers do not need to have Paypal to buy, you can use a credit or debit card. BUY THE MAGAZINE HERE - £10 plus £3.50 postage
  6. There are always players like these lads. It's great that we have players signing for Championship clubs, we just need more to get into Super League. Marcus Webb, from the same year group as these lads, has just signed for Swinton Lions. West Wales Raiders new squad is so far (15 players announced) mainly Welsh born. All still ticking over.
  7. Lots of reasons. In the early days it was travel and lack of money to travel. The early clubs had less money than those in the north as the NU had only budgeted for two Welsh clubs so it had to be shared around. In recent years there has been media prejudice and there's the fact that RU is steeped in culture. You couldn't play RL and RU grounds pre-1995 either. As for players, there's always the chance of a WRU cap which is most players' goal and RL doesn't have the greatest international game and Welsh RU players always got their own form of broken time payments be it free beer, paid time off by their place of work in return for that company advertising at the grounds (just another way of payment really) or "boot money". With all of this, plus the backing of the public over an alien game one could as how could RL succeed in Wales? It is the way it is as someone often tells me and there are lots of people trying to make it work simply because they enjoy watching and or playing the game. Pointless articles which read like a poorly researched minute section of a dissertation (i.e. no conclusion, references etc) don't help.
  8. This is possibly one of the most negative articles written on the Welsh game. Was the writer determined to write something negative about a non traditional Rugby League area? Yes many of the facts are correct, at least we believe they are correct, especially about the early years but this article is so imbalanced, is without a satisfactory conclusion and has a number of inaccuracies. For a start, yes there are many negatives but there are plenty of positives right now in Wales like the continuation of junior development, the 20 plus lads in Super League acadamies, the success at schools level with Cardiff's Glantaf school only ever losing one game in three years (same lads from year 7-9 now in year 10) and never being outscored on tries and the production of our own players for the full Wales side, lots more than Scotland and Ireland for example. The Crusaders "disaster" produced tons of Welsh players and it was because of their work that we actually have a Wales side full of Welsh born players who won the European Championship two years ago. Wales' current failings as a nation is we don't have enough Super League players, something addressed in a statement by WRL recently which the writer has ignored. Talking about the South Wales 1996 side, he said "the first home game played at Aberavon on 31 March 1996 attracted just 1,876 spectators" - In that 1996 Division Two season, it was one of the highest crowds - more than any crowd at Barrow, Bramley, Carlisle, Chorley, Doncaster, Prescot and York. In fact it was the league's seventh highest attendance of the season. It's League 1 level, not Super League and again the writer was looking for a negative where there wasn't one. Plus this club held a successful double header at Cardiff Arms Park with South Wales v Carlisle being played before St Helens v Sheffield and attracting 6,708 fans. This was the 1996 season too, not 1995-96 and the club were given a Super League franchise for 1997 pending acceptance from the then current SL clubs. The clubs decided not to admit South Wales despite a solid business plan so there was a set-back. The South Wales club legacy became Cardiff Demons which created the strong community set up in the south which has produced a number of Welsh international players, again ignored by the writer. He states the Scorpions' attendances "did not improve" after getting over 500 to their first ever game, a win over Workington Town. Well research again shows that they got 625 for the next game which was against London Skolars, 798 v Hunslet, 625 v Oldham, 623 v Blackpool and 890 v Swinton. Average attendance for 2010 was 631 as the Scorpions reached the play-offs and their coach Anthony Seibold, now head coach at South Sydney Rabbitohs, won Coach of the Year. Well promoted on the road games in Cardiff in future seasons produced crowds of 1025 and 925. There's even the headings - Crusaders were obviously not "The Last Stand" as clubs are still going. He finalises with "Will Wales Ever Succeed?" without even an attempt to answer it properly. Plus there are no mentions of North Wales Crusaders' promotion years and their League 1 Cup and Northern Rail Bowl wins as well as their successful attempts to produce high attendances, amongst the best in League 1 as well as their outstanding travelling support. Yes we all know there are and always have been issues in Wales and people always look to address them, just like in many areas of the north of England which I won't name now. But we've developed players like Regan Grace who started in the acadamies in South Wales aged 13, and those like Ben Flower, Gil Dudson, Lloyd White, Elliot Kear etc who also came through local youth sides. The article is imbalanced, looking for negatives and inaccurate in places which is my issue. It needed positives and paragraphs about the many successes happening in the country right now. The fact that it didn't, makes it a very poor piece of work.
  9. England normally bring a younger side down to face Wales. The last 14 times they did that they won. This time they didn't. That's the big story. That plus the Welsh community club players were outstanding against Super League trained players. http://www.walesrugbyleague.co.uk/article/16188/wales-under--record-historic-win-over-england
  10. Reading League Express today, this is my prediction of how things will pan out. Named up in North Queensland are Scotland, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji and USA. They will probably make up five teams from the two three team groups with one European qualifier. Perhaps the other European qualifier in the double header mentioned is actually Scotland. Then we've two four team groups. If reports are correct then it's England, Australia and Lebanon and they will have to be joined by Papua New Guinea who will host all three in Port Moresby. Other games to be played as stated in Melbourne and Sydney. That leaves New Zealand hosting a group with France and two European qualifiers. GROUP A Australia England Lebanon Papua New Guinea GROUP B New Zealand France European Qualifier European Qualifier GROUP C Scotland Tonga Samoa GROUP D Fiji USA European Qualifier There again, I'm probably completely wrong.
  11. A Simon Cooper was interviewed on the BBC about it in the last hour. He was at France v Germany. I wonder if that's our Simon Cooper, who's on this board, the guy who's one of the RL Deutschland organisers?
  12. By my reckoning it is. I think Southend v Huddersfield was the previous record - http://www.dropkickbooks.co.uk/2012/11/kent-invicta-part-three.html. I also know that if the clubs don't declare the crowd, the media rep at the ground does it for them.
  13. Scorpions are going through a rough time right now, no doubt about it. A win against Oxford may have helped a bit but that wasn't to be. Whilst all the problems can't be solved straight away, everyone needs to stick together to make it all work in South Wales. Chris Thair from WRL has this morning asked for a statement to be posted on the Scorpions forum to explain a number of issues and hopefully that'll help matters. It's fantastic to see the Conference South and indeed Welsh Conference teams doing well. Valley Cougars continue to lead on player quality and they're top of that league right now having only lost one game, to fellow Welsh side, The Raiders, in their first game of the season (and they were dreadful that day). Torfaen are doing so well on and off the field too and have a great connection with the Scorpions too and are regular supporters of the club. I speak to their chairman regularly. Like Gateshead had a massive downturn in fortunes for a number of years, it's now our turn in South Wales. But they survived and are now stronger. Hopefully the same can happen with South Wales.
  14. I know it's a sell-out but does anyone have one spare ticket they can sell me at cover price please? PM me if you can. Sorry to mods if this sort of appeal isn't allowed. Thanks.
  15. Everyone at Wales Rugby League is devastated to hear about the passing of former Celtic Crusaders, Aberavon Fighting Irish, Bridgend Blue Bulls, Wales and Wales Dragonhearts winger Paul Morgan, aged 40 following a short illness. A full obituary will appear on the WRL and Scorpions websites very soon. RIP Paul. He was a good friend of mine, very sad news. First Celtic Crusaders first team member to leave us.
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