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  1. Does that mean Hemel are more traditional than Sheffield as they're four years older? Or does "traditional" mean "Sheffield and further north but south of Gateshead?"
  2. Crusaders are northern but they're not M62. I personally think BBC's coverage in Wales especially has gone down hill this year despite the team performing well. They cut the live radio coverage that they did from Bridgend every game, they refused to recognise South Wales Scorpions online, they refuse to acknowledge any development, they editted out the under 23 Wales side from rhe online release plus of course they still don't show The Super League Show. BBC1 Wales news have been okay but that's down to one man who works there rather than the corporation itself.
  3. Great win for the under 18s today though. Beating Catalans, kids who were brought up with RL, is no mean feat. http://www.crusadersrfl.com/article.php?id=2663
  4. I was right behind the camera when Dai Bishop was being interviewed at the end of Wales v PNG in 1991 - my second ever game. 19 years on and I'm still loving the sport.
  5. Isn't performance on the field a consideration too? Winning the NR Cup was just to enable them to be in the mix to qualify wasn't it? I think their on-going on-field performances are also taken into consideration. Serious question - what do Barrow need to do to get a licence? Obviously they need a new ground or massive improvements but do they tick every other box. Do Halifax tick the right boxes too as they must be in contention?
  6. Actually that was the first time. Second play off appearance was 2008 making it to the Nl1 final but losing to Salford in extra time. One better this year?
  7. Follow @WalesRugbyL on Twitter for updates throughout the night. Also on the radio at http://www.gtfm.co.uk before and after each Wales game and discuss on http://www.facebook.com/walesrugbyleague Old Frightful - I'm the centre of the Grandstand right at the back in the press box if you want to come up and say hello.
  8. Womens RU World Cup. Packed crowds, live on TV, good promotion. Womens RL World Cup. Rugby League World magazine probably. There's your difference.
  9. Co-operative Welsh Premier Final - Valley Cougars 46 Bridgend Blue Bulls 44 http://www.walesrugbyleague.co.uk/article/...l---valley.html Under 17 Final - Penallta Storm 20 CPC Bears 18 http://www.walesrugbyleague.co.uk/article/...l-penallta.html Under 15 Final - Penallta Storm 32 Panthers 28 http://www.walesrugbyleague.co.uk/article/...l-penallta.html Very big crowd, over 500 throughout the day I'd say and three outstanding games. A great ad for Wales Rugby League.
  10. A try from the game can be seen here - as shown on tonight's ITV Wales news - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=527...0430&ref=mf Sky Sports were down and it will be on Boots N All on Wednesday. I'm hoping to arrange for The Super League Show to visit us on Thursday hopefully to feature next Saturday.
  11. Aussie players are better than Brits from birth pure and simple - at least that's what Shaun McRae and half of the internet keep saying.
  12. And South Wales Scorpions got to the play-offs too.
  13. S4C didn't show it but BBC and ITV did. http://www.scorpionsrl.com/article.php?id=2405 Not that long but there anyway. Watch and enjoy.
  14. Of course fans from South Wales have had to do that many times over the last few years but the reverse way around. And then as we're criticised for having low away support, perhaps that's one of the reasons why. If Magic Weekend finishes at 6pm which is possible and recommended, then if you're out of Cardiff by 7pm, you're back by midnight. No worries whatsoever. With South Wales Scorpions, we're normally back by 11 if taking the coach, some people after midnight... and that's once or twice a month. Perhaps fixtures should be as follows... Saturday 1pm - Game One 3pm - Game Two 5pm - Game Three 7pm - Game Four Sunday 12pm - Game Five 2pm - Game Six 4pm - Game Seven
  15. It's been a good week in Scorpion land. We've had people hand out a number of flyers in shops and other sporting events, plus we had BBC and S4C down last night filming for the news tonight. Watch out for us on BBC1 Wales - Sky Channel 101 (Wales) / 972 (others) - on the 6.30pm news. And S4C - Sky Channel 104 (Wales) / 135 (others) - on the 7.30pm news. Boots N All are also coming down to film for next Wednesday's show. Just about all of the previews are now online at http://www.scorpionsrl.com/news.php. It's the first nine articles really but I've got one or two more that I could write. If you're in the area, please try and get down to the game that kicks off at 1pm. Before that at 11am is the Welsh Under 13 Grand Final between Neath Port Talbot Steelers and Bridgend Blue Bulls. http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?hl=en&q=...mp;t=h&z=15
  16. Just about. Galles - Wales - old Saxon words for foreigners. Cymru originally meant compatriots and it's where the county name of Cumbria originates from. Saes = Saxons for the record.
  17. Hi Rob. I can't see it moving from Sundays mate as Neath RFC, Neath FC and Neath CC all have preference for Saturdays.
  18. Scorpions season tickets for 2011 now on sale - http://www.scorpionsrl.com/article.php?id=2339 Fans are being given a chance to win their ticket by paying before midday on Sunday. Sunday sees the biggest rugby league game at The Gnoll this season. South Wales Scorpions need just a bonus point to put us into the play-offs in the very first season. We're playing York City Knights with a 1pm kick-off. There will be entertainment for the whole family including bouncy castle, face painting, Army Tank too I think. Come on down.
  19. To be fair, Saturday's game was covered on the evening news on the BBC, don't know about yesterday's. The BBC gives lip service to rugby league and we desperately need to find new terrestrial broadcasters. Channel 4 or 5 have been good for cricket, I think they'll be good for League given a chance.
  20. This wasn't on air but when during a break on the Real Radio phone in on Wednesday, he said to the presenter that he didn't want to talk about rugby union, he wanted to talk rugby league. He also said he wanted the questioning to go towards talking about the development of junior RL in Wales. He's committed.
  21. On now - http://www.realradiowales.co.uk/player/listen-live/h48fjksz/
  22. http://www.realradiowales.co.uk/player/listen-live/h48fjksz/
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