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  1. Ouch! Canberra is an awesome place to live. Many live theatre options. A thriving poetry scene. The major opera companies come here. National folk festival, National Gallery, National library, kayaking, mountain biking, wonderful restaurants, large university student population, highest average income, highest education levels etc etc. Every weekend I’m drowning in options. So many I’m usually up at 4:30am to make the most of the day. My favourite is the wilderness area on the side of Canberra that links to other National Parks that has a cumulative area roughly similar to the size of Wales. Almost pure untouched wilderness across the whole area. It’s brilliant if you love the outdoors. Last weekend I was walking in a remote location and a pack of howling dingoes not far away scared the bejesus out of me.. all good though.
  2. No way. That’s a really unusual view. I’ve lived in the US and have married an English woman and have spent a bit of time in England. Australians are like cousins to the English, Americans are a very distant relative. For many Australians, one way for us to realise how similar we are to the Brits is if we’re in a room with a Brit and then an American then joins in.
  3. We might not be able to leave Australia freely until next year
  4. When i visited England I went up north and to the capital. If i had to choose a place to actually live i'd pick up north every single time.
  5. It’s all context. I’ve been called “Australian [insert insult]” in the UK. Most of it is just vulgar banter which I’m fine with..... but it’s very clear when someone has genuine malicious intent. I’m still not that fussed but if it came from someone with power over people like me either currently or historically I’d be angry. but that’s more bigotry and not racism.
  6. Faggots Scotch egg chips and curry sauce I’ve never seen these in Australia.
  7. For Canberra to play in Sydney it’s a minimum of 3 hours sitting still on a bus for a professional athlete. We’d be at an advantage if we didn’t have to go to Sydney all the time. Flying elsewhere will keep us fresh for the game.
  8. It’s 3 to 4 hours travel time on a bus from Canberra to the stadium in Sydney. It’s around 1 hour travel time on a plane to Brisbane, Gold Coast or Melbourne. The players are generally always more refreshed when they travel from Canberra by plane as they aren’t sitting in a small seat for hours on end.
  9. Interesting https://www.news.com.au/sport/nrl/secret-dossier-reveals-bombshell-nrl-conference-system-revolution/news-story/a613270973716ffb8a4c8702d3d94633 The two conference system would include a Sydney-based conference and a conference made up of the teams outside Sydney. The proposal includes the nine clubs in each conference playing each other twice, and playing the clubs in the other conference once — expanding the season to a 25-game home-and-away competition. It will also result in an overhaul of the finals system with the proposal outlining plans to have the best four teams from each conference qualify for the finals. The two conferences would then have separate finals systems before the best club from each conference clash for the NRL Grand Final. It comes after the NRL last year flirted with the idea of breaking the competition into two conferences as part of the plan to re-start the season following the COVID-19 season shutdown. The NRL in 2019 also investigated a proposal to expand the finals system with a wildcard weekend that would see teams from 7th to 10th play off for a chance to secure a spot in the top eight. The proposal was designed to eliminate the number of games played that had no impact on the make-up of the finals. How the NRL conferences would look Sydney conference: Roosters, Rabbitohs, Eels, Bulldogs, Tigers, Panthers, Dragons, Sharks, Sea Eagles Expansion conference: Broncos, Titans, Cowboys, Storm, Warriors, Knights, Raiders, second Brisbane franchise, second New Zealand franchise How the season would work The nine teams from each conference play each other twice (16 games) and each team from the other conference once (nine games) How the finals system would work Each conference would have a top four group of teams that qualify for the finals. The finals would then unfold as separate competitions in an elimination format that would begin with 1vs4 and 2vs3. The winners of each conference would then play for the NRL grand final.
  10. I rewatched Se7en over the weekend. It hasn’t aged at all. It’s still a fantastic movie with great pacing.
  11. I’m down 9kg since January. Pretty happy about that!
  12. I suspect quite a few players won’t even know all the rules. I guess we all start at the beginning when we do something new and they’ll learn eventually.
  13. It would have worked. The moguls will be back eventually.
  14. It’s a variation of the US sports league culture in a European environment. Quite the culture clash. If the English clubs are banned from the EPL, I can see the TV rights value plummeting and the remaining clubs making less money. TV companies may also sue if the most watched teams are banned from playing in their current competitions.
  15. Surprise surprise, the establishment hates competition. In the end the money will win.
  16. I was planning to travel to the UK to attend this WC. Unfortunately, the pandemic has ruined all of my plans.
  17. It’s been like A Weekend at Bernie’s for a year now. I guess at some point they had to announce it. More seriously.. I really don’t know how his family deal with it being across all the media. Constant reminders everywhere. The Royal family, for all their faults, still experience the same emotions as the rest of us. While many of them have a comfortable life of privilege, they never get a break to feel how it is to be human without outsiders meddling. The most personal of private moments and they still feel obliged to do their “duty” publicly. The whole system strips them of their humanity in the only life they will live. Sadly, I think the whole Royal thing meant he probably wasted the only life he had. Denied so many normal human experiences that the rest of us go through. I wonder though if he knew that. It’s all very sad. He was very much of his era.
  18. If Americans just see all forms as just “rugby”, I wonder if potential investors see it as an easier to understand rugby with a smaller (read: less expensive) playing roster?
  19. According to the Australian media Colin Kleyweg Red Star Belgrade Australia holds 5% of Sports Flick. So there must be others with, hopefully, substantial business savvy involved.
  20. And of course Sports Flicks is heavily connected to Serbian RL. Red Star Belgrade Rugby League Pty Ltd (Australia) is a shareholder and is owned by Colin Kleyweg who is Sports Flick’s commercial director.
  21. 127,000 UK deaths and people still carry on like this.. 909 deaths here in Australia - and we don't pander to any of this stupidity that increases risk.
  22. If this is what tech may be able to do now, then even just 10 years from now the tech will be even more amazing and prevalent.
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