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  1. Wigan were quite happy to take KPP from London's academy, so can't have too many complaints about Newcastle taking him from them. I have a feeling he'll do very well out there. He's talented, obviously, but he also wants to learn and improve and is not afraid to move away from home to do so. Of course, there could be a lot more like him in the game, if RL was serious about developing in London...
  2. The Cup is slightly different, granted, given its history although I'm pretty sure it was mainly northerners making the trip down and very few locals going to watch. I'd say the final itself, along with GB games at Wembley, really took off during his tenure - by which I mean it was a much bigger deal in London itself. The games were well promoted, they had the feel of a big day that Londoners wanted to be a part of. I started watching on TV around that time, and went to those Wembley games without knowing there was a small semi-pro team playing in London and had been for over a decade at that point. Lindsay was a very prominent face of the game in those days - alongside some players who were genuine household names. That's why I say that the "golden era" RL fans often hark back to centres around that period of time.
  3. When RL fans talk wistfully of the "good old days" of big international games and challenge cup finals played in front of packed stadiums, with detailed and dedicated TV and newspaper coverage, closely fought contests that gripped the imagination, and a sense that GB might might even win an Ashes series - they're actually looking back at Maurice Lindsay's time in charge of the RFL. Prior to his taking over those things didn't exist, or certainly not consistently, and they've since been allowed to drift away through neglect and disinterest. It was his enthusiasm, risk-taking, ability to get people on-board and desire to promote the sport of RL to every household in the country that saw those days come to fruition. He also recognised, as part of the above, the desirability of having a successful RL club in our capital city and he tried hard to bring that about. He never got the credit he deserved for his work. RIP
  4. No, you just enjoy roaming Internet forums endlessly promoting madcap schemes that benefit the football team you support but that people with more experience and - get this! - a RL team they actually support, tell you will destroy said rugby league club. You've gone a bit quiet on the London Broncos threads, eh Chief?
  5. From 1994 until 2021 I was a supporter of London Broncos. There's literally nothing you can tell me about that club that I don't already know.
  6. Hahahahahahaha! What a club! I've never seen or heard of any professional sport clubs run as badly as this one has been. The sooner it dies the better, for all concerned.
  7. Souths fanbase has spread right across Sydney over the past 40 years, reflecting the shift in demographics the city has seen. That's why the move west worked, alongside of course the upturn in the club's fortunes. That said, anecdotally I know fans in places like Maroubra who just don't like heading out west for games on a regular basis so pick and choose games, and they'll be delighted to see the club return closer to home. The key will be ensuring that fans from across the city can get to/from SFS - I believe that there are transport improvements taking place alongside the stadium redevelopment which will help that.
  8. Sure, but 80% of the population are subsistence farmers, so they won't be buying tickets or merchandise or anything else. The absolute priority for the PNGRFL, and the NRL for that matter, should be creating proper pathways from schoolboys through to academies to the NRL. Anything else is a pipe dream.
  9. Whenever the 2x10s idea rears its head, annually it seems, the first notion that pops into my mind is that it is yet another format designed to help the clubs that dominate the Championship yet are too small to compete in SL. It seems this is the number one question we've been considering ever since licensing was removed - how to comfort the 6-8 clubs in that category - and I don't think it has served us very well at all.
  10. They've ben given permission by the government to have some RL return. The normal domestic league won't be played this year but the Parish of Origin - a local rep fixture, ordinarily held annually - will be taking place in an extended format. I think 5 games in total. It's not ideal, obviously, but they've not had any RL for a couple of years now due to the pandemic, so let's be thankful for this. There are also some junior fixtures taking place. Hopefully, by 2023 the domestic season will return - and it will be on the back of the RLWC, which will include some local representation. Edited to add: it's good to see the women being included. Very early days for them, but small acorns etc.
  11. It's fairly common to see organisations do this these days, as if saying something out loud means you've addressed the problem and no follow-up work is required. But there's a bigger issue with the RFL, in that ever since Richard Lewis left there's been a deliberate policy of being almost completely hands off and allowing the clubs to operate with minimal direction from the governing body. "We can't force the clubs to do anything, they have to run themselves" is one of Ralph Rimmer's favourite soundbites. The truth is they just plain don't want to get involved. It's far easier, and safer for first Wood and now Rimmer, to steer clear and keep their heads down. That way, when things do wrong, they can't be blamed.
  12. Hmm. I was thinking along similar lines. I'm a very long way from Newcastle, and it's not my club, but Betts is one of those figures I've never really rated and yet he continues to find employment.
  13. Speaking of which, has anyone seen @Man of Kent recently?
  14. My first reaction too. Cant help but think it feels a little jarring to be celebrating the historic achievements of a black sportsman by releasing a black shirt. And then of course there's the use of England for this, which is the same nonsense we get when conflating GB/England teams.
  15. Wondered what had happened to him. He was announced as signing pro terms with London but then disappeared and was never mentioned again. It happens so often with the club that you end up just shrugging your shoulders. Good luck to him, yet another one off the conveyor belt that will disappear when the club finally turns up its toes.
  16. Go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over
  17. That was Alex. He's a good lad, very enthusiastic - a lot of RL fans around the country will have met him at games and on social media. He did a good job that day, very positive. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, it was a one-off.
  18. Some of us *cough* have been telling you guys for a long time now - this is a dead club.
  19. This sport's a joke. Let's just give up the pretence and only play games between teams who can get a public bus to one another.
  20. I'm a 4th generation QPR fan so, hands up, I'm wildly biased on this issue...but...I'm old enough to remember the National Front at Stamford Bridge, their fans attempting to 'take' the family stand at Loftus Rd, the awful way Ken Bates treated away fans, and a dozen other issues which the club and its flutters conveniently downplay/ignore (it's still the case that they hiss to imitate the sound of gas being released when they play Tottenham FFS!). And I've sat and watched for 20 years as a man everyone knew was connected to villainy (he went from a market trader financially reliant on his air hostess wife to a billionaire in just a handful of years!) use the wealth he had plundered to buy trophies, destabilise English football in a way we are still learning about and essentially invent sport washing. So, yes, I am going to laugh at this turn of events. And yes, I am going to say this club deserves it. As do the fans, both longstanding and newbies, who were happy to spend his blood money. I only hope the bloody club goes bust.
  21. I've spent the last hour laughing so hard my stomach actually hurts. If you find a few spare minutes over your lunchtime panini take a look at the Chelsea forums, they're hilarious. A fully-fledged meltdown taking place.
  22. Looks like a part-time gig so he has something to do. Might lead to other things in union, I guess, which would be a huge shame.
  23. Give over. The three cities you've mentioned can't even sustain a team in Elite 1.
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