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  1. Continually asserting that Sky are going to pay money for the second tier (whatever name you give it) just ignores 25 years of history. No-one, and I mean no-one, has ever paid for tier 2 RL broadcast rights. They're not worth a penny.
  2. If you played England v France at Brentford (brand new, 17K, pitch big enough for RL, huge French population in London, and London always buying into RL internationals) I think you'd sell it out, it would look good on TV, and everyone would have a great time. You'd have the issue of getting the French to be consistently competitive, but at some point we have to bite the bullet on that one and just get the games on. We could do things on our end like picking an experimental squad, younger players ("We're giving the senior guys a rest after a long season"), leaving the NRL-based guys out of it, that sort of thing. And the thing is if we do that when playing outside of the heartlands the locals won't really be too aware or even concerned by it.
  3. No-one has never paid a penny for the broadcast rights for tier 2 RL going right the way back to the old Northern Ford Premiership reverting to a winter season in the late 90s. They were ignored for years, then Sky took them at a cost basis, followed by Premier Sports, then back to Sky again. They're worthless, always have been always will be. Honestly, the broadcast rights for our flagship competition have just fallen by 25% so why anybody in their right mind thinks tier 2 RL is worth anything is beyond me.
  4. So, essentially the proposal is that to deal with the reduced TV income the money (not to mention players, sponsors, investors, etc) we do generate will be spread around 20 teams instead of 12? And that's supposed to be an intelligent use of greatly reduced resources?
  5. £10m of it was for the 'Funded By' programme which has put money into facilities and equipment for community clubs. Most if not all of that has already been spent.
  6. The problem with inviting Serbia is that they would be completely reliant on the dozen or so dual nationals to be competitive. Without them, and I don't say this to knock Serbia who I have a lot of admiration for, they would really struggle. They struggled in the qualifiers to be fair. The only way you could do it is if they were guaranteed to have the dual nationals available.
  7. Absolutely. France is more important than ever.
  8. There's nothing the players can do about this, even though the majority would clearly love to play in this tournament. It's out of their hands. The NRL made the announcement, they and their compliant media are now stifling discussion of it, and no doubt behind the scenes placing lots of pressure on the pacific nations to pull out - which I am fairly sure at least one of them will do in the next few days. Then the others will follow - because what's the point of continuing - and it'll be game over. What comes after that is anybody's guess.
  9. I see the pig ignorant Phil Gould is now claiming that the rise of Tonga is down to the NRL. Funny that, I thought it was Jason Taumalolo choosing to represent them and a dozen talented youngsters following him. Getting angrier by the day here.
  10. I'm afraid there's definitely more chance of the tournament being postponed than of it taking place. The NRL and its member clubs are just going to put so much pressure on the pacific nations that one of them will crack and pull out. At that point continuing becomes untenable. There is apparently a meeting of the Asia Pacific RL next week, to decide on a position to take, but I think it'll all be stitched up before then. In the unlikely event that it goes ahead, I certainly see the appeal in having Indigenous and Maori teams taking part. They'd be very competitive teams, it would have a real 'f you' to the NRL feel to it and I think the optics would be quite good, it's certainly a story to sell to the media. That said, logistically I'm not sure how you'd do it - who would even pick the squads, coaches, etc? There's a Maori RL but they're affiliated to NZRL so would be pressured not to take part, but I don't think there's a comparable body for Indigenous RL. The safest bet would be to invite the USA and Serbia (as next best losers in qualifying) to take part. Like I say, in the unlikely event it takes place at all.
  11. The RLPA gets its funding from the NRL, so I wouldn't hold my breath for too much from them. A bit of lip service re supporting the event and perhaps not getting in the way of players who do want to travel over is the best we'll get.
  12. Phil Gould is possibly the biggest grifter in rugby league. And there's no shortage of competition.
  13. Yes, just the Broncos. Sunday 11th September 1994 (I've just looked it up!) was my very first London Broncos game. Versus Keighley Cougars, at Hendon FCs old Claremont Rd ground. There were some seasons where I saw very few games because of work and what have you, but to all intents and purposes I've been a fan for 27 years. But I'm done now. They don't deserve anyone's support. It's just one thing after another and I've had enough. I am and always will be a rugby league fan. How that evidences itself in future I have no idea, probably just internationals I guess.
  14. 99.99% of Londoners don't know the club exists, or if they do don't know where they play. Of the people who do know, most of them have had enough and walked away.
  15. He's consistently good as a pundit, much better than any of the English ones. I think people overlook his credentials because he had a bit of a mixed record as a coach, but the DFB is perhaps the most impressive governing body in the sport (their coach development programme is second to none) and you don't get to coach Germany if you can't do the job. He's also spent a lot of time working in TV, including in America, so knows how to get his points across.
  16. It was interesting to me that the only one of the BBC's highly paid pundits who noticed what had happened halfway through the first half was Jurgen Klinsmann. At half-time he said Italy's best tactic was to continue to overload the wide areas, which is exactly what they did. It was a passing comment and no-one else picked up on it. What Italy did was force our wing backs (Shaw and Trippier) to play deeper, and as a result our two forward support men (Mount and Sterling) had to move to sit alongside the central midfielders. Essentially changing our 3-4-3 formation into a 5-3-1. That gave them the time and space to play the ball in front of us from about minute 20-70, hemming us in, running our legs down and completely changing the nature of the game. It also meant Kane was completely isolated (as well as, frankly, looking completely shagged) and we had no way of relieving the pressure. It was just constant. Southgate, as a cautious man and coach, delayed making any changes because he hoped we could see it out. But you can't give a team like Italy that much ball, territory and time like that. The changes Southgate eventually made did actually work, in that it re-set the game and allowed us to play further forward. Unfortunately it was too late by then, we'd conceded and Italy didn't give us a sniff. I also didn't like the last minute substitutions. Fair enough if you think those guys are our best penalty takers, but 60 seconds at the end of the game isn't enough to find your feet and get up to speed. Penalties are always pot luck, there's no hiding that. That's just one game though. I think Southgate and the whole squad have been excellent throughout the tournament. Hopefully, they will all learn a lesson form the final. If they do, this group has serious potential.
  17. Fans of lots of countries boo during the anthems, it's not every game but it happens enough that it's not a surprise to hear it. Some people just want a stick to beat England with. That said, I've always found it distasteful (although, hypocrite that I am, I've certainly said much worse at QPR-Chelsea games). There have been a couple of terrible articles written this past week by Americans re Three Lions, England's performances and England in general. They really don't understand anything outside of their own worldview which, despite the world becoming a smaller place, is growing more and more jaundiced.
  18. Clarks are a big deal in Jamaica. This will get noticed over there.
  19. QoS was produced by BBC Sport until they dumped it to use the money elsewhere and BBC Light Entertainment took it over. Presumably it was seen as a nice, easy show to produce with a ready-built audience that they could continue to run without any real work necessary. That was when I worked there, which is too many years ago now to recall exactly when it happened. Haven't watched it since Emlyn Hughes was a captain.
  20. It was as much of a foul as the challenge leading to the Danish free kick. In the main there are two types getting vexed about the penalty: those who only usually watch football during the big tournaments, and those who don't ever want to see England succeed at anything. I can, for the most part, comfortably ignore both groups. The latter group does include some English people, unfortunately. I saw one dude on twitter comparing an England victory this Sunday to the 1936 Berlin olympics.
  21. This would be brilliant. Imagine a month travelling around France watching the RLWC, the food, the red wine...! It could also be a great opportunity to refurbish RL facilities across France. Carcassonne and Avignon could have cracking SL-standard stadia, and they are important areas for us to push forward on the back of Catalans and Toulouse. Plus improved facilities elsewhere which could be used as training bases during the RLWC and help the local clubs afterwards. I think you would also see the French government (national and local) investing in the sport in the intervening years so as to be able to put good teams on the pitch. It could really be the next step in pushing the French game onwards.
  22. It's not uncommon for clubs to budget for wildly increased attendances at new grounds. Coventry City sold a perfectly fine stadium in the centre of the city to move to a rented stadium outside the city where they needed 22,000 average just to break even. And everything went wrong from there on out.
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