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  1. Tuesday Morning: these clubs need to be severely punished, the owners driven from the game, TV revenue needs to be more fairly distributed, football's entire governance needs radical reform, fans must be given a say in running clubs, the government must get involved... Tuesday Evening: It's all good! Nothing to worry about chaps. City and Chelsea have saved football...
  2. There's clearly a difference between a sport where 40 clubs are capable of genuinely competing at the highest level, and one where, if we're honest, there are at best 6.
  3. I keep forgetting. Too busy imagining the 3,000 AFCW fans that will be cheering the Broncos to victory every week.
  4. You've got some nerve, given your behaviour on the Broncos thread
  5. Just an update on the much discussed London Broncos website: it's now down for a couple of weeks for maintenance.
  6. Last season's grand final coverage from Ch9 was embarrassing. Warren missing things in front of him and Gould just flat out lying about the game because his beloved Panthers were getting dry humped in front of millions of people.
  7. That's not right. Toulouse and Catalans are not members of the RFL so are not required to play in the Challenge Cup. Catalans choose to, as guests, Toulouse do not.
  8. I get that there's a discrepancy here, with London being the only team expected to travel to Toulouse, and yes it's unfair, but...you can't simply refuse to play a game. The RFL has no choice but to award the victory to Toulouse. The fact that SL did not do the same last year when Leeds and Sts refused to travel to Catalans really just speaks to that organisation's weakness. The bigger question is how on earth Toulouse are expected to reach the 70% threshold. It's going to ugly as hell if they win their away games but are denied promotion because no English teams could be bothered to travel.
  9. The issue there is that it's used by the New York MLR team. Having two codes of rugby playing there would be extremely problematic in terms of establishing the Kings and RL.
  10. Let's not get too carried away here. The only way I could ever see this happening is if it was a very small venue (ie a couple of thousand) in conjunction with a college/high school, and even that would be very difficult. Anything beyond that would be so problematic, not to mention expensive, as to make building a stadium in London look simple.
  11. Well it's an artificial pitch in the middle of a public park. There is a pedestrian path surrounding it, how dangerous that makes it I'm not sure. I stumbled upon the pitch, and the Kings, a few years back when I was walking past on my way to Smorgasburg (that's how hip I am...)
  12. Has anyone heard where in Brooklyn they'll be playing? The Kings usually play at Bushwick Inlet Park, which is in a very hipsterish part of town but has no spectator facilities.
  13. Oh look, an AFC Wimbledon fan doing his best to make the Broncos feel like a welcome addition to Plough Lane rather than a money making scheme for the debt-ridden football club he supports.
  14. No, it's not that at all. MoK will always be welcome to attend games, Broncos fans are a friendly bunch. The issue is the way he's been behaving on this thread, belittling long-standing fans and mocking their views, and then finally admitting he has barely a passing interest in the club.
  15. something about opportunity and...new stadium and...tumbleweed
  16. I knew he was, first and foremost, an AFCW fan but more fool me for thinking he was, at least nominally, also a Broncos fan. Turns out he might, at best, pop along to a couple of games a year. If he's got absolutely nothing else going on that day.
  17. Wait a cotton picking minute! The poster who has spent the past 3 months running around this forum, and others, pumping the tyres on this ridiculous move to Plough Lane, has openly admitted his support for this move is based on his football club needing the money, mocks the opinions of fans who have 25/30/40 years history with the Broncos, and slavishly regurgitates the nonsense being spewed by the Broncos' commercial manager into the ear of David Hughes and the Dons Trust......isn't even a ###### Broncos fan? You can get stuffed pal!
  18. Rugby League talent. There are big school and club competitions in Fiji, and rapidly growing comps for women and girls. There will be some players signing from union, but the vast majority of Silktails players will have grown up playing tgg.
  19. God knows how this is going to play out, but the announcement is beyond anything any of us was expecting. Anyone attempting to predict the success/failure of this is BS-ing.
  20. Well obviously, they're desperate for a guaranteed £200,000 a year for next to no work and need the members to sign off on it. Doesn't change anything as far as the Broncos are concerned, it's still a bad idea.
  21. The Broncos have about 250 season ticket holders, and average around 900 in the Championship, so this would mean finding over 2,000 new fans. The club will claim they have a plan to attract newcomers, which is fair but unproven, but we know we always lose existing fans when we move. Given that AFCW average about 4,300 you're talking about 50% of AFCWs fanbase becoming regulars at Broncos games. That would be unprecedented in any move the club has ever made. As for averaging 6,000 in SL, well, we've never averaged that in our 40-year existence.
  22. Sure. They're the biggest of the small clubs, but not quite the smallest of the big clubs. You mentioned David Hughes earlier, and I hadn't spotted the similarity before but it feels right. It always seems as if there is scope for genuine and sustainable progression but Giants never seem to quite get there, always the wrong choice at a key moment.
  23. I think the general view of Huddersfield is impacted by them playing in such a big stadium. If they had a 10K ground of similar age/facilities to the John Smith's, and everything else remained the same, it would pretty drastically alter the image we all have of them.
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