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  1. Saw this photo from the Bolton food and drink festival over the weekend. Don't know if this is run by the rlwc team or is part of the bids put in by the host venues but great to see they're spreading the word in the local community over 2 years out from the event. Hopefully we'll see more of this kind of thing across the host venue towns and cities in the coming months.
  2. So what did you mean? Niels suggested flying in got more publicity than Skype would have, your post "absolutely" suggested you agreed. A major point of the protests was publicity so it seems she achieved what she set out to do so I assumed you thought she made the right choice.
  3. So you agree her flying there was the right thing to do, given that the whole purpose of the protests was to get publicity?
  4. It really isn't that simple at all, there is nothing simple about this. We're currently using 1.7 earths worth of resources every year, so in order to have balance and use 1 years worth of resource every year we need to reduce resource use by 40%, which if your suggesting population is the issue means a population reduction of 40%. Let's say you manage to persuade everyone to stop making babies straight away, with death rates of 50m per year that means it'll be 60 years until were back to an equilibrium! I'm not saying population growth isn't an issue, it's just one of a number of very complicated factors. Capitalism has been a hugely beneficial way of increasing living standards and development around the world, but in doing so has consumed and destroyed more the the finite planet can cope with. We (as in everybody, myself included I'm not finger pointing and blaming others) need to work together to (quickly) adapt our systems to consume far less and live sustainably. The XR protests seem to be pointing that out, to raise awareness in the general population and to pressure governments to accept the issue and start acting. No individual actions from Emma Thompson or anyone else is going to sort this out, it needs to be a systemic change accepted and supported by all. There is nothing to be achieved by calling the protesters hypocritical, that's simply shooting the messenger.
  5. I have mixed feelings about this. The boycott movement against South Africa was clearly effective and there are many similarities to the way Israel is behaving in the Occupied Palestinian Territories to that apartheid era. It brings an awareness to the issues and Israel's strong response to it shows they see the boycott as a real threat. There are many people who support the boycott movement who genuinely do so to help support the human rights of the Palestinian, not because they are anti-Israels existence. There are however of course others who are anti Israel for other, unacceptable, reasons and are just using the boycott movement as a way to support those ideas. Without knowing the detail behind the people in this particular case it's hard to know what their motivations were.
  6. Anybody know if the nrl grand final is on freesports? Not showing on my program guide at the moment.
  7. Cowboys v broncos on now. Anyone know where I can find listings for what's else is on tonight / this weekend?
  8. What relevance does her sexuality have? That comes across as a homophobic comment to me, would you like to clarify? I also don't see the relevance of her partners profession.
  9. I have wondered the same thing myself. One possible problem of your proposal could be if the team "winning" the toss was known weeks before the game this could give the ground staff the chance to prepare a pitch which would be to the advantageous to the home team. Another alternative would be having the toss before each game, as now, but have a rule that a team can only win a certain numbers of tosses in a series e.g. 3 in a 5 match series.
  10. Best sport in the world no question! What a second half, Broncos defence looked sold until the final second. Pleased for JT, great player.
  11. No better sound in rugby league than the south stand moaning about forward passes!
  12. I also don't care what other sports do. I, as a rugby league supporter am happy that we as a sport allow players to play for the countries they choose to represent.
  13. Maybe he felt more Irish because both his parents were Irish. If you watch his interview on Skys super leagues supermen it is clear to see he was proud to represent the country of his parents.
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