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  1. I am missing something here as to how this is a player welfare issue? No players are going to be playing extra games because of this. I'd love for us to have a stand alone international weekend but the current situation means we already have a shortend season so clearing a weekend of superleague fixtures would surely just mean extra midweek games, creating a potential player welfare issue. Do you have an alternative suggestion as to how England can get a run out in this (hopefully) World Cup year?
  2. In a situation where the ball is on the floor, then a player hits it with their hand and the ball bounces away. In goal it's a clear try, the rest of the field it's a knock on. So we need to have different rules for in / out of goal. As for the decision, for me, there probably was separation but the image wasn't clear enough to show it so refs made the right call under the current laws but I'd rather we changed the laws so it wouldn't be.
  3. The updated rules from September on deciding the final table by percentage points seems to cover the plan for the rest of the season. https://www.rugby-league.com/article/57071/-betfred-super-league--competition-update Although I can't see it specifically stated anywhere it that implies that the playoffs and GF are now fixed and sets out when extra games can be made up. Only this weekend and Nov 1/2 for making up missed fixtures. Finding out what fixtures are to be played isn't so easy. Of the 3 teams who've only played 12 looks like Leeds are going fulfil all there games
  4. Saw this photo from the Bolton food and drink festival over the weekend. Don't know if this is run by the rlwc team or is part of the bids put in by the host venues but great to see they're spreading the word in the local community over 2 years out from the event. Hopefully we'll see more of this kind of thing across the host venue towns and cities in the coming months.
  5. I also don't care what other sports do. I, as a rugby league supporter am happy that we as a sport allow players to play for the countries they choose to represent.
  6. Maybe he felt more Irish because both his parents were Irish. If you watch his interview on Skys super leagues supermen it is clear to see he was proud to represent the country of his parents.
  7. And who exactly would him and his musket be defending them from? If a person is born in New Zealand, has parents / grandparents from Samoa and ends up living and playing in England it is entirely believable that they could have a desire to represent any of the countries. Having been born in England to English parents the only country i would have a desire to play for would be England, but that doesn't mean i want to stop others representing the nations they feel a connection to.
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