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  1. what do fans think of this new idea of telling us how far it is to the try line.I find it distracting i am ending up putting a book where it comes on.Surely we all know more or less how far they have run.Another one of Clarkeys or is it Skys we have enough with the station logo the scoreboard thats fine then there is all the other stats near the scoreboard.Wells & Carney are fine but on screen tidbits like the yardage one i can do without. I hope it does not continue next season or tha book will be out for ever.People who have not watched RL if they turn on to a match what are they thinking the target is.
  2. as i posted on my post as Donny Saint i would imagine it would be hard to get photo's of them lorries as they would be going at speed as well as you/us in our vehicles.I was front passenger in our car near Ferrybridge.I think the only way to spot one of them lorries would be the rear view of one on the move. On the way to the M62 but it was the normal livery but that took some doing.I think we need to be in an service area to spot the odd one on spec.As said i saw two on the M62 Liverpool/Manchester section Eorl Crabtree & Stephen Wilde on the side never saw the back of course.No way could anyone photo them.
  3. saw two Stobart trucks on the Liverpool/Manchester section of the M62 4-2-2012.One was Eorl Crabtree the other one was a Salford player did not recognise him tho.I was front seat passenger.Even so it would be difficult to take photos as they/we pass at speed but Crabtree was one.
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