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  1. On ‎20‎/‎11‎/‎2019 at 08:29, Bedfordshire Bronco said:

    Apart from. Million pound game I've never seen us 'win' sonething

    Having spoken to a lot of other Broncos supporters we'd love some silverware and something to cheer

    I stayed on at Wembley after the CC and Sheffield fans will remember there day there forever 

    I for one don't give a toss about the AB Sundeck sponsored hub cap trophy.

    The only trophy I want to see in 2020 is the one given to the team promoted to SL

  2. It isn't really a one size fits all thing, as some clubs don't pay out the salary cap ….. for Toronto, an increased salary cap and ability to recruit the best players is a driver, whereas for a London, I would argue their priority would be 'hands off' rules for their academy products and ability to pay them outside the cap and some recognition of London weighting.

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  3. 2 hours ago, The Future is League said:

    ….. as they can't attract quality players from up here and they don't appear to be able to attract many overseas players?



    I think this is a gross assumption on your behalf. It is conceivable that Wardy has taken the position of standing by the players who won the MPG and more importantly having faith in their ability to compete.


    Bear in mind (and I stand to be corrected) we only recruited Abdull, Yates, Fozzard, Smith, Mason and Richards (and more latterly Krasniqi and Lamb) …… all of them northern and one Aussie. We offloaded Spencer and Evans and few fringe players and then Sammut darted.


    I think we've done rather well all things considered. I think these wholesale changes were inevitable and I wouldn't be surprised if a few others haven't been offered a contract for next year or at best a reserve grade contract.



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  4. 11 hours ago, Oliver Clothesoff said:

    Probably best for London to go down and regroup again, now. I say that having read that Williams and Kear are off to Salford and with them two key players going along with Abdull and Walker (and I’m sure someone else) and with Battye having his suitors, how are any club supposed to recover from losing 4-5 key players like that so late in a year and expected to compete the following year? 

    I suppose it’s one of the big reasons why I don’t like P&R really. 

    I think this is one of the problems with the current system. It leave clubs like us vulnerable at point in the year.

    That said I want us to stay up, regardless.

    If rumours are true Yates and Williams off to Salford along with Kear. Given their depth in backs, I am puzzled what Williams and Kear will add.

    Walker and possibly Pitts to Wakefield and Abdull to KR. Then again, if either of these clubs are relegated, I assume all bets are off ?

    Williams, Kear, Pitts and Walker have given the Broncos OUTSTANDING service over the last few years. Abdull and Yates have been sensational this year. I am certain they will give their all to keep us in the SL.

    Our recruitment has started. Several players committing for 2 more years and add to that Aston and Egodu so I am sure Wardy has all paths covered.

    Hopefully a good game on Sunday.



  5. 1992 GB v Australia, Carlton Park, Melbourne (amazing game but the support was bonkers)

    1999 Broncos v Cas, CC semi (one word, Steele)

    2007 St Albans v Coventry, Harry Jepson Final (reward for a lot of hard work)

    2013 England v NZ, WC semi (great game, result aside and son was mascot walking out with Super Bennie 1)

    2019 Broncos v Saints part 1 (drop goal, felt like doing an Erica Roe)

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  6. 14 minutes ago, Oliver Clothesoff said:

    Strange comment about the referee. I didn’t get that impression nor did I think he was particularly weighted to London. He appeared inexperienced but not necessarily biased towards anyone. 

    LMS is a clown. He can do good stuff but let’s him down with idiocy like getting sin binned. 

    I give you the shortest 10 ever, BUT we won and thats enough for me

  7. 15 hours ago, IM2 said:

    U20s played mostly 17 year olds and drew away at West London, U13s played & minis had first session as well. 16s we won the comp only losing one game last year. This years it's harder as many staying away until after GCSEs. Personally think it should be U15s and 17s to avoid exams. Think our 16s will struggle for a few more weeks but bodies starting to come back

    Strength of our juniors is pretty much evidenced by a good chunk in our first team squad, Broncos 1st team/19s/16s, other SL & Championship teams. Pretty proud of all that tbh. don't think there are many pro clubs doing that.

    Not having a pop IM as I know hard it is and how hard you guys work, but to take the strength of a clubs juniors based on the spin of a web site  ..... going 16s and not 15s and 17s is a short sighted by the LJL Board. But lets be honest you aren't the only club to be struggling for juniors in London as the 50-0 and 24-0 will testify. 

  8. 33 minutes ago, EssexRL said:

    Details on the website (Community section) - http://www.skolarsrl.com/

     I suggest you take what the website says with a pinch of salt. Your teams under 16 turned up to Saint Albans at the weekend with seven players having already defaulted one game and won by default in another. I know everybody is trying hard in London junior league but let’s get the facts straight. 

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