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  1. Well ...... it looks like Sammut and Api have left and Harrison retired, so that leaves Marky. But seasoned internationals could include Kear, Williams and Hellewell
  2. BRONCOS.LONDON is renowned for exaggeration, so for International Superstar, read Ireland's Kyle Amor or similar.
  3. You are so right, but some folk just need an excuse not to attend games.
  4. No response is poor but an obtuse way to get a direct answer .... are you on Facebook and on the LB away page https://www.facebook.com/groups/335716526623798/ ? Neil Reynolds deals with such questions directly on there, not that question yet, but give it time.
  5. Last season we did hugely well, bearing in mind that with a third of the season still to go, we were playing players in all sorts of random, out of positions, Cunno at half back, Pitts at stand off and Davis at hooker to name just a few, but highlighting an already known issue, lack of depth in key positions. We have never really had a traditional centre as we have had fill ins like Kear and to a lesser degree Hellewell (we signed Fleming from Leigh but he turned into the invisible man). So a new centre would be key, Morgan, don’t know how good he is, MCB, London lad could do a job or maybe Turner from Hudds, rumoured to be on the outer. Half backs is my biggest concern. Sammut, classy but inconsistent, and then Pewharangi (injury prone) and young Meadows. Hardly strikes fear into the opposition. This is the area where cash needs to be spent. We definitely need some big truckers in the front row. Spencer and Evans give stability but not the impact. We need a couple of quality buys here.
  6. That would take some form of leadership and vision, and a willingness of all parties. There is no indication that there is a leader out there.
  7. St Albans and North Herts Crusaders suggests there is a presence in Herts in addition to Hemel
  8. You need to be aware of it to be bothered. So, I am involved at St Albans, I am a season ticket holder at Broncos, I have every reason to make it work and yet had no idea this was a possibility. If the focus is on the likes of Chargers with no junior section but a healthy, social open age then fair enough. Frankly that is so wrong. Back in the day we had Garside and Lovegrove come up and run a session in St Albans. Top blokes, top session, but no 'sell' of the Broncos product. Broncos need to sharpen up their act. Use a network in the community game and speak to them / get ideas / plan, its no use relying on Rob Powell turning up to the monthly London JL Board meetings as a demonstration of being proactive. Nothing could be further from the truth.
  9. That is both interesting and new to me !! Out of interest, which club were engaged and at what age groups ? And was it well received by those involved ?
  10. Absolutely, but don't forget the community game completely. Towards the end of the season Brixton Bulls had loads of minis along to games and seemed really engaged. Whether that results in bums on seats when Brixton aren’t organising, who knows. Similarly St Albans u14s played pre games on pitch 2, versus Bromley (second successive year) and Eastern Rhinos. Again, did it subsequently result in bums on seats, not sure. Did it raise awareness of Broncos to a new audience, yes. Did the Broncos maximise the opportunity to sell themselves, definitely not. The mere fact that a child is playing rugby league, suggests they’re at the very least aware of the game, which is a starting point. If Broncos feel there is mileage in developing that embryo, then look at an acceptable radius and crack on. I have always believed that Broncos need to kick off an associate community club, say Ealing Excitement or whatever and get involved in the London League and inevitably that will mean more kids and parents aware of the Broncos and as part of the London League format, have community clubs visit, increasing exposure. This would contribute to slow organic growth.
  11. I think the point remains that players and parents from both clubs are from a union background, likely to play union for school on Saturday and club on Sunday, probably follow Saracens and have no real affiliation with rugby league other than playing it in their union off season.
  12. The RFL and Super League appear to believe it is good enough and that's all that matters. As highlighted above, why should we look elsewhere. We are settled, we are building up a community feel, roots are being planted. Every time Broncos are mentioned and then a suggestion we move games to football grounds, I laugh. The money it costs to play away would be better spent on refining and improving Trailfinders. When we start selling out the 4k at Trailfinders with 80% home fans, then worry about bigger grounds. Make Trailfinders a fortress. There may be an argument we take the only big selling game versus Wigan to a bigger ground, so how about something around the 10k mark like Saracens! No no no, we play in West London, end of. The location doesn't suit me, but I get on with it. Stating the blindingly obvious, London is a huge city and taking games here there and everywhere is pointless. Its proven so in the past. How may fans from the Brentford, Barnet, Charlton, etc eras still follow the club ?
  13. There is a place for quality in the squad, but who are going to buy into our culture. And remember back in the day, in amongst some of the detritus we signed, we did have the ability to sign the quality of Scott Hill, Mark McLinden, Tommy Leuluia, Jim Dymock, Jason Hetherington, Richie Barnett, Grant Young, Spud Carroll, John Timu, Craig Gower and (the best of the lot) Jamie Soward; and created stars out of Dennis Moran, Tony Mestrov, Peter Gill, Steele Retchless, Denny Solomona, Tils Vea and Tony Martin. Due diligence is required and unearthing some diamonds but marquee must be on the agenda. I think Mason CB would be a good addition; as far as I am aware he is on loan to Toronto. And there must be several players on the potential list with Leeds off loading and Toronto’s non promotion; possibly some Champ players wanting to go full time.
  14. And then you consider the 19 man squad London/South (2) - Channing, Meadows And those that weren't included/injured London/South (5/6) - Ogden, Adibiyi, Davis M (off to Warrington 2019), Davis S, Pearce-Paul (and Bienek who went off to Hull mid season) Australia (1) - Harrison (but he has been over here several years) New Zealand (1) - Pewharangi North (2) - Cunningham, Fleming
  15. No more crazy than playing a second row at outside half, effectively only Sammut a true half. Nulify him and we are finished. I talked to Api last week and whilst not 100% by my reckoning 60% likely to play.
  16. That will be resolved by Robert Elstone's autonomy and his marketing team, making SL a brand known country wide and once again something sexy to be involved in.
  17. How do you know this ? Or are you speculating ? My bet, they come down full strength looking for one scalp in the 8s, and they always run us close.
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