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  1. To be fair we are in the same boat in terms of youngsters - Davis, Walker, Sid, Everett, Keyes, Pointer, Gray, Wallace u20, the remainder bar Thackray and Henderson early/mid 20s We have done it tough this year losing significant and experienced players - Mathers, Slyney, Farrar, Naiquama, Thackray, Harrison - for large parts or all of the season, (not counting those wasters Foran, Cordoba and L Adamson who walked out/left at start of season), so missing squad numbers 1 3 6 8 10 13, that's a big impact. So the young blokes had to step up. Hopefully this will serve them well for 2016.
  2. Its a shame that the RFL didnt consider a venue closer to London save us making the umpteenth trek up the M1 and M6 this season - we might have filled two dug outs Must be hard supporting a team where away matches are with small villages on your district border ?
  3. The referee was woeful, agreed but please don’t detract from your excellent performance. You schooled us. Full time yes, but seasoned no. We needed cool heads in the halves but Seymour and Thackeray gave the kids a lesson. We needed aggression in the pack, but the young fellas are big in stature but not in maturity and Jackson et al showed them how it’s done. Can’t really comment on the sending off as I couldn’t see what happened, but Naiqama ‘high shot’, well we see them every week, and the result is the same, penalty. Not pretty, agreed, but correct decision. But there were other points that need to be addressed 1) our second try, forward pass J. I nearly pi$$ed myself 2) Macani brought down, there appeared to be no ‘held’, got up and ran on line at his mercy, only to be penalised 3) high shot on Macani at full pace (reference Naiqama) 4) the carry on with Kear was comical, Rams player prevented him getting the ball to take quick tap and then proceeded to drive him back into the fencing any wonder it ended in fisticuffs !!! Ok, a bit one eyed and I am sure you could list more Rams issues, but it led to a compelling if not scrappy game and the crowd got right into it. Fortunately David Hughes continues to back the club and I am sure he would have preferred the extra £300k income from top 4, but the reality is he has bank rolled the club now for too long and the fact we are already signing up players on two year deals, suggests we have a longer term plan (I hope !!!)
  4. Might be a way of saying he has significant family issues and these come before rugby. You have never made made any secret of your dislike for the man, but questioning his integrity is a damn low shot.
  5. Maybe this is the case in the 'heartlands' but not in somewhere like London where the Broncos can't attract any moderate to high profile northerners and do not have the quality of juniors coming through in sufficient numbers to fill that talent gap. They are snookered.
  6. Incorrect, the first was against us, the second against you evened things up.
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