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  1. Womens rugby league spearheading the growth of the game internationally is a talking point in some circles. If this is to happen, what would need to be the drivers behind it ?
  2. https://www.nswrl.com.au/news/2022/05/13/nswrl-tv-preview--country-v-city/ In case anyone was interested. Could be a player or two that spark the interest of northern hemisphere clubs. Be good if Queensland had the same
  3. https://everythingrugbyleague.com/european-rugby-league-continues-to-progress/ Article from February 2022 has the below quote. Rugby League World Cup 2021 will be a major focus for a lot of members but there will be plenty of other activity throughout the year, “ERL stages a biennial U19s European Youth Championships which had to be postponed in 2020 and could not be rescheduled in 2021, so we will be making some announcements about that over the next few months. Anyone aware of any announcements that have been made since February ?
  4. In 2016 when travelling from Oz to North America / Europe I went to the Skolars game on the Friday night before the final. They played - and got toweled up by - Toulouse. I had arrived in London that arvo from a canal boating few days with no real plans for the evening so thought I'd check it out. Great night had meeting locals and hearing their London RL stories. Went to the CC final next day.
  5. https://asiapacificrl.com/2022/05/13/stanley-tepend-named-as-new-kumuls-coach/ Hopefully the change of coach five months out doesn't impact the team. NRL premiership winning coach in the new coach corner.
  6. Could the international game assist in expansion ? Hosting European Championships of various levels ( Students, 19's, Residents, Women's etc) at locations where international sport is an uncommon sight. Inbound tours by teams such as Australian Schoolboys to play a Test in a non heartlands location. Ditto Defence or Police teams. As been mentioned elsewhere, regardless of what games are played ...be they World Cup fixtures or a touring visit from the Australian Outback Stockmen ... post event work to promote the code is critical.
  7. Well kind of https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-03-03/man-who-saved-wallaby-a-bit-crook-after-flood-rescue/100874746
  8. Curious on people's thoughts on whether the GB teams would have been a bit more battle hardened and Test match prepared on the tours of '79, '84 and '88 if they had played more tour games against teams in the NSWRL / ARL rather than the country regional representative teams that were normally the case ? I'm sure the playing of local rep teams in regional centres was a great occasion for the areas chosen (and I was lucky enough to grow up in one of them !). However reflecting on the tours now as compared to the 1992 tour - where only two representative teams were played (Qld Residents and NSW Country) with the remainder of the tour games being against NRL teams - I wonder if the game did itself a disservice in not providing tougher opposition for the tourists of those tours ? Playing a Presidents XIII (in '88) was a step forward. On a side note if anyone can point me to a copy of the 1988 3rd Test on YouTube I'd be grateful ..... Know it is on the RL Cares FB page but just find it unusual to not find the full game on YT.
  9. 100 years ago .....Beat Australia in 1922 (as England ...In January 1922 as part of the 1921 -22 Ashes Tour.) 50 Years ago .....Beat Australia in the 1972 World Cup group stage match (albeit as GB). Drew the final (after extra time) but awarded the trophy due to the group stage win. 2022 ?
  10. Anyone here attend an Ashes Series via a Supporters Tour ? Be interested in what the itinerary and the associated descriptions would be if so. I'm sure there would be some long bus rides in there !
  11. Would there happen to be a single source for locating the games of the 1986 and 1988 Ashes .....with British commentary? 1992 as well ? After listening to Peter Peters and Greg Hartley destroy the 1st half of the '86 2nd test I need to hear another commentary! They'd be off the air in a heartbeat beat today.
  12. Found videos for the 2nd and 3rd Test but the 1st test is proving elusive A 90 seconds highlights the only item located. Appreciate any links or hints. Completed watching the 1978 and 1982 series....... bit of extra TV viewing time provided by the shortened cricket test match
  13. Actually just watched the 1991 Kiwi victory over the Kangaroos at the same venue ! Two losses in two years ! Must have had a hoodoo over the roos
  14. Wasn't Tony Fisher also involved with RL in SA ? Lived there mid 90's?
  15. For those of us not familiar with all the names in the Knights squad is it a reasonably even mix of players from Super League and Championship clubs ? Any League One reps ?
  16. When Rob Burgin from the Brazil Rugby Legue held a video chat a few months back I posed a similiar question to him.....Who would he like to see Brazil tour if they were able to do so. His response was South Africa. Got me thinking about what equivalents of the Kangaroo, Kiwi, Lions, Tricolours (?) tours of yesteryear would our emerging nations do if it was possible to do so. For me I'd enjoy seeing some North American / Eastern Europe crossovers such as Canada touring through Serbia, Ukraine and Russia. Or Jamaica to the Pacific Islands of Vanuatu, Nuie and Cook Islands. Any other thoughts (myhtical tours ) ?
  17. Same question for 2022 now...... Has there been any discussion on an age - based European Championship being held next year .. be it 19's, 20's or 21's ? Playing 21's and then Open age RLWC in same year certainly more achievable.
  18. Unfortunately it is all but announced that this will be the sceanario. I believe by 5.00pm Thursday Australian time we should have an official statement from the organisers. A player like Cherry - Evans is probably going to be one year too old now....and young Roosters half Walker may be ready for senior national honours. Hopefully the likes of England, France, Jamaica and Celtic naions get some games under their belt to prepare for the postponed event.
  19. Curious to know what the game day timetable has been in the past (say up to the mid 90's) for the different divisions and is now in the Super League era ? Have been to a couple of SL games when visiting England plus saw London Skolars v Toulouse the night before the 2016 Challenge Cup but don't recall any earlier games being played. For instance, nowadays are Academy games played on the same day / ground as first grade fixtures ?
  20. Has there been any mention on whether Australian or NZ game officials are also withdrawals?
  21. So would it be correct in saying that a player who was eligible for only England and was not at Super League / NRL level would have no opportunity to play at a representative level ? Asking as Australia has the (normally !) annual 'Residents' game between NSW v QLD which draws from the respective State Leagues, so players from that tier have at least one rep jersey to aspire to and add to their rugby league resumes. Helps in getting them seen by more NRL clubs too. Wasn't sure if anything similar existed in England. NB. Believe the 'Residents' game is unfortunately not being played again this year. Think the eligibility has changed as well....can't just be a resident, need to eligible for the respective state, same as State of Origin. Could be wrong but seem to remember the Residents term being dropped as well allowing for eligibility of players not playing in their home state. So an eligible NSW player who is performing well for say the Sunshine Coast Falcons can be a chance for selection for NSW.
  22. Is the Knights team open to all ...or is it aimed at / set up for players below the Super League ranks ? Never been sure on this. Conversely is the England 'Test' team made up of purely Super League / NRL level players and a Championship / League 1 player has no chance of making it ? If so, who / when would have been the last non SL/NRL level player to rep for England or GB Test teams ?
  23. Know that a number of Australians and New Zealanders of varying RL pedigree have turned out for various French sides. From former top level types to bush footy players. Believe there is a French " Koalas" gathering of former Australian players occassionally. Has it been an attraction for English players in the past ? Have French teams actively recruited from England Possibly not from a career enhancing point of view but more the experience. .
  24. Wore my Southampton Spitfires polo shirt on Day 3. Picked it up after chatting to a bloke wearing their gear at the Bristol RLWC game in 2013. Resident of Brisbane so happy to see it stay here.
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