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  1. For a programme that's based on "knowledge", it's amazing that the BBC has no knowledge of what constitutes a "celebrity".
  2. The problem for me is that Americans drawl and blur individual words. Anything involving Southern US States is a challenge. Matthew McConaghy is a no-go-zone. I'm not actually deaf because I can hear "noise" clearly. I can hear the clink when the milkman delivers the bottles at 1am and I'm upstairs in bed. However, within any noise, there are some vowels/sounds (I can't remember which) that I don't fully pick up. My left ear is worse than my right ear. I've got hearing aids but prefer subtitles. I only use my hearing aids when watching the telly in company or engaged in conference calls/meetings. They were moulded to fit in my lugholes and I feel a bit claustrophobic wearing them. They gradually work their way loose anyway so, fortunately, I can manage perfectly happily without them in normal conversation. The experience has reinforced the value of good diction.
  3. I'm going deaf and have to use subtitles for anything American. Therefore, I've upped my watching of foreign TV programmes because they have subtitles anyway. Dark Woods (Walter Presents) has been great.
  4. Not to worry; Leeds will soon drag him down to their level of mediocrity. NB: I once had it on good authority that he's a decent lad off the pitch.
  5. Just got back. It was flipping freezing and many Bulls fans will have chosen to watch on the telly. As others have probably noted: - most of our team will have had work this morning; Leigh were much the fitter team - we have decent front row forwards but are lightweight at second row and loose forward - we have two good wingers but they rarely get a pass. - we desperately need a change of tactics - the score didn't reflect the flow of the game but refected that our players were shoddy in the last twenty minutes. - Leigh are a typical promotion team ... the players' reward for gaining it will be putting half of them out of a job. That's not damning them with faint praise; they were excellent in the second half but the gulf between Championship and Superleague is very wide.
  6. I think plenty of the posters ridiculing the Catalans will have a different opinion when it's their team that gets to play them. When the Catalans' half backs start to click, they'll find power all across the field to work with and two really good wingers to finish moves off.
  7. John Curry and Alan Bates had a long-term love affair.
  8. It's a job to know how good the Bulls are. Game 1: Dewsbury were poor. Game 2: The weather was shocking and the pitch was a bog. Sheffield adapted to the conditions better than the Bulls. I don't think the Bulls will beat Leigh, but it could be close if: - Elliot Kear is fit; he's a thinking player and his playing frees up Matt Dawson Jones to play as a strike winger - Dec Patton's skillset can incorporate a greater emphasis on game management. To date, his first instinct has seemed to look for himself rather than being subservient to the team. That mindset was fine against Dewsbury; not so clever against Sheffield. He's come from a higher standard and higher intensity. He needs to adjust to playing with part-time players who don't get to practice skills and moves every day. The team performance will greatly improve when Jordan Lilley returns from injury. We'll make the playoffs but we are nowhere near Superleague standard.
  9. Grace Slick. Her daughter is 51! Where did my teenage years go?
  10. Bradford used to be a stronghold of the Sealed Knot civil war re-enactment society. It also retains the Worth Valley (steam) Railway, Saltaire ... a World Hertage Site ... and founded the Leeds Liverpool Canal. On Sunday, we were treated to a heritage game featuring fat blokes playing in terrible winter weather on the Odsal Bog.
  11. At Odsal, in the 1970's and into the 1980's, the players walked through the crowd , up the ash banking to the dressing rooms at the top of the slope. There was always a mounted police guard for the ref and linesmen but the players always walked free and mostly enjoyed the interaction with the fans. For young kids, this was fantastic. One day, Widnes, who more than were "physical" enough without having Jim Mills in the team, were the visitors. Jim was prominent in a typical Widnes performance and revelled in playing the villain. However, after the game, he met his match when an incensed old gran in the crowd attacked him with her umbrella.
  12. Give over. It's Salford alright, but that's the ring road.
  13. If it's half term, depending on regioal school diaries, there'll probably be some stream trains running on the Worth Valley Railway. Children between four and eighty always enjoy a visit to 5 Rise Locks. https://kwvr.co.uk/event/half-term-happiness/2022-02-19/
  14. Stupid place-names that English people struggle to pronounce. Fortunately, you don't get any of that nonsense in Wales.
  15. Skipton or Abergavenny? Best town in Yorkshire v best town in Wales. It's not as if anywhere else counts.
  16. That would never work for a John Kear team. He needs at least four props.
  17. WORLD CUP 2022: Wed, 19 Oct 19:30 Cook Islands Leigh Sports Village, Leigh Mon, 24 Oct 19:30 Tonga Totally Wicked Stadium, St Helens Mon, 31 Oct 19:30 Papua New Guinea Keepmoat Stadium, Doncaster There'll probably be a few warm up games as well. I'd go to Wrexham; maybe not to South Wales, which is too far for a return journey in the car.
  18. We both live in Bradford. You can come with me to watch Wales. It's good fun and. to be fair, no-one would pay £80 to watch one.
  19. If I had to run at Ward I'd shed a kilo immediately. It would later turn up in my underwear.
  20. They were the support band to Slade at Blackwood Miners Institute in 1971. There'd been trouble on the fans' bus previously so that week's bus was cancelled. My mates and I ended up walking 14 miles home. Would have been 12 but we diverted on the way to walk two girls to their door. Got home about 5am and got collected for work at 7am. Great night.
  21. Supporting Leeds means you'll be going downstairs anyway.
  22. Well, it was a long way around Kevin. And you only had to look at him to see that he was huge, hard and knew his job. We'll have to agree to differ on this. Not that I would any way wish to deny the abilities of Andy Platt.
  23. Kevin ward was a brick wall in defence and attack. Broke his leg then stamped on it to see if it was just a sprain.
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