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  1. I remember after the 2007 Grand Final I thought that Daniel Anderson picking an unfit Sean Long over an in-form Matty Smith was a big mistake. This evening, after Smith's performance I think it was probably the right call after all. Hope Graham was taking notes because I thought Coley and Fielden put on a propping masterclass. I was also definitely surprised that Sam Tomkins didn't win the Harry Sunderland trophy - I don't begrudge Leuluai his award and he was very influential, but it wasn't as eye-catching a performance as Sam's.
  2. Having just watched it again, you're right. I was confused by JJB was trying to milk it to the ref right next to Bailey. I retract my defence (feel less dirty now )
  3. In Bailey's defence (not words I thought I'd ever write) Pretty sure that it was JJB who gave Moore the rub on the head. The ref called over the wrong guy for his little chat.
  4. That game was odd. Hull were definitely the better side, but I think the score flattered them a bit - there was this part of the 1st half (just after Quins blew a long range effort) where they everything they did came off and everything Quins did fell flat. Hull won because they completely won the physical battle in the 1st half, getting the better of every collision. Quins' timing wasn't right either, I can't recall the last time I saw a team throw so many hospital passes.
  5. In honour of getting tickets to the 20th Anniversary show in October, I'm listening to Doolittle by the Pixies over and over again.
  6. What a coincidence. I was listening to that around the time you posted that. Awesome album, although I tend to listen more to Welcome to Sky Valley. Now listening to this because of another thread: Spinal Tap - Big Bottom
  7. Eagles of Death Metal - Death By Sexy They're touring in a few months - shame I won't be able to go (stupid London venues and their rapid sell-out speeds )
  8. Fantastic album, and for reasons I don't quite understand it's become my go-to album when I'm on cooking duty.
  9. For some reason I don't quite understand, I'm lsitening to a lot of Barry Gray's themes for TV shows. UFO Oh, I remember why now: because they're awesome.
  10. An old photo I took just before the 2006 Challenge Cup Final.
  11. Heh, funny that. I've been listening to Rocking all over the World for about two days straight. It serves me right for quoting it. Apart from that, TV on the Radio's new album Dear Science is getting a lot more action on my iTunes at the minute. I'm really looking forward to seeing them live next month.
  12. That would probably be the Rick Rubin influence. I'm currently moving onto TV on the Radio's new album, currently on their Myspace page. It's some very good stuff and I suspect I'll be getting this album shortly.
  13. The new Metallica album Death Magnetic. a return to form of sorts, and currently streaming for free on their website.
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