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  1. always preferred this one over the current logo... never understood why they changed it.
  2. With the Lions logo on one side of the chest this logo should be on the opposite... really is a classic timeless logo... should be on every GB jersey.
  3. What about the English Preimer League and the Welsh clubs or the Champions League with clubs that haven't won their respected league's but still play. NRL Europe is just fine
  4. It's ironic how the only logo that has seen finals rugby ( CC 2019 and GF 2020) will be replaced for something more edgy. Could you imagine if they won and you got a tattoo only to find out the logo was going to change. P.S. Who created the current 2020 logò with the will tree?
  5. Did they model the mascots face on the Beast from the Chaser?
  6. is it just me but i'm sure i've seen that new logo before floating around the internet?
  7. the new red devil logo seems to have a drug problem... no nose
  8. How about play it the WC in French heartlands and all pool games play them as double headers
  9. The clubs could always do a deal with people smugglers over the English channel to save a quid or two.
  10. Reminds me of the old North Sydney Bears jersey
  11. How about add Yorkshire and Lancashire in the mix
  12. get rid of the Business Club part and that would look mint
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