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  1. High end Wigan tuxedo... I'm of to a dinner party in Costa Del Sol.
  2. He's probably the same dude who sold me Nigerian Bitcoin
  3. Just watching the football, how come San Marino are wearing a batley bulldogs kit?
  4. Someone out there has that white whale... My mate from Australia has asked me to go and catch one. Surely their has to be some old French dude that has a surplus of PSG RL kits and is ready to sell! What about some of the locals here on the TRL forum from France maybe you can ask through the grape vine?
  5. Its the probably the football team... they just got pumped against poland and looking ffora new job.
  6. part 2 will be made soon. P.S. If anyone on here has a PSG jersey they would like to sell or no someone. Let me know as I have a friend that would be happy to buy
  7. I can't wait for Salford to announce the new stadium, this thread will go into a Chernobyl meltdown (but all jokes aside I hope things work out well for them)
  8. https://www.loverugbyleague.com/post/rfl-planning-new-facility-including-900-seat-stand-near-etihad-campus/?fbclid=IwAR3jPog-kOPE0_B0se-9KNgiaPtupbUOdQes8RjCiCwdWQN_98Tl4JTHcyw
  9. I think Moore Lane is the best option. The "outta town" ideas are poor. Etihad would be the ok but that track
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