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  1. 7 minutes ago, Charlie said:

    Moor lane isn’t a bad little ground and from the people I’ve spoke to they reckon you could get to 8-9k. With more corporate felicities. As a Salford fan I’d be happy if we could get something like that. It alll comes down to money though so we will have to see.



    It dies look very neat 👌 

  2. 15 minutes ago, Jughead said:

    You know how much land costs in London, do you? You also get that Leagues Clubs are not relevant in the UK, right?

    Seize land from Russians Oligarchs (start with Chelsea)  and have Topless Tuesday bar tenders, and Ladies night on Thursday... And it's as relevant as you can get...


    This is why I'm on here.

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  3. 21 minutes ago, Eddie said:

    Someone else with millions to pump in for no return? Good luck. 

    I know it's been done before with Brisbane, but I think London needs to think outside the square and team up with a NRL club like Sydney Roosters, Penrith Panthers or Brisbane Broncos (mind you no name, colours or kit change)


    In return some players that aren't NRL ready can play for London, and players in London can play in the NRL, reserve grade etc. ( yes I know covid, travel etc)

    Also the NRL can help develop the club on and off the field with sponsors, government grants, junior development  etc. Which the NRL club would have a expanded junior base to choose from.


    And maybe just maybe, in return the NRL can help develop a stadium and London Leagues Club (just like in Australia)


    Yes I know it's wishful thinking.


    Maybe with some of the seized asset's from the Oligarchs we can start on it now.

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