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  1. You know what they say about civil servants? They are rarely civil and rarely serve. Joking aside, well done and good luck.
  2. Or, perish the thought, we just can't work out where to begin with your shortcomings? ? NB. I am only kidding. Merry Christmas!
  3. Guilty as charged, Your Honour! I am the archetypal inverse snob. Why do you think I support Salford? Oh, and less of the "boy". "old" I cannot deny, but "boy"! You make me sound like a slave on your plantation! Yes baas!
  4. I'm ###### at job interviews. The last one I did, I wouldn't have employed me! I was totally unprepared, believing that nearly 40 years' experience would allow me to wing it. No chance! Even a cursory internet search would have prepared me for the questions they asked - still wouldn't have got me the job, though! The one I felt really sorry for was the other candidate (yes, only two of us!), who was a young woman, fresh from college and desperate to find a job back in her home town. She didn't get it, either. They chose to readvertise. How bad can you get? We'd rather go through the time and expense of readvertising than give you the job! Anyway, I'm sitting here at my computer, arsing about on a RL forum, sipping whisky, having just wrapped up for a fortnight's holiday after being told I actually have an extra day off - we don't restart until Tuesday 8th Jan - who won, me or the school? I still feel sorry for the young lass, though. Hope she found a job.
  5. Your socialist credentials just crashed. Waitrose? Dear oh dear. ?
  6. I know you are, bleep. I was just pulling your leg. It is nice when people give something back.
  7. Perhaps you are just doing it for some company? Or a change of routine? Or just because you are a nice person? (That last one can't be right, says the Salford fan in me.?)
  8. As an erstwhile Man City fan, can I just say how sorry I am for him? On a serious note, the knives came out for him last season, yet they actually finished second to City, iirc. There was not much more he could have done. PS. I lied. I'm not really sorry.?
  9. You hope who got out alive - the people in the car or the ABC reorters?
  10. It sounds like you're facing a tough time, timtum. Good luck. Don't forget to make some time for yourself.
  11. Yes, it is bloody awful. A pal of mine hanged himself in 2013 and I had spoken with him a few weeks before. I couldn't help thinking, "If only I'd known, if only I'd spent a few more minutes chatting with him." Daft, of course. It's a sad time though, and no one knows what is going on his mind. Hopefully, things will improve.
  12. Sorry, Bob. I'm forgetting my manners. Congratulations!
  13. While the brexiteers appear to be vacant. Anyone got a penny?
  14. Totally agree. They've banned tobacco advertising in sport. They've banned alcohol advertising in sport. It's high time gambling advertising went the same way. It's insidious, it's ubiquitous and it is dangerous with addiction now affecting even children.
  15. I know! I know! There's no need to rub it in. ?
  16. A couple of rounds after I heard "Swinton get beaten in the cup?" ?
  17. "Where is this heading?" Obviously, that's up to U. Sorry!
  18. Current City young star, Phil Foden, is from Stockport, Greater Manchester.
  19. The game really did cheer me up? Hope your tinnitus clears up soon. It's a nasty problem to deal with but they've made huge progress recently with alleviating the syptoms.
  20. Okay. Got out yesterday. What a catalogue of disaster! Carol turned up and while she was there, the surgeon asked if I wanted to go home there and then. "Yes, please." Of course, "there and then" became "in two hours" due to paperwork. The light was going to fail soon and Carol cannot drive in the dark. Anyway, we made our way to the main door and Carol went to get the car because the wheelchair is not allowed outside the hospital and the car was parked in the car park across the road. Ten minutes later, she's back. She'd left hazard lights on and the battery was flat. So, with the help of a young man we got our insurer's roadside assistance out. One and a half hours later, we were ready to hit the road. Twenty minutes later, it was clear that Carol couldn't continue, so I moved into the driver's seat. It was uncomfortable, especially depressing the clutch. I was in agony at the end, but we made it home. Hopefully, England will now lift my spirits and make the pain go away. Happy watching, everybody.
  21. Much better today. I've had two goes with the zimmer frame and not much pain. The surgeon says I can go home on Saturday. Here's one for you all to think about. Carol's been ill and the nursing system here means that you rely on family members. With no Carol, step forward two women who were looking after their own family members. Helping me into and out of bed and emptying the urine bottle. The kindness of strangers, eh?
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