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  1. That reminds me of an AC/DC song. ?
  2. What has your scrotum got to do with your benefits? Or is that how you applied 'pressure' to the benefits clerk?
  3. Look on the bright side. You now have it 'in writing' - you are physically very healthy. Lots of people would take that as a real positive. Good luck with the BP!
  4. My first attempt to use foreign currency was on a school trip to Austria. I'd carefully learnt the phrase, "Ein briefmarke zu ein achtzig, bitte." The shopkeeper thought for a second or two and replied in English, "They aren't one eighty now. The price went up to two schillings six months ago" talk about deflated! At least he had realised that I had no chance of understanding that in German.
  5. As this is a rugby league forum, allow me say, "Look at all those empty seats! What were the crowds? Pathetic! I blame the RFL!"
  6. Sorry to hear about your loss. My commiserations to you and your family.
  7. That is terrible news. My deepest sympathy to both KT and SSoutherner.
  8. Greek has two words that I know of for orange (there may be others I haven't come across). The common one is (using english letters) portokali which is used for the sweet ones. The other is neranja which is for the Seville oranges. Πορτοκάλι and νεράντζα respectively. (spelling might be a bit iffy)
  9. Good luck with the treatment, Dave T. And, as for Kenny T's cousin, I don't know what to say. I can only hope that she gets the best possible outcome. Best wishes to both.
  10. That sounds like a mating frenzy! How many cats do you end up with?
  11. "They never just say 'poor'"? I seem to remember Jiffy saying that (or perhaps it was "pooer"?) quite a lot. He even got criticised on here for it.
  12. I've seen this asked on here before. Here is the answer I gave then. Go through the rigmarole (all sports, scroll down, click on rugby league). Then bookmark the page onto your bookmarks bar. Job done. Thereafter, just click on the bookmark. It's worked for me for at least ten years in Greece. Try it. It's easy.
  13. I was joking! I was only joking!?
  14. Careful! You're getting into Tory policy territory there.
  15. You sound perfect for cannon fodder. ?
  16. Happy birthday, Bleep. Great to know you get to spend quality time with your daughter.
  17. We'll know he's making progress. Martyn, how could you get it so wrong??
  18. Not good news. Stay strong. Stay positive. Good luck.
  19. Good luck with the chemo and stem cell, LRL! Hoping for a positive outcome for you.
  20. Your second paragraph is true and a concern. However, there are not as many over-30s as I thought - Aguerro and D.Silva spring to mind - and Foden, Zinchenko, DeBruyn and Sterling, to mention but a few, are still mere bairns, relatively speaking. We need to replace Kompany, but Fernandinho is more than able when fit. Fortunately, we have a very capable manager. (And very deep pockets)
  21. After reflecting for a few hours, I think I was a bit less than generous in my praise. Well done, Liverpool. It was a great season and you did deserve some reward for your efforts. It would have been cruel to come away with nothing. However, there is a space in our trophy cabinet and we're coming for it next year!
  22. I just did give credit where it was due.? Putting aside 'tribal loyalties' is a bit difficult, but I do grudgingly congratulate Liverpool on their amazing season. Finishing so close to City was a truly epic effort. I think my problem with Liverpool is that, when they do win something, we never hear the end of it. Same with United, but at least that is a distant memory. NB. Don't take me too seriously. I've had to put up with United fans mocking us for years, so I'm revelling in the opportunity to return the favour!
  23. I agree, bob. I am pleased for Jurgen Klopp. I've said before how much I like him as a manager. I also said he would get silverware before long and now he has. I'm not a great fan of Liverpool, though. (They rank just above United in my favourite football club list). Therefore, I will reserve my congratulations for the manager. Well done, Jurgen!
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