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  1. On 18/11/2021 at 22:19, WN83 said:

    I’d go with that. Tough to say either way but clearly still very strong.

    One major difference is where Saints go now with a couple of injuries in the spine positions in the backs. As you say Dodds form meant Fages wasn’t badly missed and Welsby stood in for anybody in the backline more than comfortably but say one or two from Welsby, Lomax and Dodds went down for a period next season, it’s then going to take a real shuffle around. Welsby is that real safety net because he can play anywhere but say it was him and Lomax out at the same time for example, it would probably mean Hopoate at FB and then a kid or a makeshift halfback going in at stand off. Not the end of the world but certainly not as comfortable as having Welsby to throw in anywhere and Dodds to cover the halves. 


    You take a couple of spine players out of any SL team and it’s going to be tough. I’d guess Hopoate to fullback and Bell to stand-off obviously lose something but still workable.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Sports Prophet said:

    There is a ghastly difference between the article and the headline. I didn’t read the SMH article, but, from the link shared, there wasn’t one single comment from the NRL backing this idea.

    In saying that. I wouldn’t expect the NRL to turn the idea down if both clubs wanted to do it. That’s the crux of it though and the simple and fundamental difference between this idea and the Denver test a few years ago.

    What both countries didn’t want to play it?.

  3. 1 hour ago, Johnoco said:

    At the council tip near Valley Parade, (not Odsal before some joker quips that) if someone has left something, perhaps an electrical item, that is in perfect working order, they still don't allow you take it once it has been left there.

    And they are quite strict about it too. 

    Probably because the lads there will have a deal to sell it on. To someone who will upgrade a sell or use for parts. 

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  4. 13 hours ago, RayCee said:

    I don’t it has to go that far to achieve a reasonable balance between care and entertainment. The collisions before a rotating bench and ten metre defensive lines were far less yet the game was still recognisable. Rules could be progressively changed yet still retain the essence of what makes the game appealing. Even a shorter season would allow more recovery time but like everything in this world today, money dominates every decision.

    That wasn’t just the rules though players were on the whole mostly semi pro. Which also has an effect on collision and more importantly how long players can keep up the intensity. 

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  5. Watch a show plenty to choose from. You can easily spend a day going round one of the big hotels in fact you can completely lose track of time in one. I’d say try to get down to the old strip as well. Something we didn’t do and I wish we had was take a trip out to the Grand Canyon. As someone said earlier it’s not for everyone but certainly worth a visit. 

  6. 3 minutes ago, Chris22 said:

    Thinking about it, I reckon our strongest starting 17 would be:

    Welsby, Makinson, Hopoate, Percival, Grace, Lomax, Dodd, Walmsley, Roby, Lees, Sironen, Mata'utai, Knowles.

    LMS, Lussick, Batchelor, ???

    Last spot is between Amor, Bell, Hurrell and Wingfield. Woolf's number 1 priority is defence (allegedly why Norman has had few opportunities). That makes me think Bell is the most likely for the #17 spot.

    If you are picking that bench the last spot would have to be a prop for me. 

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  7. 17 minutes ago, Sir Kevin Sinfield said:

    I don’t know how it breaks down to different channels but believe the last tv deal was in the region of $2000Million. And some people still question why Super League clubs aren’t signing top NRL players when we have a deal that’s reduced from £40Million a year.

    They don’t pay £2000m for SL. 

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  8. 6 minutes ago, Archie Gordon said:

    As others have said, it will inevitably mean a noticeable drop off in playing numbers in 2022, which may have the effect of reducing government funding. How will the RFL explain falling numbers to government agencies? 

    It will also be a ball ache for those volunteers chasing people up to register - already a painful job. I like to get everyone I can to re-register between January and February. This will be much harder in 2022.

    I'd rather keep registration free and ask clubs to pay an RFL levy. It would be easier all round for us to just raise the annual sub amount and then skim off the RFL's share (which I agree they need).

    As a club you can still choose to do it that way. I know my old amateur club pays it that way. It also means they don’t put off some family’s who wouldn’t be able to pay it. 

  9. 6 hours ago, sweaty craiq said:

    Can see it now ''Billy, I've got a free ticket for Mondays game, instead of spending that £20 buy me a pint and you can have it'' - Income slashed

    Lets get all the schools involved and ask parents/teachers to pay to get in at full whack, and tell the kids they are expected back in school the next day at 8.45am  - what do you mean only 10 kids turned up. This really means loads more free tickets.

    Our wonderful RFL leaders really know how to grow income risk free, I heard the next one will be a deal with Bet Fred whereby 50% of any TV money from Sky will go on number 6 in the Grand National.

    Yet again you seem to be completely bypassing the clubs for any responsibility here. 

  10. 8 minutes ago, Maximus Decimus said:

    What time's it on? At the same time as the matches?

    My mate has the NFL Gamepass and I went his to watch the London game and wasn't impressed. They had a lot of ad breaks and actually missed parts of the game for them, including the first field goal!

    Yes same time as the games but it’s constantly flipping to whichever game is in play or something is about to happen. Sometimes in split screen if slots going on it is a good way to watch it. 

    just had a quick look it’s on at 6pm Sunday’s on sky sports mix. 

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  11. 3 minutes ago, sweaty craiq said:

    Why? Especially if the clubs involved have agreed an alternate date ie 3pm Sunday

    Again it will come down to what contract you have signed but if we go off other TV contracts. Clubs are usually allowed to give certain dates at the start of the season where your ground won’t be available for various reasons (Weddings etc 😂). After that it’s then the clubs responsibility to find somewhere to hold the match even if that means away from their home ground. 

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