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  1. We had a mortgage on a terrace with 8/9 years left on it. Payments were low so we could go to nice places on holiday Australia / Mauritius. We had that same discussion on whether to stay or sell up for bigger house and re start a mortgage again. I know everyone’s situation is different but we sold and moved and for us it’s definitely for the best. I think the argument that swung it for us is holidays are a few weeks a year you spend a lot of time in your home.
  2. Wire v Wigan final but if there’s is going to be a shock I’d say Salford more likely to win than Leeds.
  3. Looks like Wigan are going to win this comfortable so it shouldn’t make a difference but how can the VR say there’s no separation whilst watching a shot of his hand coming off the ball.
  4. It doesn’t need to be full quarter breaks just have a couple of minutes drinks break around the 20 min mark. Then hopefully we could bin off water carriers during the game.
  5. Saints looked good in the first 10/15 mins scoring a great support play try. Then Coote missed a trap on a 40/20 kick and wire had a good solid period of possession. Saints defended well but cracked in the end and at the end of the half Wires off loads means Saints defense was really struggling to cope.
  6. 1/ Tedesco 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ Addo Carr 6/ Pongia 7/ 8/ Hargreaves 9/ Smith 10/ Papali 11/ Fifita (Broncos) 12/ 13/
  7. Cas - Millington Cats - Baitieri Hudds - Mcintosh Hull - Tumivave Hull KR - Minikin Leeds - Oledzki Salford - Evalds Wakefield - Tupou Warrington - Philbin Wigan - NA
  8. What you need to solve that problem is silver point which as I’ve said before is perfect for RL. Then the team who scores first in extra time (silver point) wins if at the end of extra time the scores are level. You play out extra time to the end (so you don’t get that weird unfinished feeling you get at the end of golden point). That way once the first penalty/drop goal goes over both teams know what they have to do to win.
  9. I’m fairly sure the RFL will have this in hand. They do need to get a firm grip of the situation.
  10. Long by far the quickest out of those three
  11. Peter Gorley George Fairbairn Paul Groves John Fieldhouse Paul Vautin
  12. You’d do well to find a quicker hooker than Rob Burrow when he played there.
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