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  1. I've been involved in one particular interviewing process where there was a hair's breadth between the top 2 candidates. The degree to which you were second pick may be minimal! Also, once you've started, you'll be judged on the quality of your work, and the interview process won't count for anything.
  2. My 8 year old son regularly tells his teammates at his Union club that he'd rather be playing Rugby League because it's better. I don't know if he'll ever play for Ireland or anything, but I'm hopeful he'll have a long career of hiding Union mags at newsagents.
  3. While I'm sure there are many sincere members, there are a few aspects to the JW church that make it culty. The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society (and its subsidiaries) began pretty much as a publishing company. The organisation teaches a sense of superiority in its members over the rest of the world. It teaches devotion to the organisation itself, and the importance of the organisation continuing. It teaches that working within the organisation is of far greater value than working outside of it (in normal "worldly" jobs), and that education outside the organisation is of little value. It te
  4. I apparently share a birthday with American radio and YouTube nutter, Alex Jones.
  5. It's going to simplify coaching kids for years to come as well. "Do you know why you never switch off, and always keep working? This."
  6. Galway Bay Althea Pale Ales have worked well for the first half, but springing a surprise tactic and going for Galway Bay Slow Lives Helles Lager for the second.
  7. "And thanks to Phil Clarke, who has taken time out from prowling the Atlantic for American supply ships, to be with us tonight."
  8. I have a HUGE soft spot for them. As a young lad in Australia, I had a programme for the '94 Kangaroo tour that I used to read over and over again, and I was so excited when my local newsagent used to stock copies of "Open Rugby". So all the English jerseys from early '90s are seared in my memory. Also, given that jerseys in Australia were still all cotton, and hadn't changed much since the '70s, that sublimated polyester was incredibly exotic!
  9. Still available... https://www.ellgren.co.uk/shop/ellgren/retro-jersey-salford-rlfc/
  10. When they were doing the "What You Get Is What You See" promotion for the Winfield Cup in 1989, Tina Turner was only available to film briefly in England. Hence 2 players in England at the time, Cliff Lyons and Gavin Miller, being the faces of Rugby League's new sexy image.
  11. A recent book by Patrick Skene, "The Big O: The Life and Times of Olsen Filipaina", gives a fascinating insight into Pacific Islander culture and migration from the Pacific Islands to New Zealand. This interview with the author is also well worth a listen:
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