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  1. I think I've seen this show before. Is it the one where the losing contestants have their heads ripped off, and the hunters take their skulls and spines back to their home planet as trophies?
  2. https://www.decathlon.co.uk/C-972909-rugby-clothing
  3. I'm pretty sure Australia abandoned the pyramid in favour for the less shady trapezoid a couple of decades ago.
  4. It doesn't just have to be a try scoring opportunity. It has to be conceded deliberately.
  5. I think they're saying it wasn't really a professional foul. It's a professional foul if he knowingly concedes it. He only hit him a bit early and, while it's definitely a penalty, I don't think you can say that Cronk did it intentionally.
  6. The Fev lads looked psyched at the end! An excellent kicking game and great field position seems to have left them with some gas in the tank.
  7. Absolutely. The work of the forwards in the first half has Wigan out on their feet.
  8. Either two of the Lagos teams should merge, or one of them should relocate to an expansion area. Maybe Ottawa.
  9. "You want a beer, you get your own beer." - Kurt Russell, 'Captain Ron'
  10. It's utterly shameful that triangles have been missing since '92. This top has at least gone some way to righting that terrible wrong.
  11. Fittler said: "There’s 4000 people turn up to watch them each week". While I'm sure he'd say it's hyperbole, the Gold Coast seems to be the one team about which people are happy to unquestioningly accept any old wive's tale. Manly draw worse crowds than Gold Coast, and if he'd said it about them there'd be wailing and gnashing of teeth. The Gold Coast has produced a ton of players over the years. The players that have come out of Keebra Park High is astonishing. The Titans need coaches and management who are prepared to recruit and develop a core of Queensland players.
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