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  1. It did that to me too. Try clicking on the "I need an account" tab in your email.
  2. So I can only buy tickets in a category but can't choose where to sit? Categories cross over ends and sides. So I'm taking a punt that I'm getting a ticket for where I actually want to sit. Am I doing this right?
  3. Just seen Pearson's interview. As I was reading this message board I was expecting to see a man who was angry and acting in an unreasonable manner. I would always say 'sleep on it' before making big decisions. However, I thought he came across pretty reasonably considering the circumstances. He had just seen his team capitulate. He gave the stats of their home record which he, as the owner of the club, knows are having an impact on the crowds at the KC. With people less keen on going out at the moment he knows that if people get out of the habit of attending matches will they return to see performances like that? He was respectful to Radford but his ire was clearly directed to the players. They know that they need to buck their ideas up under the new coach. And the cheerleader stood behind him took her 5 minutes of fame in her stride.
  4. Get two sizes smaller if you can. I have a small England shirt and it’s a tent.
  5. I might be tempted by the anthem jacket were it not for the basic heraldic error of putting the yellow badge on a white background. Don’t they teach people anything nowadays?
  6. Yep. Can someone with a Twitter account ask him about it, please?
  7. Who owns the copyright and can I get a print of it?
  8. Is it only on Sky Sports at the moment? Will it be on Sky One so that there's a chance of seeing it on NOW TV?
  9. The Keighley kit in the flesh is amazing. Future classic right there.
  10. Good call. I was going to say something about the hooter going five minutes early in all those games but this boils it down to one particular moment. I still haven't recovered from the second test of that series. Another one for me was from 2 years before. 1-1 going into the last test at Wigan. GB are beginning to get on top. Keith Senior is making line breaks, Terry and Barry are beating up Aussies at scrums and they're rattled. We're given a penalty and rather than take the tap and keep the pressure on, Faz takes the two and tells the team to keep calm and settle down. All that does is help the Kangaroos regroup and they come out easy winners in the end.
  11. I think Sheff Utd used to run out to it at the turn of the century when I used to watch them. I also had a uni room mate who played it on a loop so I should be mixing my memories up.
  12. The Keighley super hero theme is great if it is targeting the yoof. Problem is their sponsor is a stairlift company. It doesn’t quite hang together as it should. That’s partly why it’s a modern classic already!
  13. If that Keighley shirt is genuine then it is a work of a mad genius. And I want it.
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