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  1. Salford have relegation written all over them. A team that only had one leader and he went to Wigan.
  2. It may well be a shame but it's the world we live in. Most people who live in Salford would be able to walk there. Salford in this kind of final is a once in a lifetime event.
  3. I didn't realise Robert Hicks frequented this forum. You're right about nothing careless but it was late and intentional.
  4. It's good that Canberra are entertaining the idea of playing their feeder team.
  5. RL really is a stupid sport. There's a rule where we basically ask the referee to guess if he's unsighted.
  6. Twice Tomkins has hit Hastings in the head but Failer fails to sin bin him.
  7. You'll never beat Bent Failer. Great dive by Wellar good to see Bent taking his chance to move them up field.
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