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  1. RL really is a stupid sport. There's a rule where we basically ask the referee to guess if he's unsighted.
  2. Twice Tomkins has hit Hastings in the head but Failer fails to sin bin him.
  3. You'll never beat Bent Failer. Great dive by Wellar good to see Bent taking his chance to move them up field.
  4. Gildart very weak in the tackle. Hicks very poor at spotting forward passes.
  5. Well done to the Dragons for using their preseason to build these sort of fixtures.
  6. So we appear to have a new rule in rugby league where if a big man tackles a smaller man too hard then it's a penalty. Perhaps the game should become like boxing and be simply played in weight categories.
  7. The guy commentating on the Halifax v Toulouse game is unbelievably biased.
  8. So a drop out from under the posts is a knock on and similarly from the 22m line.
  9. They get more calls because they tend to be reffereed from someone from their own cultural background i.e. It's generally an Australian. Likewise the Catalans are always reffereed by someone not from their own cultural background but from the cultural background of their opponents. TO are a pretty strong team for the division they are in and can probably overcome the cultural bias. Catalan on paper would probably rank no higher than 7th. They are a middle to below average team for the division they are in. They are not strong enough to overcome this bias and therefore its affect is more pronounced. I'm not saying it is deliberate but human beings tend to favour their own when making marginal decisions.
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