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  1. Did Alistair Stewart regret it? apologise for it? We'd all perhaps think differently of Folau playing in SL if he'd shown remorse, apologised and removed the highly offensive homophobic comments from social media.
  2. If you accept (which I do) that homosexuality is not a choice but a chance of birth just like skin colour, race, ethnicity then how can you not be disgusted by what Folau believes? Would we accept the same comments if he'd said them about people with a certain skin colour? No chance. So what's the difference?
  3. Spurs stadium is genuinely awe inspiring inside. Best stadium I've been to. Go if you can.
  4. I love Toronto but think I might end up loving Ottawa more
  5. Stadium is incredible. Beer service is horrific.
  6. The worst thing about this is we won't be able to listen to Phil Clarke pronouncing his name "Geejo" for 80 minutes while the other 12 people in the Sky commentary box all pronounce it "Jeego"
  7. There's a lot of bars and restaurants but spread over a few different parts of the town quite far apart, and the stadium's in Bletchley not central MK. It's also not a big enough stadium.
  8. I genuinely like MK a lot but it would be a terrible place for Magic. There's no real city centre and nightlife is terrible.
  9. I think we can trust the Wolfpack's judgment on this. They've done just about everything right so far and I'm v excited to see how they go in SL on and off the pitch.
  10. After his performances for GB he'll probably not never not go down to the Championship.
  11. Intelligent enough to know your real first name's probably not Harry.
  12. What about the game v Saints in London (England)?
  13. You're probably the demographic they're trying to appeal to by employing him.
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