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  1. well I was only alive for 1 year of the 70s and I didn't watch any RL until 1996 but I suspect it was a very different, slower game in the 70s. And I have no idea how many adults who had never played RL made a success of it at pro level then. But I 100% believe it will be nearly impossible for a lad who's spent his childhood playing amateur RU in Canada or played NFL/CFL at college to compete at League 1 level, even with the best coaching in the world. He'll get annihilated. If they're serious about bringing Canadians through they need to start a good junior scene and get some good youngsters playing the game regularly from a young age against decent opposition and then be very patient. Like 10 years patient.
  2. There's lots of good reasons, an adult who's never played RL at any level has almost zero chance of playing even at League 1 level against guys who've been playing RL since they were kids. Maybe an RU pro level player might have a slim chance of converting. It's a waste of time if the actual intention is to find players for the first team squad. If it's a marketing tool then fine.
  3. John Davidson and the I newspaper. What a great combination.
  4. If it's just negativity about them from the same people over and over its pathetic. If there's some reasonable criticism now and again then nobody minds.
  5. How do i call people narrow minded nicely? And why would I want to? Stop deflecting from the actual debate. Some RL fans are unnecessarily nasty towards TWP because they don't like them stepping on their toes. I believe that strongly. Pathetic is a fairly gentle word for how i really feel tbh.
  6. Whatever you say. The old i wouldn't be constantly slagging them off if it wasn't their fault.....
  7. You may or may not buy into them being great for the game over here. And I'm not going to go into the many, many reasons I think they could be great for the game as it's not relevant to this conversation. The reality is they are an RL club, there's no need for endless criticism and negativity from certain fans just because they don't like them being around, for whatever reason. It just makes us look like an unwelcoming, unfriendly bunch. Which is sad for a sport that's always patting itself on the back for it's fairness and inclusivity.
  8. Call it what you like, I've been following the game since 1996 and I've seen years of it about the London Broncos and it's jut repeating with TWP. There are a lot of narrow minded, myopic RL fans. It's one thing to have some criticisms, or things you don't like. Another to mindlessly slag them off at every opportunity because you feel threatened.
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