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  1. The answer is never that other competing pro clubs shouldn't compete with them. The RFL certainly could and should have done more, especially considering the stadium in north london the Skolars had use of. It's like gold dust. Equally the Skolars haven't really managed to make a go of it commercially themselves.
  2. The last eight seasons final position in the third tier: 10/9/9/8/12/11/8/11 They finished 4th in 2013 which was the only top half finish ever. What did London Broncos do to them after that year to make them drop again?
  3. Yes, if they don't achieve progress on and off the pitch to keep their best players then they will go. That's how sport works?
  4. Yes I know. It's "pro" sport not a charity. How many of Broncos best players and coaches have gone north to compete at a higher level. Skolars troubles go much deeper than another higher tier club offering their players an opportunity. I'm gutted they've had to call it a day but let's face it they've struggled since day 1 as a pro club.
  5. Biggest pro sports club in NZ is an RL club. French club in SL top 3. Tonga,Fiji and Samoa reaching test quality. Toulouse, Broncos doing well. Cornwall getting good crowds and winning matches. Hardly contracting rapidly. A couple of very weak 'pro' clubs dropping out of the pro leagues is hardly RL 'contracting rapidly'.
  6. Always the Broncos fault that Hemel and Skolars couldn't make it as pro clubs. Skolars have been languishing at the very bottom of the 3rd tier for years and years playing in front of a couple of hundred people. Their failure has nothing to do with the Broncos.
  7. It's a horrible rambling reply, especially plan B. It sound terrible. They have some decent money, is it so hard to get a proper new stand built where the current seating shed is at Wheldon Road? Surely the local council are supportive and it's basically an industrial area of town that side?
  8. My phone won't let me search anything to do with rah rah so i can't do any research but they have much bigger squads and much higher salaries. Their big event matches inflate their averages and probably don't make them much if any more money due to cheap tickets and high rental costs.
  9. You think rugby yawnion keeps you sane?! I think you maybe already failed.
  10. August's a terrible time for a final. School holidays, festival season. Saying that there were 60k for a soccer game in north london on the same day so we definitely could do better.
  11. He has the experience and pedigree. I’ve no idea about his coaching skills or intelligence. But if I was a wire fan I’d be more concerned about his drug and driving convictions and allegations of violence. Is he the kind of character to lead a top club?
  12. Maybe they could brand the tour Papua New GuinLeigh
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