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  1. I don't think liberals wash their hands of it. But maybe deprivation and lack of opportunity are part of the problem here? Maybe they're linked? Maybe giving these kids more opportunities would help? And no British police dont generally have guns but there's plenty of evidence they do treat people differently based on skin colour which is not cool. How is wanting to change that a "smokescreen"? A smokescreen for what exactly? A secret conspiracy to make us all Marxists?
  2. No by calling for some changes to the way we do things.
  3. I'm more interested in what changes we can make to make the sport fairer than how big crowds will be in the NFL during a pandemic. Very strange point Martyn.
  4. I just want a more equal society. Im not sure the insult's necessary.
  5. Do you understand the difference between direct racism and systemic racism Martyn? It's not about people being verbally abusive.
  6. Its not political. It's a campaign for racial equality. It's only political if you think there's some ulterior motive to a campaign for racial equality. Which there isn't. That's why I, and others, find your stance on this so morally questionable. Do you think the UK is racially equal? Do you think RL is racially equal? It of course isn't. So why are you so offended by a campaign which wants to improve the lives of minorities?
  7. No! They are completely separate issues to racial inequality! Saying "I like black people" isn't the same as making real changes to create a fairer society. UK society is racially unequal. You might not like talking about it but it is.
  8. What has it got to do with Marxism? Absolutely nothing. Do you know what Marxism is? It isn't about white guilt it's about campaigning for meaningful change to complex issues of systemic racism which make some people's life far more difficult. It's not about an individual white person being a 'racist'. It's about accepting that a group of people have less chances than another group of people based on the colour of their skin and trying to do something about it. Martyn Sadler seems to think that RL shouldn't be included in this conversation as we have a relatively good record with equality. But it's all relative and I don't see many black players making it into top coaching jobs, or working in top admin jobs at clubs or the RFL. A number of players have come out and detailed their personal experiences of racism at clubs in RL. I know for a fact some RL supporters are openly racist. Why shouldn't we as a sport reflect on this and make some efforts to improve on this? Why does it offend so many people, and apparently League Express itself, that players want to highlight the problem and ask for some changes to make the world a slightly fairer place? That's all it's about. Not Marxism, not guilt, not politicising sport. Get over yourselves.
  9. Or we have a badly managed sport making a complete mess of the situation.
  10. People who have the virus right now. Not who have ever had it. This isn't that hard to understand.
  11. That's not the point though. The nationwide testing suggests that approx 0.04% of the population has it. That is a tiny percentage and is not the actual % that have tested positive it is the total estimate of people that have it based on testing. The amount of RL players who have it seems to far far exceed this number.
  12. That's not correct we're testing more than ever it's not a guess.
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