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  1. It's the first thing I'd do. I'd buy Keighley I reckon. Build a new stand.
  2. This is all hypothetical, this is just some guy on twitter (who I blocked ages ago, can't remember why). I would be very pleased to drop Sky though, I can't stand listening to Phil Clarke (to the point it almost ruins the coverage completely) and I hate the fact so much of my subscription money goes to soccer.
  3. Lezignan have always been my favourite French team, since I saw pictures of thousands of fans all wearing green at the cup finals. I thought you had bigger support than 500 per game? Has it reduced recently? Any photos of the new stand? I can only find computer images online.
  4. Ice Hockey is awesome. In fact i like all North American major sports. EVEN BASEBALL!
  5. Can we all just agree that all sports are great apart from rugby union which is unwatchable drivel?
  6. The most pleasing thing for me is that they analyse which areas of their district they aren't selling tickets to and actively target them. In my experience RL is very strong in it's traditional communities but struggles to break out of it. I know there are middle class and private school educated RL fans but not anything like enough, the game needs to work harder to modernise and appeal to everyone in their area. I'm still not convinced Wolfie being a nob on social media does much good but maybe I'm wrong.
  7. You did come over a bit rah rah though to be fair with your gain lines and ball recycling or whatever you were on about
  8. Oh yah yah i agree, i love the way he rucks the ball on the third breakdown after the number 11 gouges the rolling maul into the turnover yah.
  9. TWP need to be careful.. SBW is one thing, we know he can play. But if too many of their high earners are inexperienced League players from rah rah they risk being uncompetitive and having an unbalanced side. They won't win SL with a squad of players who are learning the game and may or not succeed in what is actually a very different sport. If Burgess and Farrell played centre in rah rah (I think that's right?) I can only assume a rah rah centre is very different to a League centre!!
  10. Yorkshire Lancashire (Grandparent rule) Buckinghamshire (Residency rule)
  11. If there are only 60k Tongans in NZ how the hell do they sell 20k tickets to Tongans for their games? Surely not 1 in 3 of the Tongan population of NZ is going to the matches. And I assume not many Tongans fly in for matches for economic reasons. Or are there more people in NZ of Tongan heritage that aren't counted in this figure?
  12. I'm sure I'm not alone in immediately assuming this was a result of a move from the Vichy lot.
  13. The RFL and SKY CEOs really should have consulted with Smudger06 before making these big commercial decisions about TV deals.
  14. They do love cosying up to the rah rahs. It's the only thing i dislike about the club.
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