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  1. So Bradford Council own Horsfall Stadium is that right? 3500 capacity, and practically in Odsal? Surely that is the route to go down. Increasing the capacity by 1500 is surely possible so it's as big as Dewsbury. Why is that not an affordable option? Who's making that too expensive?
  2. I can see London winning 2 or 3 of the last 4. They have it in them. I can also see them losing all 4. But I wouldn't say London are definitely going down by any stretch. Leeds should be ok but Hudds and Wakey in particular could struggle with their fixtures. KR should be ok but again could struggle.
  3. It's basically Northampton so pretty impressive. London Broncos do lots of great things for our game but their inability to draw a crowd unfortunately gives Northern RL fans the impression there aren't thousands and thousands of RL fans in the south.
  4. Yeah, I mean "Gooleboy" would definitely know better than the CEO of the RFL.
  5. Why? It happens all the time. When the team wins it they get the trophy. How is it the RFLs fault that some (a lot) of Widnes fans behaved like morons?
  6. Millennium would be a big hit i reckon
  7. Pathetic behaviour by Widnes fans. No excuses for it at all.
  8. Mick Gledhill said next year's event would only sell 500 tickets so they've cancelled it.
  9. As they're probably super league only contracts i doubt it's a problem. They'll just stay at London or sign for someone else if so. Wakey are a great club and I'd be sad to see them or anyone else go down. (Except maybe Leeds, that'd be pretty funny).
  10. Wow wakey v london could be massive looking at those fixtures
  11. London must be favourites for relegation. What would concern me if I was Wakey / KR / Hudds / Leeds is that London can string 3 wins together and have amazing team spirit. They could lose by 60 one week then win the next 3 games by a few points if the opposition are a bit off. They're super fit and super organised and the pressure's off them.
  12. Its got a good brewery, worth the money just about
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