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  1. I'm not sure if you're joking but it's probably true. The population of Salford is 250k and im sure lots of people in surrounding areas associate with the city too. It probably did have an impact on viewing figures when compared to a town team like Wigan. Edit: this may be rubbish as Wigan's metropolitan population is bigger than Salford's!
  2. I'm not sure he was ever destined to be an England mainstay. He was a good finisher and excellent goal kicker but made a few high profile errors in a Saints team in a difficult transition period and got dropped and never found his way back to the top. He was always very lightweight for top level RL which I doubt helped him. I wasn't aware he was playing again, I thought he'd quit and was pursuing business interests outside the game.
  3. You sound like a complete idiot mate.
  4. Id rather not have his money. Genuinely. I wouldn't say that lightly and I was so excited about his involvement with Salford for a while. But his constant ill thought out comments and desperate populism does more harm than good.
  5. His money's welcome, his mouth is not. How someone so daft got so rich is beyond me.
  6. New sustainable well run clubs in major cities (+ Perpignan!) are exactly what we need as a sport, for commercial and image reasons. Our image has held us back for so long so I'm very much pro Toulouse/Toronto/Catalans....but yes there seems on the face of it no plan. And how are we SUPPORTING Toronto with their development and inclusion rather than making demands of them? How are we as a sport doing anything apart from saying yes you can come and play in our league but it's at your cost and risk? Seems wrong to me. My other concern is the finals. As a sport we are AWFUL at marketing big matches as events and are hugely reliant on hardcore fans turning up for the major finals. We're also hugely reliant on the income provided from these few events. How are we going to deal with the financial and image damage of a cup final / grand final / magic weekend with potentially 3+ clubs with no UK based fanbase?
  7. He's an absolutely outstanding half and fully fit I'd take Gale ahead of any other current SL half. If he's fit he's fit. We'll see. Won't enjoy seeing him in a Leeds shirt much though.
  8. Ok well as long as they jump through your special RL only hoops to qualify for entry then im sure Argyle will be happy to throw a few more million quid at player development with no financial return on top of the millions of quid he's already chucking into OUR game for no financial return. Just enjoy it and be grateful and stop petty nit picking.
  9. I have no idea what you're talking about. Gaslighting rather than debating. Do you agree successful elite sports clubs can offer added value to a league without directly producing players through their own system? Yes or no? I mean the NHL think Las Vegas can. The NRL think Melbourne can. Or is the cash rich Super League ok to be more picky about which mega rich big city well supported new club joins them?
  10. Do they? All successful pro sports clubs have masses of kids playing the game already in their area? Complete horse poo. You just hate Toronto and this is the only stick you have to beat them with. It's pathetic.
  11. The point that successful elite sports clubs all over the world in RL and elsewhere do not develop their own players directly and don't need to. It's not so difficult to understand.
  12. They "run" three feeder teams do they? These feeder teams wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Melbourne running them right? Or do Melbourne just have first dibs on the talent they produce? The two feeder clubs they have are based thousands of miles away and were formed entirely independently of the Storm.
  13. I'm pretty sure Melbourne Storm play Rugby League mate. And i don't think "SL bosses" give any about Canadian player development.
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