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  1. Well go and watch Union then. The RL scrum has been dying a slow death, to resurrect it now will lead to players (and refs) not being certain of the rules and more ‘gamesmanship’ trying to milk a penalty. If that is what you want you know which sport will give it to you. the scrum is just a way to restart the game after a mistake by a team, why should we reward the mistake by giving the team a fair chance to get the ball back (or give the opposition poor quality ball).
  2. If people want to watch contested scrums, watch rugby Union, and see how many scrums go against the feed in top level games. let scrums in RL die a natural death.
  3. Channel 9, bouno esthenis, ethethethetheth,bethethethethis Alfy Langer butrous butrous Gali
  4. So another Lancashire clubs looks likely to fade away because they believed unless they got a new ground they would be kicked out of the top flight. They should have just followed the same model as Wakefield and Cas and just put all the sky money into half decent antipodeans and salary cap cast offs from other clubs, rather than try to bring then game into the 21st Century.
  5. I think that’s the beauty of the old scouse accent ( not the gutteral, nasally plastic scouse that has gained a hold over the last few decades). The old scouse accent is clear and sounds all the letters in the word unlike the rest of us Lancastrians and other northerners who tend to drop letters and combine worlds in’t’onelump.
  6. Interesting however I think it would have gone more the way of cricket. With gentlemen and players allowed to play together, rugby union rules (as we know them) would have been prevalent to negate the professionals. Only in the 70s/80s would rugby league rules start to become established (c.f test cricket and one day to 20/20).
  7. Well I certainly wouldn’t be spent on some new fangled flushing toilets at Weldon Road.
  8. That attitude sums up everything that is wrong with Rugby League in this country.
  9. Look back at this board, in 2015, 2010, 2005 2000 and 1995 and see the exact same issues being discussed. Nothing will change as long as the Yorkshire mafia hang on to power. See BDO and Scottish Football for similar examples of sports governing bodies being run for the sole purpose of lining the pockets of Blazer wearing gravy train passengers.
  10. In which case why not Widnes, a former giant of rugby league, world champions etc....
  11. Will it be: A; a well run club with a solid recent history of good financial management, with a modern stadium, and a decent fan base? Or B: a club that has been in and out of administration but has the recent CEO of the RFL as main owner, and has a hole in the ground for a stadium that makes Bell Vue look modern?
  12. Why not another picturesque ground, why not use this to play the GF at a community club
  13. How about Saddleworth, the moors will make a fine backdrop
  14. We have been there, seen, done it and got the T-shirt. Scrums need to go. Have they been missed over here?
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