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  1. Whilst I totally agree that metric is superior, it is in general an arbitrary system. All the imperial measurements have an approximate physical equivalent, yard, furlong etc.
  2. Sorry but despite Castleford’s on field success their ground is still in the nineteenth century. They make the competition un-credible, when a top club cannot offer basic hygiene (i.e. flushing toilets - not an outside wall) To their paying customers. Cas cannot be included in any credible top flight professional competition.
  3. I agree Netflix did one about the first association football professional, I think the rugby code offers far more of a story.
  4. Probably because he is not a Communist
  5. What about the likes of Cas, Trinity etc... would you rather have a league made up of clubs like Saints, Wire, Wigan, Leeds, Hull and Catalan, as the benchmark, or Clubs like Cas and Wakefield. It is up to these clubs to catch up, not for the top clubs to drop down
  6. a few portacabins and Close Street would beat Bell Vue in ground criteria, and training facilities
  7. So that ok. Then just because poisoning and raptor persecution happen elsewhere, we can all forget about it and just celebrate that Yorkshire has given he world the Nidderdale Cocktail.
  8. Happy Yorkshire day, the county thats poisons dogs and wildlife. If this is Gods own county I’m glad I’m an atheist https://raptorpersecutionscotland.wordpress.com/2020/08/01/dog-poisoning-confirmed-in-nidderdale-raptor-persecution-hotspot/
  9. So long as you state all the facts and don’t leave out facts that don’t back up your hypothesis, then fine. Otherwise by deliberately and selectively omitting facts that don’t back up you hypothesis you are promoting ignorance.
  10. By looking beyond the first fact, into other reason behind any phenomenon.
  11. This comment perfectly illustrates how ignorance racists are. The fact is that there is a high proportion of Asians in the lockdown area. The fact is there is also a high proportion of poverty, people working in low paid and low quality jobs. The fact is there is a high proportion of social and economic depravation. The fact is that there is a high proportion of the population living in poor quality housing. Racists do not get further than the first fact, it demonstrates their complete lack of common sense.
  12. I thought the answer was obvious these areas have a lot of poverty and large concentrations of social and economical depravation, add in poor quality housing and it becomes a prime candidate for infectious disease. So to remedy this we need to look at ways of changing this. p.s I presume he wasn’t alluding to this reason, but another ignorant reason
  13. Can you expand that to include the current super league clubs, if we are going down that route then let’s apply it across the board.
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