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  1. There is a donation page setup to help with the cost of the repair https://www.gofundme.com/f/thatto-heath-crusaders-repair-fund?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet
  2. Nah the NRL will just start to give out % of salary cap exemption for all players that declare for the Kangroos. They will do their best to prevent players choosing other countries.
  3. The population would still claim its ######-hole, that Percival isn’t as good as as Newlove, the council is the cause of all the problems.... the sun is too bloody hot, the beach is full of tourists...etc We may be super league champions, we have a shot at club RL world champions, but when it comes to moaning the population of St Helens will beat all-comers
  4. Saints they are a brand new Ferrari, they look good and can be exciting at times, but when it comes the business end of doing the big shop, picking the kids up from school, going on holiday etc it fails.
  5. As GB how about Hampdon Park - Will the SFA agree, by all accounts it makes the RFL look like Apple ,or Ibrox -don't know how big the pitch is though (Celtic Park is probably out since there would be union flags etc...) Cardiff Big Ground in the North of England or Wembley
  6. Which one of Leeds reserve teams will win it?
  7. Here's thought for the CC final. Start selling tickets now at a big discount £70 seats for £25 -limited until say January (or limited number of tickets ) etc, and take the money now. On the application you can specify a club -which if they get to the final you will be allocated seat in that section, otherwise a neutral section. Slowly ramp up the prices as the date gets closer, so if you leave it until after the Semis you pay full wack. Rather than keep them at full price then give them away 2 weeks before the game That way you will know how full the ground will be way before the event.
  8. Shinty here we come Not that there is anything wrong with Shinty, its a very honest sport, with deep roots in the communities where its played, but is isn't a big commercially successful sport, and will always be there to serve the local communities.
  9. Or in Other-words , Hunslet is a farm club for Leeds therefore in order to keep access to the best Leeds players I will support my clubs benefactor and say what he want me to say. All the power, that we have kept in Yorkshire for all these decades, that has been used to prop up under achieving Yorkshire clubs, will be gone if this is allowed to happen (remember when we conned the Lancashire clubs into investing into there grounds rather than their teams ).
  10. I have been a union member paying political levy for 30 years now. a few years back I joined the full labour party, just to vote against Corbyn in the last leadership election. Whilst I totally understood where he wanted to go I though that he was too much too soon, and we needed to gradually bring the psyche of the country back to a more fairer deal for everyone. However after the last election - yes he didn't win, but he has changed the direction of the politics of this country, in the the tories have realised that they need to try to appear to care. For me Corbyn has done a lot even in opposition in that he has reset the position of our politics.
  11. If you care about what happens to our birdlife, then please sign this https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/201443 the illegal killing of raptors on Driven Grouse Moors is a ecological disgrace. It is not anti shooting, even the BASC are starting to question this. here is a peer reviewed report on what's happening to Golden Eagles in Scotland. They disappear on Grouse Moors.
  12. Whilst I agree with you about improving players, do you think Powel would be given the time with the England players to achieve this. The situation is that the current set up just throws players together and doesn't care for their well being etc. Oh and by the way for everyone bigging Bennet up as a coaching genius, that last game was like watching Saints under Cunningham.
  13. If the rumours are to be believed, then the Iranian billionaire at Everton wants to build a 50+K seater on Trafalgar dock,(just to the north of the the Liver Buildings and about 10-15 min walk from the centre. If this goes ahead (and the pitch is the right size) the I can see this being a regular stadium for RL, and Ideal for Magic (By Ideal I mean Ideal for me)
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