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  1. They probably haven’t. But then again they probably haven’t tried other types of employment, but as a paying customer we have the right to professional services from professional people. The person in question wasn’t press ganged into the job and took a nice bit of financial compensation for the experience. But if they are above criticism and not willing to accept that they can improve then ultimately the customers will get more and more frustrated.
  2. a bit of context, that is not to say we shouldn't take precautions since Covid -19 is a particularly virulent strain, but just think what normally happens 2019-2020 seasonal flu UK: 14,000 deaths 250,000 hospitalised 2019 Global seasonal Flu: 99,000 to 200,000 deaths 2018 Global Measles Deaths: 140,000 Covid-19 deaths so far 2,763 (4 outside China) So whoever doesn't get children vaccinated, and gives grief to someone who is off work with 'man-flu' and is panicking about Covid-19 really need to get their priorities right. In all cases of illness if you are feeling unwell then you should self isolate as best you can especially keep away from vulnerable people (older people, young babies etc). Nothing gets my goat more than the selfish people who turn into work coughing and snotting all day. Unfortunately people think the have a right to do as they please regardless of the consequence to others, so in cases of virulent diseases governments have to step in.
  3. St Helens, Wigan seem to be doing OK even though they have wasted all their money on junior development, Maybe they are destined for relegation this year?
  4. I see it more of a stupidly tax, half the money you pay goes to government social projects. The more stupid you are the more you pay into this system ( I do it occasionally so I’m not saying I don’t have any stupidity). Maybe the way around this is that in order to advertise then the gambling company needs to give 50% of the money wagered to the lottery fund.
  5. The world is populated with hypocrites and at some point one of these hypocrites draws a line and all the other hypocrites call them out. What is a bit of fun for one person is toxic for another. The free bets the reduced odds etc are targeted to certain people. If you rail against one ill of this world and accept another, yes that make you a hypocrite but by the pure definition we are all hypocrites. So we should not rail against anyone who pricks our conscience, just to make ourselves feel ok.
  6. There is a donation page setup to help with the cost of the repair https://www.gofundme.com/f/thatto-heath-crusaders-repair-fund?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet
  7. Nah the NRL will just start to give out % of salary cap exemption for all players that declare for the Kangroos. They will do their best to prevent players choosing other countries.
  8. The population would still claim its ######-hole, that Percival isn’t as good as as Newlove, the council is the cause of all the problems.... the sun is too bloody hot, the beach is full of tourists...etc We may be super league champions, we have a shot at club RL world champions, but when it comes to moaning the population of St Helens will beat all-comers
  9. Saints they are a brand new Ferrari, they look good and can be exciting at times, but when it comes the business end of doing the big shop, picking the kids up from school, going on holiday etc it fails.
  10. As GB how about Hampdon Park - Will the SFA agree, by all accounts it makes the RFL look like Apple ,or Ibrox -don't know how big the pitch is though (Celtic Park is probably out since there would be union flags etc...) Cardiff Big Ground in the North of England or Wembley
  11. Which one of Leeds reserve teams will win it?
  12. Here's thought for the CC final. Start selling tickets now at a big discount £70 seats for £25 -limited until say January (or limited number of tickets ) etc, and take the money now. On the application you can specify a club -which if they get to the final you will be allocated seat in that section, otherwise a neutral section. Slowly ramp up the prices as the date gets closer, so if you leave it until after the Semis you pay full wack. Rather than keep them at full price then give them away 2 weeks before the game That way you will know how full the ground will be way before the event.
  13. Shinty here we come Not that there is anything wrong with Shinty, its a very honest sport, with deep roots in the communities where its played, but is isn't a big commercially successful sport, and will always be there to serve the local communities.
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