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  1. My take on this is that although Latics may have been shafted by dodgy dealing as it has been alleged, they have treated rugby and the rugby club with overt contempt ever since they were in the premier league. Keep off our precious pitch, you can’t play your cup tie we have a wedding booked etc. Hence no RFL internationals, semi finals World Cup Games etc were held there. All of these would have been extra income for the football club/stadium company. No Latics wanted to play Billy Big.Balls and show Wigan RL that they called the tunes, whereas in reality they have always been second in the town. i hope Wigan RL come out of this ok (this is from a dye in the wool saints fan) I think they will and any new owner hopefully will realise that welcomeing rugby is very good business in a town like Wigan
  2. Just speculating here but the RFL matches appeared to dry up once Latic started messing the rugby club around, trying to stop them playing cup matches always complaining about rugby damaging the pitch etc.
  3. I find it funny that Widnes, Leigh, Halifax, St Helens, Warrington, Wigan, Hull FC and HKR, Salford are the only lucky clubs and Cas and Wakey are just unlucky.
  4. So just because clubs like Saints and Warrington have got some rich backers, have invested in a strong academies, and play out of a modern stadium, they should be penalised for being lucky. If you won the lottery next week by this logic you shouldn’t be allowed to buy a nice big house ,car etc. The advantage Cas and Wakey have had by not developing their stadium is akin to a year on year salary cap breach, since other clubs reduced investment on the pitch to ensure that their off field facilities were modern and fit for purpose. As was required at the time under the minimum standards criteria, Widnes, Leigh even Hull KR have improved their ground. As an example take Oldham, they were told in no uncertain terms that the Watersheddings was not fit for super league, they sold their ground and were in the process of getting a new council funded ground. They then got relegated (due to them diverting money from the on field side to the off field) and the whole ground project become unviable. The irony is the Watersheddings in the 1990’s was a better Ground than Bell Vue and Weldon Road are now. Who should replace them how about Halifax, Widnes, Leigh any club that plays out of a ground that recognises that has basic hygiene facilities for the entire population are a necessary, not some sort of 21st century namby pamby luxury because the world’s gone soft.
  5. To be fair this site is mainly just the West Yorkshire mafia slapping each other on the back, how dare anybody suggest that Cas and Wakey are dead beat clubs dragging the sport down to a semi-professional level. They are traditional clubs playing out of traditional stadiums we don’t want any of that 20th century rubbish here.
  6. I hope we get canned crowd noises, with FORRRWARD And GERRRUMONSIDE every few minutes.
  7. They own the south bank underneath Thellwall viaduct, and hence the largest plantation of giant hogweed in the UK
  8. Once again the RFL let the West Yorkshire mafia get another free hit. What is the point of the government loan then if it isn’t to avoid administration?
  9. Well with all this speculation regarding salary cap reduction and it being reviewed next year, any top level player should start to look elsewhere.
  10. They should have done what Cas and Wakey did. Just not bother upgrading the ground and spend all their money on players and portacabins. The Watersheddings in 1990 wasn’t that much different from one or two West Yorkshire ground today. If only the town was a few miles further east they would have still been in the top flight.
  11. But quite a few clubs do have backers and and councils that see their sports club as a community asset. Should we hold these clubs and the game back?
  12. Another example of the West Yorkshire clubs dragging the sport back. Not only do they want to play out dilapidated grounds they want the rest of the sport to drop down to their level. As it has been pointed out there is no obligation to spend 2.1 miilion on players wages.
  13. as long as they put a few porta-cabins at one end and call them executive boxes it will be OK - ah no it wont since ground isn't in Yorkshire.
  14. You could have said exactly the same about Widnes 20 odd years ago, but Widnes were still relegated because of their ground (not their on field performance. So in your quote I don't see how the game would benefit in any way from breaking up one of the most sucessful and attractive teams in the league to enforce some sort of arbitrart stadium rule, which would likely seem them relegated and bankrupted. It should be for the individual clubs to decide where their funds are best spent. Well Widnes and Leigh haves seen their on field fortunes take a dive and bankrupted themselves (Salford probably not far behind). Saints, Widnes, Leigh, Salford, Warrington were all told that ground improvements were necessary in order to stay in (or be allowed into) Super League. These clubs abided by the rules at the time. Allowing their on field side to slip whilst they invested in the future. But then what? All the rules are thrown out because other clubs were just paying lip service to these requirements - it was akin to cheating the salary cap. These clubs worked to get modern facilities, at the expense of the on field side, with the understanding that this was essential for super league, but showhow Cas and Wakey are exempt. Remember Knowsley Road? how it was called an embarrassment to super league well Knowsely Road was akin to Wembley compared to Wheldon Road and Bell Vue
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