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  1. I think the opening line of the report” 21 year 11 clubs career”, perhaps Ollie you just weren’t that good. And you needed a bit of help
  2. I have just finished Leigh Bardugo’s Grishaverse series (Shadow and the bone etc) I am not that into fantasy but these are excellent stories and characters, but the Shadow and the Bone series does contain some rather pathetic teenage romance writing, and it is testament to the strength of the story that you can read through that. the six of crows however is a fantastic heist story. non-fiction Soccermatics by David Sumptor us and interesting read even if like me you don’t have that much interest football.
  3. A very good resume of the current state of cricket in England. there are rumours that the hundreds is a precursor to franchising the first class game over here with ~10 city based “test” teams, concentrating the the available talent. the problem is that franchising in sport hasn’t really succeeded in the UK but of course the lower counties don’t want to be reduced to basically a fully professional version of league cricket (which it isn’t that far off at the moment) One thing that is needed is less limited overs and more competitive timed cricket
  4. The roots of feasting at this time of year are quite pragmatic. In high Northern latitudes Nothings grows now for the next 2 months, so you have to survive till spring. This means that in all likely hood you do not have enough fodder to keep all your animals, so slaughter the excess livestock and feast heartily since the birth of the new year is upon us.
  5. Yep a date celebrated since human’s became aware, and absolutely nothing at all to do with the mythical birth of someone in the Middle East.
  6. For anybody with an interest in all things wild and wonderful, this site is very good for keep up to date on why you don’t see many birds of prey when you are out and about (especially in North Yorkshire) https://raptorpersecutionscotland.wordpress.com
  7. In my school (in the RL heartlands)in the 80s if you were picked for the first XV at the weekend you couldn’t play for your RL team that weekend( even if the matches were on different days) quite a few ended up in detention for it. Add in the rampant homophobic comments from the sports teachers about anyone playing rugby league, and you get the picture.
  8. Much that the RU back line is good, Hanley and Newlove at centre! As good as Gibbs and Bateman were, they would have been in Newlove and Hanley’s pockets all afternoon. the only ones I would swap would be Davis for Conolly and Offiah for Drummond
  9. On the one I was on it was me , by virtue of being picked first and sitting in the ‘foremans seat’ as it was refered to. but generally it just tends to sort its self out
  10. But in the piece Goulding states that there were procedures in place(baseline cognitive tests) but as players they manipulated the results of these test, by getting other player to complete them etc. If this was the case then the RFL can only do so much if the players did not take these tests seriously then that is where a portion of the blame lies. I don’t buy into the claim that the tests were unregulated and open to manipulation, the protocol was presumably designed to be done by responsible adults, who did not require constant supervision. That is not to say that the suggestion that other agencies could have put undue pressure on players to manipulate these test, isn’t valid. But without any hard proof of this happening that it is just hearsay and can be rightfully refuted.
  11. Central Park and Knowsley Road knocked Weldon Road into a cocked hat for being a great place to watch rugby league in the last century. As to going to an actual rugby league ground I suppose I've gone all soft in that I would like basic hygiene facilities when I pay over £25 for access to a venue.
  12. That used to be the rule, initial contact was the deciding issue on the legality of the tackle. However since we have become more aware of the dangers of head knocks it is contact to the head that decides the illegality of the tackle.
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