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  1. Wonder how much Saints will demand on transfer fee?
  2. I enjoyed the games a Victory Park, used to have a bit of banter with opposition supporters. I remember arguing the toss with some Dewsbury fans, who reckoned I couldn't comment on Rugby as I supported ST Helens in Super League and therefore new ###### all about proper Rugby. The last match at home to York was quite emotional, Chorley winning it with a last minute drop goal.
  3. Saints been going since I was a young lad. The whole family are massive fans. No 2 Used to be Chorley, I used to go when I could as the wife (being from Chorley) supported them. Since they moved to Blackpool haven't been. Don't really have a second club now, but if theres a game on I'll be watching.
  4. I am now well and truly ****ed off with Sky. I missed the Crusaders game at Weekend because I had booked into Soughton Hall on Saturday, for a meal and an overnight stay, a treat for my wife more than anything, with the intention of going to the game on Sunday. My Mum and Dad both mad keen Saints supporters have now retired to Spain. My Dad went to his first game at Knowsley Road in 1946 and wanted to be at the last league game. They fly in from Spain on the 2nd to watch the game. The return flights are at 19:40 on Saturday and guess who has to take them to the Airport!
  5. Staying at Saints from the Horses mouth!
  6. The new ground can't come soon enough for us.
  7. I've took the Saints Five Year season ticket offer at
  8. As i posted on the RLFANS Saints Website FFS, that's ruined the weekend. Booked an evening meal and ovenight stay at Soughton Hall on the Saturday evening. Sunday morning do a bit of walking etc and then onto the match.
  9. Can't see it being Saints V Cas with it being the last match at Knowsley Road, a lot of events have been planned for that day/evening.
  10. It's a;so the oldest one, so Iam led to believe.
  11. Bloody Hell! After all these years the media have been misleading Manchester United and Manchester City, isn't after all a derby!
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