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  1. About time ref's crack down on these pathetic plays. Think Revers got more from ref. Glad revers willing to pay so much for a transfer. Have they sold a few houses already? I am glad you hardly ever post if your posts this afternoon are your standard
  2. I heard the Salford Chairman had referred to Salford as a socialist city? Certainly capitalism rules at HKR
  3. Do you not see that by calling Hull Fans neanderthalls and Muppets you are perpetuating the problem. All the OP is asking is whether those in power at HKR should call out the no doubted minority of fans involved in this incident
  4. Maybe it is highlighted by Hull fans but it did happen to them and HKR seem serial offenders
  5. If the news of any investigation is new the subject is a valid topic of conversation. I am not impressed by your dismissal of what I saw. It doesn't matter whose fans they are these people should be held responsible for there actions
  6. Can quite see why you would like the points you mentioned On the whole it seems to be a reasonable appraisal but I can't see why clubs have not been doing most of this already?
  7. Very rarely have I seen someone with the skill set of Jake. The big trouble was always his position. Not a great defensive full back and did not show up often as an off half. I do feel the Hull team will have a better balance without him going forward and of course there were rumours of him not being popular with team mates Interesting times ahead and I am hearing Jake Clifford is showing a lot of promise
  8. Make carrying the ball illegal so you can only kick it. Keep the same shape ball. It would also make wheelchair rugby a bit difficult?
  9. Yes, I agree with a lot of what you say. I also am an entrepreneur and thats why I am cynical, also been a league fan for too many years not to be so. I am also hoping desperately that IMG can progress the game because I genuinely fear the future if this doesn't work. My argument is not with you so much as with posters and local reporters who now assume the good work at craven park is done and rovers will just become the most successful team in england
  10. So these investors who include a builder and a builders merchant just happen along now? I think Neil has played a good game and how he has managed to keep the club going has been a terrific achievement. If it pays off now then good luck. The fact remains that the council has been a big help (fair enough) and if you think the new board members are not taking advantage we have a slight disagreement and yes I am a very cynical person. My initial reply was meant as a comment on the supporters who are now bragging on SM about the situation
  11. Sorry, are you saying that land that has building consent on it was worthless? These new investors may be as you say and I do believe some businessmen can become stricken by their conscience and want to give something back but if they wanted to they could have done so any time but waited till now
  12. Hats off to Neil Hudgell but yoyu can't tell me you paid the full value of the stadium and surrounding area. As for these saints who are suddenly jumping on the bandwagon now they can see a profit , where were they when needed a few years ago?
  13. Suprising how these new investors appear just when there is a chance of making money on the land gifted by the council
  14. The point is that for the first round games the prices locally was more than double SL games.
  15. Surely the point here is not so much attending spectators as attractiveness on tv and increasing such revenue. In which case the actual games televised are more important than the individual teams
  16. Interesting times coming. A worry is some clubs would score well on some of Martyn's score card, yet have an odd problem or two elsewhere. I would like to see clubs rated without "director's donations" asthey may not be there forever
  17. What you said originally is very true. Without Neil ,HKR would never have got to where they are today. I don't think enough credit goes to some owners who can't possibly be doing it for profit
  18. It's always good when Aussies lose. In the long run it help's with their modesty
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