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  1. In Pearson's defence it should be noted the Stadium Managent Company did not lose money under his tenure.When the Allams got control of the football club and the SMC they ran it under an umbrella company and since it has been pretty much impossible to follow the finances of the SMC except they have contrived to lose several million pound on it
  2. I would welcome her back at Wembley. She truly was the best I have heard. Well done Lizzie
  3. Hopefully Gale will get a bit more protection playing behind a decent pack!
  4. If a PE company could get the game to a level where it is worth selling on,that would be a success. Of course there needs to be due diligence but I fail to see why you are so certain a PE company would walk away, apart from having some sort of return during the course of there deal it has to be in the PE companies interest to have ahigher value sport at the end of the agreement. These companies are not all asset strippers
  5. But that is the point. If nothing changes the game will slowly die
  6. The most important point he made was regarding people ready to invest in the game but put off by the current power brokers in the game. As Adam Pearson recently stated new investment is greatly needed. Of course we need to be sure that any new investment is good for the game. As Richo stated everything relies on the obvious parochialism. He is right in all he say's about our games progression being held back by self interest. As Oxford said above there are things to be proud of in our game and I have no doubt people are working really hard to progress it but after over a century of self interest it is time the game becomes the priority
  7. In a normal year it may not be so bad but with covid kicking off again it seems idiotic to take players from clubs who have been semi isolating and then mix players from different clubs some of whom have an ongoing issue with covid
  8. I think they just love the protests. Ever since they got turned down to have a name change they have thrown their toys out.They wanted the name Hull erased from their club because of a fall out withe council The issue they have with the council is that the council wouldn't gift them the stadium to finance developing the site and surrounding area which the allams also do not own
  9. I would not be averse to a new ground shared with wovers but with all the work going on at ncp I can't see it. Hull left the boulevard and used what money the raised to clear of some debts. Not much was left The board at the time didn't want to get invoved in the running of the stadium and negotiated a user agreement which was beneficial up to a gate of around 7000. After that level it started to cost money as around half of any gate over that was to be used to pay the management company. TBF at the time we were having a bit of sucess but not drawing much more than that at Boulevard No one wants to take on the Allams as the council havent got the money or the will for another fight and the Allams just do as they like such as shutting footbridges into the ground as a so called anti terrorist measure even though the ground is in a park! They have also moved community groups using the site of this community stadium.
  10. I thought the Lam interview after the game was telling. He looked shell shocked and moaned about Wigan not playing the Wigan way. Surely that is up to him. It is noticable how some are criticising Wigan being boring when they have played similar under Madge and then Wayne and now Lam. Perhaps that is now the Wigan way?
  11. Don't the play off's have an effect on the finishing positions?
  12. This. Also there is a difference in high tackles. It is possible to connect with the head with your arm waist high. Should you be carded? Awful news about Stevie Ward, hope he will be able to lead a near normal life
  13. Every one has the same cap except some spend on marquee players, no idea how many nowadays. Some teams (many0 don't spend up to the cap. Who is replacing the above players? Will Bateman etc be on what Burgess is on. And no not the big lame one
  14. Are Hull matching the spending? I would be amazed if any Hull player is at the same level as French and Hastings at least
  15. Apart from a general response to the"rumour" I have no idea how anyone can post whether it is a good or bad thing without a hell of a lot more detail
  16. Which is why I do not see the attraction of HKR to them even accepting all the attractiveness listed above
  17. Not trying to stir but who would want to invest in any RL team in England let alone this mob. Hudgell has been pouring money in for years and they are bottom of SL. If he can't manage to make it self financing how will a equity investor see a return? Some talk of them buying the ground back and there is a fair bit of land involved but unless there is a deal ready I can't see it
  18. so you may have been arguing without knowing the relevant facts?
  19. I just don't get why the super league clubs are always the bad guys. They are the face of RL and need to have some attraction for fans and broadcaster's.For this they need to be at least a bit competative with NRL and onion. Many are about on their knees and I would guess the whole sport is not so high on their agenda. Yes they are selfish and possibly not looking to the future but my business would do the same. I aim to survive first and then see what is happening
  20. Fair enough,but they aren't exactly stealing this money as they could as easily just kept 11 clubs
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