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  1. And you’ve contributed what exactly? Sod all. And if you can’t find the meaning in that you might need to try harder.
  2. Jeez. They mustn’t learn about colloquial language over there either. In fact it’s probably an example of metonymy.
  3. What sport did they play? Was it rugby league? Were they called “Hull Rugby League Football Club”? I was wondering when someone was going to try to claim RL predates 1895.
  4. You’re not proof of any irony lessons mate. Or maybe it’s comprehension. If you’re trying to prove the benefits of the UK education system I don’t think a discussion about the RFL and it’s ability to run RL is going to help your cause.
  5. You’ll find it’s the flatcaps doing the damage. The towns are incidental.
  6. There’s that education system again. Do they teach irony there?
  7. As long as they don’t try to play in Canada. It would be a logistical nightmare and they wouldn’t take any fans with them. Fact.
  8. Generations of inbreeding and a poor education system must take some of the blame.
  9. No. It just makes no sense. I need a thick flatcap translator to decipher that gibberish.
  10. And you think this is consistent with your anti-Toronto nonsense do you? I bet TWP have attracted more people to RL, youth or otherwise, in the past two years than all the clubs in the north combined, but nah we don’t want that. You claim to want growth, but rail against a new club in a new country with thousands of new fans. I guess only certain growth in certain places is allowed under flatcap law.
  11. Youth...as long as they’re not from outside a handful of northern towns no doubt. They can f*** off if they are. I simply can’t imagine why no one has listened to you.
  12. No. It will survive in Australia where the pit town flatcaps can’t hurt it.
  13. Show me any evidence that I want the game dead. We all know you and your kind fully support any move to prevent any growth in the sport so it’s clear who wants it dead. And anyone who thinks RL has been around for 140 years clearly has no interest in facts or is too stupid to subtract 2018 from 1895.
  14. They might have to when the game in England finally disappears up its own ######. It’ll be entirely down to attitudes like yours but you won’t admit it. All the little Englanders will be in miserable old ****’s heaven as the last of the pit town clubs fold or switch codes or are left to play out a tinpot competition against a handful of other smalltime rivals in front of two old blokes and a whippet. And both of them will be whinging about it being the RFL’s fault without even a moment of self-awareness.
  15. If there’s a silver lining to all this it’s that the thick inbred backward xenophobic flatcaps who cry about RFL favouritism for the likes of TWP really don’t have a leg to stand on anymore. Not that they ever did but this just shoots them down completely. Although I have a feeling it won’t stop them. I just read some mouh breather on twitter asking why they aren’t playing every second week away from home and asking for a level playing field. Without a hint of irony.
  16. A Salford v London final next year would be worth it for the karma alone.
  17. Looks like the whinging small town xenophobes are getting their way. They’ve just ensured less interest in the sport’s oldest competition. They’re getting exactly what they want; a small sport getting smaller.
  18. You’re looking more foolish all the time. That’s what happens when you let spite and commercial motives dictate your opinions instead of objective interest in the sport.
  19. No he’s just coming up with something new and original that he hasn’t said yet.. ??? Only kidding.
  20. Unless you find beauty in a random mix of bold, italics and underlined text. And make sure you don’t actually read it.
  21. Only 14 hours later. He’s still typing.
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