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  1. The scores not important. The fact that a team a league below could run 2 tries in the last 3 minutes shows a slight problem. Either were not up to match fitness yet and is pre season and that will come. Or some of the squad might not be up to championship level yet Thats the most worrying and was our main problem last year.Anyway be alrite on the night.
  2. R.I.P to the young Batley lad...Today Dewsbury and Batley are one......
  3. R.I.P fella today Dewsbury and Batley are one.
  4. Desperately unlucky against York.Play like that and we should win.
  5. Don't know mate no matter how bad it was having a go a physio is a bit below belt. To be honest it makes a change for us to be involved in such intensity .
  6. it seems that certain York fans crossed the line a bit on Sunday. Even deciding to give the young physio abuse .If that's your level of sportsmanship then so be it.We wont forget see you next year.
  7. Win our game in hand one point behind and you lovely lads are in as deep as us.Only difference in our coaches is ours is in his first season and yours is in his third.At least our coach has an excuse.By the way past records prove we still get higher gates even when were a league below.
  8. How about you go to Wembley this year and get relegated Lol.
  9. Agree mate to go to Wembley and support your team top of my list
  10. Have edited the post It was a bit of frustration and I don't know what we expected but to get a result mid week at Widnes against a team of full timers. That had switched a fixture to give them an extra two days off was a bit far fetched .In fairness had it not been for Mark Dewsbury would now at best be way down championship 1. So we dust our selves down and off to York we go.
  11. 3 Sections to a club.The most important is the fans and where was you today .No vocal support just stood around waiting to give negative comments instead of supporting the team. On Wednesday the team will ge support from a fraction of fans then turned up today.Its time to stop moaning and lets get behind the team.
  12. Good squad if were going to beat em this is the squad.
  13. That's a steal get on it.Would say Batley will take em.
  14. If Franky wins remaining 2 there won't be a club never mind a.match. lol
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