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  1. He was due to represent Wales in the Commonwealth Games.However he signed for us and lost the chance hell of a sacrifice Injury meant he had to give up far too early. Never forget the sesh we had at Bridgend. The fastest winger to put on the Red and Amber. R.I.P Legend they will have an hell of a job catching you up there.
  2. Its obvious your brain cells not been affected during lockdown.Watched more sport than you will ever watch Twiglet for every point you've gifted us weve paid the compliment back .Don't forget it was Red Hall that saved your *****.You would have gone had you gone down.
  3. Its not important but had things been normal .We would have been in the pub waiting to kick some Batley backsides and according to more sensible dogs they had put us clear favourites Never mind all good things come to those that wait.
  4. Trevor Lowe theres one for the oldies. Greg Pierce Les Holdiday
  5. The next game could well be boxing day.

    7 Days

    Shame I had to be in for 7 never mind will be able to stay out on Sunday.Will you watch us on TV.

    7 Days

    Better get it right piglet you might be going next season ,Have you been out of Batley.lol

    7 Days

    Before the doom and gloom merchants on here pipe up and no doubt mark us for a loss. Win tomorrow possible,.Despite certain people wanting to surrender the game to Haven. Its a winnable game going to need a monumental show. We then go to Gateshead with the chance to put a 5 game run on .Who would have taken that 2 month ago and what will it do for the confidence of the team. So stop the negativity believe in your team get to Oldham and if possible get up to Haven.Lets celebrate what could be the best start to a season in years.
  9. And if it pours down you can rule the open stand out also 3 or 4 rows of seats in the North Stand.The amount of stewards for the Widnes game was the amount required by law.You can if agreed by Kirklees run with reduced stewards or you could close 2 sections of the south stand.The people on here agreeing to the closure will be the first to complain if problems arise in the North Stand.

    v Swinton

    Cant see it being on to be honest .The travel conditions and the amount of water to come down .What we don't want is folk struggling to get their for the game to be called off .Make a decision early doors.
  11. The scores not important. The fact that a team a league below could run 2 tries in the last 3 minutes shows a slight problem. Either were not up to match fitness yet and is pre season and that will come. Or some of the squad might not be up to championship level yet Thats the most worrying and was our main problem last year.Anyway be alrite on the night.
  12. R.I.P to the young Batley lad...Today Dewsbury and Batley are one......
  13. R.I.P fella today Dewsbury and Batley are one.
  14. Desperately unlucky against York.Play like that and we should win.
  15. Don't know mate no matter how bad it was having a go a physio is a bit below belt. To be honest it makes a change for us to be involved in such intensity .
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