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  1. First visit to St James Park. Can you take your own food into the stadium ?
  2. Thanks, I really enjoyed the game, terrific atmosphere in the main stand. The more I see of James Ford the more impressed I am. After the final hooter, with many in my vicinity baying for the referee's blood, I watched him walk to the match officials leaving the pitch, to shake their hands and thank them. I am not naive enough to realise harsher words may have been exchanged away from prying eyes, but, I for one, appreciated this dignified gesture, when some coaches I can think of would have indulged in crowd pleasing remonstrating. I will definitely be coming to Bootham Crescent more regularly, I think York play some wonderful rugby. I have only 2 minor gripes about my day, Brigantes, closed for refurbishment, and I was 5 tickets away from winning the £175 half time draw. I like the £5 off vouchers for the next game, I hope enough people were sufficiently impressed with yesterday's performance to take advantage of the initiative. Thanks again for everybody's friendliness, on this forum and at the game, in particular Jon Flatman, looking forward to my next visit.
  3. I live in Scunthorpe, and I attend about 20 RL games a season, even though I have no allegiance to any specific club ( although I admit to a particular liking for Catalans because it means I have to go to the South of France to watch them ). This Sunday's game has been on my calendar since the cup draw was made, but because of other commitments I wasn't in a position to book a ticket until Thursday morning. When I looked to buy a ticket online I could see no option to collect the ticket from the ground on game day, before committing to buying, even though I had done exactly this before last season's Toronto game, so I emailed the club just to confirm this was possible. 10 or so minutes after sending the email I received a phone call from John Flatman saying he would personally ensure a ticket was left for me at the ticket office to collect. I do not know John, I have never met him or spoken to him before, but we had a short conversation during which I said how impressed I was with the progress the Knights were making on and off the field. It was a pleasure to speak to John, this to me epitomises the true spirit and enthusiasm of the club,following it's emergence from less enlightened times. I'm sure there are people like John giving unstintingly of their time and efforts at most Championship and League 1 clubs ( I went to Batley Toulouse last week, it gladdened my heart to appreciate first hand the lovely set up there), so good luck to John and all the volunteers at York and elsewhere, doing much unheralded work throughout our great game. I saw the Knights at Doncaster earlier this season but this will be my 1st visit to Bootham Crescent since the Toronto game last July. I hope everybody's efforts are rewarded with a bumper crowd, good luck for the rest of the season.
  4. Thanks spanishknight. Came from Scunny for the Workington game, no way going to miss out on Toronto in town. Does anyone know if there will be any Wolfpack merchandise on sale in the club shop ? Skolars were selling Wolfpack stuff before their 1st ever game, with a percentage of the receipts going to Skolars, and I think other clubs may have reached a similar arrangement.
  5. Anybody know the qualifying age for a senior ticket ?
  6. Anybody got any unwanted team sticker sets ( including part used ) ? not car or window stickers
  7. Anybody need copies of The Final Hooter or The Greatest Game ? Also have, View From Behind the Sticks ( Cup Final 1990 ) general interest Wally Lewis is Coming, 3,4,5,6 Up n Under ( general interest ) 6 The Loiner 1,2,3,5,6,7,8 Steam Pig 5,6 Pie Eaters Prescription 3 T F and the Wire 1 House of Pain ( Warrington ) 6 Who the Hell was St. George Anyway ( Dons ) 15 Another Bloody Sunday ( Leeds ) 2,3
  8. I have Flag Edge Touch 3,7,8,and 9 if you need any of these. Also have 4 editions of In Touch from 1983/4, a combined Hull/Rovers + amateur scene brochure
  9. I went to the Doncaster game, and can confirm Toronto's blushes were only saved by the timekeeper inexplicably sounding the full time hooter with 77 mins displayed on the digital countdown clock. The Dons were on the attack at the time
  10. Sorry John, do mean RL World. Thanks for the reply, could you pm me please if you want to make these available Cheers, Chris
  11. Anybody got any unwanted/unloved Rugby League Monthly's or Forty/20's from 2012 ? Happy to pay reasonable amount + postage, or can try to arrange swap with programmes/ Open Rugby's/ books/ other memorabilia. Thanks
  12. Montpellier, Catalans v Wigan 2011 attendence 9,327
  13. Chose yesterday for my annual visit to watch York City Knights, my last game in the city being a trip to Heworth to take in the Newcastle Thunder game last season. Had hoped for a much closer game, Rochdale were very disappointing, particularly in the 1st half. Talking to a Rochdale fan walking back to the station after the game, the players had been given the week off before the match, a strategy that obviously backfired. That said I thought York won the game in the halves, Nicklas and Presley were standout players, and I was impressed as I had been at Heworth with Jack Aldous. I enjoyed the passionate support of the home fans, although I thought the top of the table clash might have attracted a few more stay aways. This was the 1st RL game I have been to at Bootham Crescent, I will definately come back, hopefully before the end of the season. Incidentally, the 1st time I went to Bootham Crescent was in September 1969 to see my hometown team Scunthorpe United lose 3-2 to York City, Kevin Keegan scored both Scunthorpe's goals. Just as an aside, are the balls booted out of the ground ever retrieved? Anyway, best of luck for the remaining fixtures, looking forward to my next visit when I have accumulated enough money to be able to spend an hour or so in the York Tap before the train home ( I know there are other pubs available, it's just so annoyingly convenient, and the beer is always in great condition )
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