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  1. Group behaviour should come into this. Every club has an idiot or two, and I"m sure everyone has a story to tell about encountering those idiots. But there are clubs where very poor group behaviour is displayed regularly. Doesn't matter how many there are, or how loud they are, you wouldn't describe them as 'quality'. Far from it.
  2. Yep. Agree with that. Kear doing a good job with a very young side, and a particularly young pack. No doubt, the usual suspects will come in for the latest crop of kids as the season progresses.
  3. Well if that was us there would already be a 25 page thread on it by now.
  4. Indeed. Connor Robinson being banned won't help them. Also, prediction is very bad weather.
  5. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Bradford-Northern-History-1863-1989-Williams/dp/B00137BBS4 Yours for a mere £64.63 Alternatively... https://worldrugbymuseum.blog/2016/10/31/how-the-city-of-bradford-helped-shape-the-early-history-of-rugby-football/
  6. Mixed feelings on this one. Evans is a decent player at Champ level, better in defence than attack, works his nuts off every game. So a little sorry to lose him. But he does get injured and if he's a big earner on our payroll then there's a benefit there. Squad wise we're a little short of numbers so more bodies coming is good, BUT, what we don't want are kids from another club that can't hack it straight away. We've got our own latest set of academy players that look terrific, so they must get priority. Good news is that they would come on loan not DR, so there's minimum periods and we won't be obligated to play them. The club is in a very bad state and the fans need something to be proud of, something to invest in. For the last few seasons that's been seeing the kids come through (before getting picked off). They should take note that whilst a player like Evans leaving is understandable, further sales of our top emerging talent for peanuts is not acceptable.
  7. Sometimes it's hard for the drug testing to be done post game/training as some clubs, who seem to have a questionable culture when it comes to this subject, seek to obstruct the process at the very point that you're suggesting.
  8. Terminology is important with this type of thing. One of our recent owners tried this trick as there's a potential VAT saving if you're selling a 'membership' as opposed to 'tickets'. ie the club can boost it's earnings in this area by 20% if it doesn't have to pass on the VAT element. However, you can't just call 'tickets' 'memberships' and pocket the cash (like one of our previous 'fit and proper' owners decided) as there is an important caveat that discerns the two - that being voting rights. So HFC fans... does this purchase come with any voting rights?
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