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  1. No mention of Rhys Evans, Ross Peltier, George Flanagan, Mikey Wood, Sam Hallas, Cobi Green, Colton Roche and Liam Kirk. Yeah, some of these will most likely be unable to re-sign due to the embargo. Presumably as soon as that's lifted then some of these names will be inked in. Not fussed about George (bit sick of his antics and misses too many games for stupid reasons) but the rest are good to stay for me. In particular Hallas and Kirk with Peltz and Wood a close third. Green I don't know much about, only seen fleetingly. We need a good quality hooker for next season. We've struggled all season in that position. George I've mentioned and Wildie isn't really a hooker for me. Catches the eye with some darts but not great at the meat and drink of the dummy half role. I'd like to see an experienced hooker brought in and Doyle given plenty of game time. Released: Matt Garside, Ashley Gibson, Callum Bustin, Jon Magrin, Matty Wildie, Dalton Grant and James Green. Fairly clear that Kear doesn't rate Magrin and probably thinks that Bustin hasn't got anything beyond a strong carry. Gibson isn't dynamic enough - I'm more likely to get a pass off him stood on the terrace than his winger is. Garside (Fax I believe) is a good player at this level and I'm surprised he's not been retained. But he has found it difficult to break into the team with Farrell, Minchella and Storton all clearly in front of him. Green (York?) hmmm... mixed feelings. He's a good strong runner and brings the mongrel, but lacks footwork and hardly ever breaks the line. There are more effective props out there but he has been good for us. Like Garside Grant can't get in if others are fit. But with Ethan going to KR I'd have thought he'd stay. Maybe the travelling is a factor also.
  2. Fair comment. But I'm sure you'd agree that the way professional RL is structured in this country it pretty much lives or dies by it's TV deal. There is a very important one coming up shortly, and it's all about money. We've already seen the SL effectively breakaway from the RFL, and it is them (Elstone) who will be negotiating that new deal. If Elstone is contemplating a return to licencing to get the clubs he wants in order to secure the same/greater income, then of course clubs will be compared against each other. So it's not really a dick measuring contest, it's a serious point. Wakefield, like all other clubs, will have to stand on their record and, in someone's opinion their future potential to help expand revenues for SL. All teams will be compared just like they were in the nineties when the like of Fev and Keighley were sacrificed on the alter of TV money. In my opinion London would be seen to be preferred on that criteria. Might be wrong. This isn't about Bradford. We're a Champ 1 basket case.
  3. Good bit of work this. Would be interested to see list of each club’s highest home gate for the season and who the opposition were.
  4. I was asked a question re comparing London to Trinity and the relative value of each. It wasn’t a lecture. Also, this thread isn’t about Bradford. Would you say that the Wakefield club are a greater asset to SL than a London team? If so why?
  5. Ah ha. Good man... thought that would hit the spot! 1999 - bottom 4 2000 - bottom 3 2001 - bottom 2 2002 - bottom 2 2003 - bottom 2 2004 - play-offs 2005 - bottom 3 2006 - bottom 3 2007 - 8th 2008 - 8th 2009 - play-offs 2010 - bottom 4 2011 - bottom 2 2012 - 8th 2013 - bottom 4 2014 - bottom 3 2015 - bottom 2016 - 8th 2017 - 5th 2018 - 5th 2019 - bottom 4 (possible relegation with one game to come) Call it drivel if you like but the stats don’t lie. My opinion, which may well be drivel, is that currently London in SL contribute more to our game than Trinity in SL. If you disagree then tell us why, outside of your own fan base, the reverse is true.
  6. Because of the level of engagement in London. Player participation. London lends itself to greater media attention. Potential audience etc etc I don’t think Wakey will go down, but what’s their contribution to the game outside of their immediate fan base? 10+ years of SL, with entry gained on false pretences, 2/3 good players produced. Every season bar the odd one last year they’re at the bottom and struggling.
  7. No idea who will win. Too tight to call. But the game of RL will benefit far more if London stay up.
  8. After 20 draft polite replies I’ve come up with this... ‘Thick as mince‘ When all said and done it cuts to the chase when you’ve wasted my time in trying to explain why your post is utter nonsense in the context to my reply to the original post. You’re not called Boris are you, or perhaps from Halifax?
  9. I know it's only probably for the thousandth time but.... Tesco > 'Yes' > Bulls > VP> Morrisons 'No'> Stephen Byers 'Inquiry' > Tesco 'No' > Bulls > Back to Odsal and the rest is history as they say. Thanks for the pat on the head. Don't know why I bother but here's a link for you in case it's classed as one of those myths by blinkered fans... https://www.yorkshirepost.co.uk/news/latest-news/inquiry-call-halts-stadium-scheme-1-2402198
  10. Well Dave, to be fair, he’s being judged on being a ‘media person’. If someone has never heard either of his main broadcasts then how can they form an opinion?
  11. Halifax deserve better from their fans given recent good seasons. They’re a good little club with a strong amateur scene. I fear that the trouble in the boardroom this year coupled with releasing of their best coach for some time will not play out well in the long term. Challenge cup semi probably papered over a team on the downward spiral. Let’s hope things improve. The Championship needs a decent Halifax.
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