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  1. I think it’s more a case of people coming in, doing a terrible job because they’re incompetent, realising that they’re in trouble, then grabbing what they can before they go, leaving the club bankrupt. That’s why you don’t give clubs like Bradford to novices, or worse, people with poor track records in business, and who also have no money behind them. Here’s a question... the club have just come to an arrangement to settle some debt with three main creditors. This has been serviced by selling our best young players. Which creditors benefited from this fire sale?
  2. Well I suppose sponsorships, Southbank, and of course revenues from player sales would be three just off the top of my head. Then of course there’s income that’s set aside for things like pensions that goes missing. Or maybe £100k lottery money that appears from nowhere. Who knows what else. Maybe someone even ran off to an island in the sun with a car boot full of cash. You’re confusing good governance and sensible financial management with our last five owners. All of which were signed off as fit and proper people by NW. With the last one having a first class public endorsement from the governing body not two years ago. And the one before that being crowned ‘RL man if the year’ by none other than our very own Martyn Sadler. We are here once more. For the fifth time. The same people in senior office positions STILL remain at the club throughout all the admins. All that changes is the joker in charge every couple of years.
  3. Bradford Bulls generate lots of money. You’re confusing cash with financial performance.
  4. Tremendous news. One wonders what Sam Burgess is thinking looking at that figure...
  5. Dave, I’m sure you can work it out from the thousands of posts on this subject, the questions in Andrew’s article, and my post back to you late last night. Here’s a quick prompt... Who are/were the decision makers? Where are these people now? Why might they have made the decisions they did? Where has all the money gone? What potential financial benefits remain to any owners? What has happened to the assets of the club in the last few weeks?
  6. I don't see how it’s an unfair comparison. We had wealthy backers ready to come in and they were knocked back in favour of OK, then the gang of three, then MG, then AC, now NW. David Thorn is the man you mention. But why would the governing body want someone like that - a man with A lot of money and a fabulous track record in UK sport? Maybe someone as successful as him taking the club would get in the way of other people’s ambitions. David’s interview about his dealings with the RFL make for very revealing reading.
  7. Are you seriously suggesting that at the time, if this was Warrington say, you’d be happy if the RFL had knocked back multi-millionaire Simon Moran and given the club to a man with two curry houses down Longford?
  8. Andrew is a very well respected fan and has written an excellent article that is in response to Martyn’s stated positions and glaring omissions. That’s why it’s written from that particular standpoint. It’s about as far from ‘pathetic’ as it’s possible to be. This mad scenario has now gone on for almost a decade. It’s about time the RL press got a grip of it and the people behind it. They haven’t. In fact, sometimes it feels like that they don’t want to touch it, for whatever reason. I suspect if we had people like Andrew working as full time RL journalists we’d maybe get to the truth behind any corruption, malpractice, self-interest, incompetence, complicity, nepotism, and criminality that may have occurred. Andrew’s piece is filled with some very important questions for all of us (this is bigger than just Bradford). Maybe it’s best to focus on those and the same people that run through the story and are still on the scene. Remember, the big cash prize is still to play for.
  9. £100k is not substantial, it's absolute peanuts for the quality - and you'd know that if you knew the players. Plus you've already got Ethan Ryan and, crucially, John Bastian. This is shameless raiding once again with the opportunity delivered by incompetent owner number 5 approved by the RFL as a safe pair of hands just two years ago. It's just like the last time and the time before and the time before that. We have the uncomfortable prospect of playing against some of these players if they DR with Dewsbury. A club owned by now a significant decision making person at (was going to say Odsal) Bradford where we will also be playing our matches. What happens if it's the last game of the season and Dewsbury have to play us to see who stays up? Honestly what is the point any more?
  10. We're already the darlings of the governing body don'tcha know. Have been for years. 'The People's Team'
  11. Ah. The infinite monkey theorem wins out once more.
  12. Indeed. You are also not alone. And what’s now adding to that entertainment is the highly amusing cranking up of the haters.
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