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  1. Well Cam going round one more season is a gain, but can they get Bellyache to do one or two more after 2021 the Club would need him to restructure post Smithy retiring!
  2. If Chooks serious about back to backs expect the scoreline to blow out
  3. Voss to busy eulogising to notice Teddy's knock on
  4. Voss getting over excited about the Chooks performance as the Bunnies are just not up for finals footy this year. I expect the Raiders to be a real hard game and tough for Storm to overcome
  5. Last weeks weeks win came at too big a price for the Bunnies, the Chooks looking far to good using last weeks loss as as good motivation for today!
  6. Bunnies earned their corn in this game, Chooks weren't as fluent as I thought they should have been they certainly didn't raise their game 2nd half allowing the Bunnies to get momentum! A good tough game to watch!
  7. http://www.widnesvikings.co.uk/news/article/56202/a-statement-from-the-board
  8. Bulldogs trying hard but not able to get past Melbourne's defence. Despite losing Finucane early on through an HIA though if you see it you would have bet Hughes would been the one to go off, Ado Carr got a chance to put on the afterburner and scored the only try of the match so far Ht 8 - 0 to Storm! I hope they now ramp up and make the game safe!
  9. With more to come! https://twitter.com/i/status/1132461649497972736
  10. Take an extra spoonful of starch, that should help!
  11. It looks it's "goanna" be a long night for the Ponies now 18 - 0
  12. Looks like another Coach has bit the dust! Is it the silly season starting early?? http://www.hornetsrugbyleague.co.uk/article/52730/club-statement
  13. It was a match for the Ponies that if it could go wrong it did also quite a few players were off the pace, Roosters were good value for their win but weren't made to work too hard for it! Its going to be a long hard season for the Ponies to adjust to Siebolds style of play!
  14. Superb quip by Vossy re the pressure on the Ponies "they are looking on Ebay and Gumtree to see if they can buy possession!"?
  15. Mouthy Mick Ennis was almost right he said it would be a golden point game!!
  16. Should be a few handbags in this game tonight, bit of pre match talk to spice things up!! ?
  17. So far the Bunnies have bought into Benny's philosophy and Storm have started this season looking less clunky than last year, so it will be another few rounds before a more likely top 4 emerges inc those two!
  18. Titans look early contenders for the spoon with or without Ash Taylor!
  19. Storm still struggling to get points with the amount of possession, Bellyache wont be happy with those stats also Vunivalu might be in strife with him despite a hat trick his defensive errors made it easier for two of the Raiders tries also JB certainly acquitted himself well, nice to see another former Bradford Bulls Academy player doing well in the NRL.
  20. Far to long, now can they retire the irritating Welshman just to Union only!
  21. Took a while for this to be refuted! https://www.nrl.com/news/2019/01/31/cameron-smith-protege-brandon-smith-quite-upset-at-early-melbourne-storm-exit-reports/
  22. Not according to this https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/sport/league/souths-captain-greg-inglis-miss-opening-nrl-rounds-after-turning-up-15kg-overweight-report?variant=tb_v_1
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