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  1. Atrocious. No not even as good as that . What on earth are they doing at Kirkstall throughout the week ?
  2. If the lose and dont look like theyve improved I expect a new coach to be announced on Monday. Leeds by 10
  3. I dont think you or anyone else knows what he and the club is out doing .they dont call him the Sleave for nothing . Also did you know he founded Sheffield Eagles out of his own pocket and that club is still going now
  4. Your right there every where I go around here all I hear is relegation
  5. He is staying on at the club. I think his old job was something like player and coach Development officer whatever that mens ? And he did say he didn't want the coaching job at Leeds. He had to be persuaded to take it and he did steady the ship . JJB I think his future lies elsewhere he has had a couple of acting roles , RL pundit on sky ,yes I know ! I'm from Bramley too so when he and JP started speaking I felt comfortable lol. He hosts a lot of functions too . A new coach will bring in his own staff . I'm sure
  6. I wish C4 could get a gig at one of the major finals or both .I really like their coverage
  7. Powell did a great job laying the foundations at Leeds for Tony Smith's team then at Feztherstone .His cas team played some great football and were the best team in SL without winning the GF .I am watching with great interest how he goes with Warrington. Early days
  8. With football becoming the dominant sport I. The city with the advent of the Revie era and demise of Hunzlet and Bramley it was adopted as the unofficial anthem for the city . I used to work at The university of Leeds and I've heard the teams of their various sports sing it . The only Leeds United fans who object to Leeds Rhinos singing MOT are out of town fans and Hunslet rl / Leeds United fans . I'm an old school Leeds rlfc fan and I still regard our traditional anthem as "Keep Right on to the end of the Road "
  9. Gale seemed to be over wound up most of the half .for an experienced player he needs to keep his cool
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