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  1. I would love to see Bradford back at the top challenging, Bradford is also a large city which should be at the top . No disrespect to the great fans who are still supporting the Bulls / Northern, but remember Bradford have been given helping hands in the past .
  2. I'm old enough to remember the massive rivalry between Leeds and Hunslet. They used to get 20k for the pre season " charity Friendly " The Lazenby cup and that had to be stopped because the players bought into the rivalry and were getting injured before the season started . The late great Harry Jepson told me that . That went with the demise of Hunslet and also the traditional area many of the residents migrated to different parts of the city .,Leeds and Bradford are so close they just about touch and there was a big hot rivalry when Bradford were above Leeds for awhile which spured Leeds on to match them that almost matched the Leeds Hunslet rivalrybof yesteryear . Hopefully Bradford will return
  3. Is Terry Webb an old Leeds player from the 80s involved with Redcliffe ? Sorry if this has been mentioned before I've just logged in
  4. League Leaders seemed to have stumbled at the grand final on a number of occasions. I'm sure that will be on the minds of Catalans in their preparation. The first 20 minutes will be interesting
  5. I would like to see Catalans win ,I would like to see Catalans breakthrough. I think it will be good for the sport . Nothing against St Helens thetey are a good team. I really dont know who will win .I hope it's a great final
  6. Weren't Hunslet refused administration to SL on account of the South Leeds stadium not reaching the criteria?
  7. Featherstone have a Super league standard ground Cas and Wakey dont . Fev have done something right
  8. I've got respect for Saints as a club .when it was Saints and Leeds who on a par no difference between the two competing. At the end of that cycle Leeds fell away Saints had continuity . Fair play to them
  9. I used to live in USA in the retirement complex we lived in there was a large elderly man wheelchair bound .He played for New York Giants in the mid 50s to mid 60s . He said they weren't very well compared to the present day NFL players. He said the NFL are picking up the tab for his occomodation and his care otherwise he wouldn't be able to afford it .
  10. I think Padge is right , although I would like to see a new name on the SL winners list I like to think I'm neutral unless Cats are playing well and giving a good account of themselves I would start to root for them as the game gets exciting. I've only ever rooted for two teams and Bramley is not there any more now it's just one
  11. I think if Rovers win this game they will win the final and that will make them the Leicester City of SL .
  12. As I've stated in the other game the pressure will be on the favourites Catalans, but this time I've got a hunch that Rovers will win this game .
  13. Saints should win and I think they will,but they have had pressure on them before in St's Leeds big games and they know . Different teams ,different time ,but you never know
  14. It could happen and you know it . You've only just lived down " you'll never win at Wembley " what's it going to be like if you get this monkey on your backs ? It hasn't happened and it shouldn't happen,,, but it could and dont you know ig !
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