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  1. Maybe if it was a George Formby impersonator you'd think it was normal?
  2. Oh I didnt bring it up someone posted 24 / 7 so I responded .By the way I liked Murphy's Leigh team better than Murphy's Warrington
  3. I'm not complaining about the result just that mans mind games leading up to that game and he did definitely say " oh we'll beat em now " the game was already lost when he took a dive .its ok him smiling and being hail fellow well met ,but he wont live that down he deliberately got a man sent off
  4. " if hit him he wouldn't have got up" S Hines . If he did connect maybe it was for Celebrating that the late great Mick Shoebottom was ruled out never to play again plus Ray Batten and Alan Smith . " oh great we'll definitely beat em now " said gloating mr Murphy
  5. I dont know wether it's just me but I've never been able to get used to the New Wembley . The atmosphere to seems lacking
  6. I think it could attract many who appear to have got out of the habit of going to Wembley
  7. A truly great player from the golden age of Rugby league. Dick Tiger Huddart RIP
  8. there are complants springing up in USA that MLB games are taking too long and on average how long do their games take ? 3 hours. If you look at NFL games on TV when it gets down to the last 5 minutes which usually takes about a half hour the stadiums by the are almost half empty fro. Being full
  9. We might not take their crown, but the so called halo? Now that's a other thing
  10. Yes and it was said at the time he was bound for Wigan but went to "lowly " York . One of the theories was he had a real verbal at Ken Dalby team manager who was a devout Christian.
  11. Really ? People are coming up with " what Luke Did ? Just like they are still coming up with theories of what " Stivvy " did to cause him to leave the club . I assume you have heard of Jeff Stevenson and him leaving abruptly?
  12. The many reasons still in club folklore as to why the great Jeff Stevenson left the club and signed for York at the height of his career then went on to Capt GB to our last Ashes home win .
  13. Yes they could do better considering they are not sflicked with Merseyside Sinusitis
  14. He's had a verbal work loads of people have had them In every industry ,but i bet he wouldn't last two minutes on TRLFF
  15. The area that Featherstone and Cas are part of are an important breeding ground for players
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