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  1. There has just been a highly successful European football tournament and it means football is going to take another giant leap forward . There are RL towns who are called rl towns ,but these towns without a top football team I.E league II , I , championship or fa premiership will still have a high percentage of football fans who follow a neighbouring football club
  2. In other sports they have a universal ruling body ,but Australians make up their own rules up with no consultation and usually we follow suit .
  3. There has just been the European football championships and the copa America and the whole world was gripped. I'm not a football person ,but I take an interest. Cant the Australians see our sport needs to show itself as a world sport in a well presented tournament. Otherwise???
  4. The Australian RL think they are sitting pretty in their sporting backwater under no threat from any other sport and dont need to promote the sport internationally, but the most popular sport in the world does because that's how it became the world most populous sport by promoting itself and it will be moving into NRL territory and it will win. Dont be so smug and insular NRL
  5. Have an international competition, but dont call it the RLWC .call it something else ?
  6. The Sleeve is well known for getting players to moderate their contract demands. All those Leeds players from them trophy winning years said " we can all get more money elsewhere, but we feel we are making the correct decision staying here " if Sezer is not a Marquee signing he will be obviously well paid ,but not over the odds
  7. Can someone explain to me the problem that caused Bradford to leave Odsal and did that issue get resolved so they could return ?
  8. I like Salford as a club but I think Leeds are due an 80 minute performance they will be hurting after last two losses . No score predictions, but a Leeds win
  9. Congratulations to St Helens and well played Castleford for contributing to a great game which deserved a full stadium.
  10. Well I'm looking forward to it and I haven't a preference ,just want a good game .Hope it's a safe occasion for all who attend
  11. Playoffs are always different especially when it comes to the final as we have seen in the past .
  12. An underdog result springs up every now and then . As a RL fan I'm just hoping for a good game our sport needs it . It will be good to hear " sweet Caroline " again. Who knows
  13. Leeds played quite well up to running out of steam last week and they should be a bit fitter this time round . I still think Cats will take it . It's still early and teams who make the running sometimes fall flat in play offs 5 GF defeats in a row " Any way up to now Cats look the real deal
  14. This man was a great RL player and a fine person Arguably Leeds best ever . Any insulting disrespectful comments from "Hicksville " residents are not called for . The man died at the age of 58 and it's a very emotional day for his family
  15. Small town mentality in granny knitted wooly scarves . 5 in a row sad record too
  16. Were you one of those sad faces in your soaking wet through granny knitted scarves ? I bet it's you. I almost felt sorry for them
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