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  1. https://www.bbc.com/sport/rugby-league/51574788
  2. Seriously i was in London recently and travelled on the tube and was astonished how many Chinese people were on it compared to last year when i was there. I presumed rightly or wrongly that quite a few are recently arrived from Hong Kong after the recent troubles there.
  3. He doesn't need to. He got there votes and that's all he was interested in. He will cast them to the wind now until its election time again.
  4. I suspect it can only be a matter of time before Wakey and Cas lose their H & S certificates, if they continue to carry on like they do now.
  5. In my opinion clubs should spent more money on junior development and less on has been's and never was players from the NRL
  6. Perhaps they should do a few more when the visiting teams don't bring a lot of away support.
  7. There wont be a post Brexit upturn. Perhaps they should have applied for EU funding years ago, but obviously that boats sailed now
  8. When Wakey came into Super League in 1999 one of the conditions of letting them in was that they ungraded their ground or moved to ground that was up to the required standard at that time and 21 years later we are still waiting.
  9. I honestly don't know this but, do the Red Devils do initiatives to encourage school kids to the games?
  10. They wont be short of offers for the most watched sports event in Australia https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/state-of-origin-on-hunt-for-new-sponsor-after-holden-collapse-20200217-p541o9.html
  11. I really cant see what the Red Devils bring to Super League. They certainly don't bring big crowds and certainly not locally produced players. Newcastle and London even though not in Super League bring a lot more juniors through than the Red Devils and for a club that's been going for over 100 years that's very poor
  12. I'm in favour of anything that encourages more kids to play our game
  13. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/sean-oloughlin-up-england-swansong-21477620
  14. Certain clubs will find them. 55 years of being involved with the game teaches me this. It doesn't have to be clearly defined. The clubs know its coming and have for nearly 4 years so plan A should have been lets all get serious about junior development for starters.
  15. https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/policeman-who-drove-private-meeting-21470928
  16. It will, but in our case the clubs have no excuses for nor preparing for it. It wont be long before the pathetic excuses start coming out.
  17. The clubs themselves should have been preparing for this for the past 3 and half years with more money spent on junior development and less on has been's and never was players from the NRL. The same clubs will come out with the same excuses saying they need more time etc, when in fact they have have nearly 4 years already to prepare for this.
  18. There is not enough money in Rugby League to sign top Welsh union players, and if we did there is no guarantee they would be a success, and who's to say the one's who become a success wouldn't return to union when there Rugby League contracts run out. The future of Rugby League is junior development, not signing expensive union players
  19. OK i admit I'm a bit passe with this, but why did he come out in public and say he was gay and whats all these crying and hugging about. Why does he seem to think he's special is beyond me and i feel totally embarrassed for his family. Despite the brave front they are putting on, inside they must be fuming with this attention seeker.
  20. Well i think we can safely say now that with the new rules in place Hamlin wont ever play in Super League again.
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