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  1. That's a great start to the weekend for me. I don't think he will try and return to TGG as he would be fully aware that he would have lost his skill set playing union
  2. I have just finished reading The Excursion Train by Edward Marston. An easy and enjoyable read
  3. Obviously i have touched a nerve with you when i asked a legitimate question. No real interest from any Super League club and the question is why, and he wont come cheap so that raise's another question as to how a pit village can afford to pay him within the salary cap. Perhaps creative accounting LOL
  4. Perhaps there is a reason why no Super League club has snapped him up that is not public knowledge. Just saying
  5. Give Saints the same generous expenses that the NRL clubs get when the come here and it's sorted
  6. I'm sure if Saints are offered the same generous expenses that Aussie teams get when they come here they might be tempted
  7. If this is true some of the money should used to update some stadiums and some to junior development.
  8. I hope his investment can be used to augment the Rabbitohs junior playing base and increase Rugby League junior clubs in the area and beyond
  9. I can think of a Republican president who was also a draft dodger and not just once, but 5 times, who hated being reminded he as a 5 times draft dodger with a complaint nobody had heard of before
  10. In my opinion for what its worth i think it was a mistake by the RFL not to endorse the Manchester Rangers bid.
  11. I would suggest that if Gary Hetherington thinks its a goer it must have legs as he generally has his finger on the pulse with these matters. Just saying
  12. Time will tell. The days of signing up decent union players are long gone, and junior clubs are declining in this mythical place called the heartlands. We have to look for ne areas to get junior players from
  13. If it attracts more investment into the club it must be a good thing
  14. All fans of our game should 100% behind this. Junior players and clubs are on the decline in the M62 corridor and we need to find players from outside this mythical place called the Rugby League Heartlands
  15. The RFL and most clubs pay little attention to match day marketing in my opinion, and does even the RFL even have a marketing department?
  16. What has Bobby been doing for a living in recent years?
  17. Schofield was a very good player, but as a PUNDIT he's an attention seeker. A majority of fans laugh at his opinions as in the modern game he's way of the pace.
  18. Hopefully increase the player and fan base, and bring new sponsors on board
  19. In my opinion the 18th NRL will will be from Queensland. I'm not saying it's right, but Peter V'landys philosophy seems to be fish where the fish are.
  20. Nothing to lose. What's he situation with their development programes in Salford and the the surrounding areas?
  21. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2021/oct/21/wayne-bennett-confirmed-as-dolphins-inaugural-nrl-coach
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