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  1. Sadly anyone expecting any direction from the RFL or SL will be very disappointed. Repeat, WE ARE A RUDDERLESS SHIP.
  2. The people who run the game in this country have a policy of making things up on the hoof
  3. I would have thought so, but seeing as it stands at the moment that SL clubs are reluctant to give any TV money to the TWP it would be cheeky of SL clubs to ask for any
  4. Agreed, but just reporting a rumour. As things stand at the moment i wouldn't dismiss anything
  5. Rumours, counter rumours and even more rumours and counter rumours. Latest I've heard is that if Toronto win the grand final, but can't come up with answers, London Broncos will be asked to play in Super League next season. I know i know, but just a rumour. As a game we really are a rudderless ship at the moment.
  6. My youngest 7 year old grandson would know more about Rugby League than Martin Samuel
  7. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/swinton-chairman-lifts-lid-abuse-20065313
  8. Talking about rants for the 2nd weekend running i got held up on a certain motorway with road works, but the annoying part about this was that in the 6 miles of road works there wasn't a single worker and there are no road works there in the week. Whats the point is closing lanes at weekends when there doesn't appear to be anyone working on them. Rant over.
  9. In the modern game with it being so fast and big powerful athletes its just not possible to send out your strongest team every week as players have always got injured, but players need to rest as well from bumps and bruises at times and mental fatigue.
  10. Most of us know that Swinton will fold within 2 years or possibly even 1 year as a professional/semi club and possibly might come back as a amateur club in a few years and that appears what some fans want.
  11. I use to have a lot of respect for Tony Smith before this, and now i just regard him him as another whinging Aussie. He can expect a lot of verbals when the Robins play at Saints next year, and possibly other clubs.
  12. Well that's what the RFL are saying blaming the Catalans for last years CC final crowd. I wonder who they will blame for this years poor crowd at the CC final involving 2 heartland English Super League teams? Like you said earlier, the RFL needs to look at themselves first when it comes to low crowds for CC matches.
  13. I seem to remember when he coached the Wolves he put out a weakened against London once at the The Stoop and they got tanked
  14. A 14 team Super League throw in the magic weekend and we have clubs playing 27 games.
  15. Why didn't the Robins beat Saints when Saints sent out a weakened?
  16. So the question remains is"Will they be asking for bonds from Salford and the championship and championship 1 clubs to enter next season CC?
  17. Which proves my point that us non Castleford,Wakefield fans, but Rugby League fans wouild be too embarrassed to take a potential new sponsor to then decrepid grounds
  18. Perhaps Manchester-Swinton Lions might have been a compromise, but to late now.
  19. If you was going to introduce a new potential new sponsor to the game and they have never been to a ground to see a game what you take that potential sponsor to a game at Castleford or wakefield?
  20. Which suggests to me that the fans who thought they would be saving the Swinton RLFC name wont be, and the chance to go forward as the Mancester Lions is not going to happen so everybody looses.
  21. I just thought and still do that asking for a £500,000 bond from the CC holders was setting a dangerous prececdent.
  22. I don't know what you are on but please can i have some
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