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  1. To me he makes these comments without doing next to nothing research. He in my opinion just attention seeking and leaves himself open to ridicule. He is quite intelligent, but he doesn't come over that to me in his written comments. He could offer the game a lot, but always appears to me to want to play the devils advocate. He's better than that and i just don't understand his logic.
  2. Lack of ambition at certain times in the games history has in my opinion cost the game a lot in exposure which in turn would would have cost us money. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/world-cup-jon-wilkin-australia-28571527
  3. The money Owen would want to play our game would in my opinion be better spent on junior development
  4. Owen will be 32 after the next union world cup and i don't see him coming to our game at that age. My money would be on we will never see him play for Wigan in Super League or the challenge cup
  5. There could be some mileage in this as regards a touring team to here https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/mitchell-keen-to-tour-with-indigenous-all-stars-but-not-at-kangaroos-expense-20221122-p5c0ed.html#:~:text=Latrell Mitchell says he hopes,a Rugby League World Cup.
  6. I can't see NRL clubs releasing players to play for Ireland over here
  7. We suspect that the Kiwis won't come and certainly the Aussies wont, so either play a tri nations with England, France and either Samoa or Tonga and let France play all their games in France or a 3 match test series against either Samoa or Tonga
  8. Tri nations at the end of net season played here with England, France, or either Tonga or Samoa. If not a 3 match test series against either Samoa or Tonga
  9. Junior Paulo's wasn't in the 1/4 final and the precedent has been set. The spear tackle by the same player in the semi final should have been a red as well, but wasn't
  10. https://www.smh.com.au/sport/nrl/they-would-certainly-be-strong-bold-proposal-for-indigenous-world-cup-team-20221116-p5byqa.html
  11. Remind me how many of the Samoan squad are products of the Samoan domestic league?
  12. Try facebook Remind me me of how many of the Samoan squad are products of the Samoan domestic comp?
  13. Says the man who's team don't have an academy, if fact they have but scrapped it by choice. A club also with the lowest crowds in Super League, and rely on away sport support to raise they crowd average.
  14. Way to early for Jamaica to be playing England unless it happened in a world cup group, but hats off to them and Greece and others for setting up and running their own leagues and producing players
  15. In my opinion a tri nations here should involve England, France, and either, PNG, Tonga or Samoa, and let France play their games in France
  16. It will be. All the Samoan team are products of Australian and New Zealand. Not a single one is a product of the Samoan domestic league.
  17. It will. Its embarrassing for a world cup that Samoa don't a single player in their squad from their domestic league and not one player who is a product of that league
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