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  1. Well I was going to mention that Chablis would not be my first choice...or second.....or third.....but I won't now. I much prefer a nice old Rioja that's had plenty of time to breathe before drinking.
  2. Tomorrow I am off to Amsterdam for the 3rd time in 3 months. Sadly work not play.
  3. and for the true whisky connoisseur a special Christmas jumper... http://www.laphroaig.com/shop/product.aspx?ShopItemID=101 Thank me later....
  4. JW Double Black currently on offer at Amazon for £22.99 (for those who like the taste of Islay) Other JW whisky available on offer too.
  5. Hardly any slurring or near misses with falling off their chairs. This is what the internet was invented for.
  6. I've now just wasted a lot of time watching whisky reviews on YouTube....and now I fancy a wee dram but it's probably a bit early in the day...
  7. I've had the 12yr old before so imagine the 18 will be nice too.
  8. Amazon are currently doing 18yr old Glenlivet at a pretty good price on one of their lightning deals. I just ordered a bottle to give it a go.
  9. I think I had a bottle of that from Tesco a while back. For a worrying moment I thought my taste buds had packed up and I no longer enjoyed whisky. A quick look online supports what you said that this is far from being the good stuff. I made the same mistake with a bottle of Talisker (Talisker Storm or some such nonsense), it really was not very nice. Enjoying my bottle of Bunny Heaven, that's disappearing far too quickly.
  10. I recently got a bottle of Fighting Cock bourbon off Amazon, it's very drinkable with a decent kick to it.
  11. Too right, great win for the Tigers today against local rivals Wasps. Much better start to the season compared to last year. Three wins in three games
  12. Just back from trips to Budapest and Raleigh. Bit knackered.
  13. So basically an FHM/Loaded type publication (assuming that FHM/Loaded still exists).
  14. Happy to report I am rather pleased with my purchase, I might have a new favourite whisky.
  15. On the way back from Amsterdam I purchased a bottle of Bunnahabhain as I've never tried this before. I did sample various different whiskies but decided to try something new rather than just going for a bottle of Laphroaig. Haven't tried it yet but will probably give it a go this evening
  16. I will be watching the England vs Wales RWC in a pub in Amsterdam.
  17. That would make sense as despite being a reasonable sized company the payroll folk were mostly trained chimps who were only there because it was warm and there was free unlimited coffee.
  18. Hooray got to speak with someone after an hour on hold. Apparently when I started my new job earlier this year their system assumes I will also continue to receive the previous salary too so they based the tax code on that....sadly my previous employer stopped paying me when I stopped working for them. Is that not normal...? So HMRC assume when you change job you get paid by both companies moving forward......makes perfect sense....
  19. I will if I ever get to speak with someone. I am on PAYE (and always have been) so not sure where all this unpaid tax could suddenly have come from. They want to change my tax code to recover what they think is owed but it's not exactly a small amount. Earlier this year they did write to me telling me that as they expected my income to exceed £120,000 and that I would receive no personal allowance.....which was something of a surprise unless they are expecting me to get a enormous pay rise that I know nothing about.... I did call them then and they corrected my tax code. 45 mins...and still on hold
  20. I am reading Catch 22 which I am really not getting in to. It's not a book that I struggle to put down, but hopefully it will grow on me. I have other books waiting to be read but this was recommended to me so I will stick with it. I am also reading a recent Wilbur Smith book on my Kindle which clearly wasn't written by him as the writing style is nothing like his previous books.
  21. Yesterday I got a letter from HMRC telling me I had paid too much tax and a second letter with a refund cheque. Today I get a third letter from HMRC telling me I owe them tax as I have not paid enough. This letter was dated 27th July. The amount they think I owe is a hell of a lot more than the refund cheque. Now on hold hoping to speak with someone at HMRC who can explain what the hell is going on....26 mins and still waiting.....
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