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  1. The worrying thing (for oxen anyway), is that many of those styles in the sale offer a full size range, still.. and such a big size range. S - 6XL is nuts. I think they have more training tops than England have actually had training sessions.
  2. I think it can only be this.. or something similar. That being said they have just renewed with the Canberra Raiders. Which goes against the recent grain. It is a bit of a puzzling one.
  3. They might only be training shirts, but real nice from Macron. Simple but real nice detail.
  4. Making my way through the 1990 Ashes series, courtesy of Shaun.
  5. Im sure there was a similar thread last year, so thought some might fancy watching some old games till SL and the NRL restart. Couple of youtube channels i follow which have loads of great old matches. No doubt plenty of people are also aware of them. Shaunsrugbyleaguevids NZrugbyleaguevids Watched this one the other day from 1996. Brisbane Broncos Vs South QLD Crushers. Really good contest with some great collisions. Plenty of familiar faces who have also played over in the UK too.
  6. BLK was/is an Aussie sports brand. I'm guessing the person in question in that article was probably the license holder in the UK market. Sure they were part of, or a subsidiary of, Kooga.
  7. One of the production companies who might to be tendering is the one run by former SKY producer Neville Smith (In Touch productions). Who also did the production for the OurLeague games and Women's SL. So maybe expect Eddie and Stevo to come out retirement.
  8. The cat always leaps to the left. it is a slightly odd placement though. Should probably been placed horizontal to the shoulder.
  9. Is this really going to happen?!.. seems Gallen has gone from wanting to be a genuine boxer to just fighting current or former RL players. In all honesty, Sam couldn’t really throw a punch when he played, I can’t imagine he’s improved that much since retiring.
  10. A couple of pet hates of mine that i would love to be rid of are Interviews straight after the game, and those awful transparent sponsor boards they stick behind the player being interviewed. The ones that show every single scratch or bit of dirt they happen to pick up, not to mention the presence of the numerous people that always seem to walk behind them. If we must, then have a dedicated interview area, off-pitch and inside, with decent sponsor boards that actually give the sponsors on them some value and exposure. And do the interviews a bit later. Analysis first. Though personally I'd do away with the pointless interviews with player and coach. IMO they really serve very little purpose in todays sporting world. You get the same cliche's week in week out. They appear to be there just because they always have been. I'm sure many of us remember the piece with Trent Robinson and Jon Wells after the last WCC that featured the Roosters. That kind of analysis is IMO of much more interest.
  11. I googled the incident after re-watching the game and found that article. From memory i think Lucas played on for a season or two, i may be wrong, but then hung up his boots. There was certainly some ill feeling towards Harragon in the 2nd test. Understandably.
  12. I watched this one recently too. He took a nasty elbow/forearm to the head from Paul Harragon. Not sure what the full extent of his injuries were but it took quite some time for him to come round while on the pitch. it was a dirty shot from Harragon.
  13. Nice. Cheers. Didn’t know that. I should probably click a link and read all about it!
  14. Nice jerseys from Wigan, though the sponsor thing confuses me. Are Iconiq the sponsor or not? Or is this a weird commercial thing where fans can buy a shirt without the main jersey sponsor? Which would seem a bit crazy to me. Away shirt is too dark a blue for me. Which again just seems a bit of an odd and unnecessary thing to do. I did some kit designs last year, just for fun, but never shared them on here, but if anyone is interested in taking a look you can see them on the link below. https://tinyurl.com/4cvnte3j
  15. From reading the Times report it would be the production company pulling together the broadcast team. I do feel we’d benefit from having some completely new faces. Tulsen Tollet would be a good shout in some capacity, as an experienced ex-player. layla Anne-lee (UFC,Extreme E presenter) and Josh Denziel (sky, bbc, primevideo) are a couple of presenters who would bring a fresh and youthful appeal to any broadcast. Like him or dislike him I also think Jon Wilkin could also be an asset.
  16. Will also be interesting to see who they get for the broadcast team. Would be nice to see some new faces. I follow a couple of young presenters on Instagram, so there is plenty of young talent out there. Would be great to see CH4 adopting such an approach, maybe alongside a couple of presentable ex-players.
  17. Id like to know what it is that attracts Channel 4 to Super League?, and what, if any, strategies they have around showing the sport in the short term-to-long term? Plans for promoting their coverage? Are there any plans to show repeats of the games after the live broadcast? Any plans for any additional magazine/review shows?
  18. 6 pages in already. Have just seen the news. This is actually amazing. The challenge now is to build on this and make it an essential property for Channel 4. this could also make a big difference with regards to the rumoured '100m' investment coming int the game. Does such news push any parties interested to act sooner rather than later?
  19. Whoever plays outside him may as well drink a bottle also, he won’t be doing much.
  20. Thats a hell of a coup for Fev. Hope he comes over focused and ready to play.
  21. Has he signed?.. saw the rumours on the various social media and online platforms, but didn't seriously think he'd come over here.
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